Top 10 Best Wireless Security Cameras in 2018 Reviews

When it comes to wireless security cameras, there’s no question about it – you should definitely have one or multiple of them in your home or any space you want to protect. You should never think that you are acting too safe when it comes to your home or office’s security. There are never enough steps that you can take to keep you, your family, and your possessions safe from harm’s way.

That’s where wireless cameras come into play. These security devices are going to allow you to keep an eye out on various spaces in your home via your smartphone or another electronic device. That way, you will be aware of anything happening around your home at any time. Keep reading down below to learn more about the best of the best in terms of which wireless security camera you should buy.

10. TENVIS HD IP Camera – Wireless IP Camera with Two-way Audio, Night Vision Camera

First one of the lists is the TENVIS HD IP camera that you should definitely take a look at if you want state of the art security technology in your home. With the use of infrared technology, this security camera is going to give you night vision like no other. You will be able to see crystal clear images from outside of your home at night or inside when the lights are turned off. The best part about this camera is that the images shown on your device are going to be crystal clear because of the 1280*720 megapixel camera. You won’t be having any problems seeing what’s outside of your home with such a high-quality camera.

 9. Wireless Security Camera, UOKOO 720P HD Home WiFi Wireless Security Surveillance Camera with Motion Detection Pan/Tilt

Next up on the list is another great wireless security camera that you should keep in mind when shopping around. One of the great things about this model is the sonic recognition technology that comes along with it. This means that installation is going to be easier than ever before and you won’t have to be frustrated for days when you can’t figure out how to install your camera. In addition to that, this camera comes with state of the art motion detection. You’ll get an email alert or a notification on your electronic device whenever there is some sort of motion on the camera. From there, you can easily check your smartphone to see what’s going on and take whatever action is necessary.

 8. Mini IP Camera, 720P HD Home WiFi Wireless Security Surveillance Camera System

The eighth item on the list is another big contender in the security world. This mini camera is going to automatically blend into whatever environment it’s placed in. You can add it to your desk at work to get an idea of what’s going on when you’re gone. Or you could just place it right outside of your door at home so that no burglar could possibly see it and catch wind that you’re keeping an eye on things.

 7. Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Camera System- 4 Pack

If you want a pretty heavy duty security camera system, then this is the one for you. The Zmodo camera system pack will give you full 720p video resolution from pretty much any area of your home that you would like to keep an eye on. Plus this unit is weather-proof, which means that you’re not going to have to worry about any malfunctions when adverse weather comes along and you’ve placed these cameras outside.

 6. YI 1080p Home Camera Wireless IP Security Surveillance System

The next security camera is from YI and is definitely one to remember when shopping around. This is a pretty small device that records in 1080p, so you’re not going to have any trouble with the spacing of this one. Just put it on your desk, a coffee table, in your kid’s room, or wherever you need to check up on! The state of the art baby crying detection technology makes it perfect for keeping an eye on your newborn or toddler when they are alone in their rooms.

 5. Wireless Security Camera, HD WiFi Security Surveillance IP Camera Home Monitor

The fifth item on the list is one that’s has everything you could want in a security camera in a pretty small package. You’re going to be able to keep in touch with your home or office no matter where you might find yourself in the world. There’s an incredibly large field of viewing with this camera, so you can check around an entire room if you would like to!

 4. ZOSI 4CH 1080P HD WiFi NVR with (4) 1.0MP 720P HD Wireless Outdoor Indoor Home Security Camera System

Next up is another heavy duty system that’s going to give you more coverage and viewing power than other smaller items on this list. You can check the streams from these security cameras from pretty much any electronic device that you have in your home that has access to the Internet! This means that you’ll never miss anything that happens where these cameras are pointing.

 3. Toguard Wireless Security Camera, Cloud Storage Live Steam HD Home Surveillance IP Camera

For those of you who want the latest and greatest technology in your security cameras, then this one from To guard is definitely the one for you. You’re going to get tons of Cloud storage when you use this security camera, which means that all of your feeds will be stored safely whenever you would like to view them. You’re going to get 720p video quality, so those videos are going to be easy to make out and you won’t have to squint to figure out what that blob is in the video stream. In addition to that, this security camera comes with panning technology and two-way conversation technology. You’ll be super prepared for anything with this one on your side.

 2. SV3C Wireless Security Camera, 1080P WiFi Wireless IP Camera Outdoor with Motion Detection

No matter what kind of security situation you might find yourself in, this camera has got your back. The 1080p camera is going to ensure you have crystal clear images delivered straight to whatever electronic device that you use. This device is going to be super sturdy, waterproof, and will definitely stand the test of time because of the great quality of the materials it’s constructed from. In addition to that, you’re going to have no trouble setting up this camera and connecting it to your smartphones or other electronic devices!

 1. FREDI Hidden Mini Camera Spy Mini Camera

The last item on our list is one that’s super powerful but comes in the smallest of packages. This camera supports HD video and will never be seen by anyone who’s in the space you’re keeping an eye on because of its tiny size. In addition to that, you’re going to get state of the art night vision technology, which means you’ll have no trouble viewing your outside spaces at night or in your home once the lights are off. This is a solid choice if you want the perfect mix between size and power.

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