Being up to date with technology is not easy, especially when we talk about navigation systems. The GPS already so popular in everyday speech; (Global Positioning System), has become a tool of basic need, especially for those who live in large cities or require constant transport by new routes. The GPS allows in a matter of seconds to determine a location in all the land of the position of an object, a person or vehicle with an accuracy of centimeters and seconds.
Likewise, due to the saving in time, money and disagreements, it has not only allowed millions of people to reach their destination on time, but also because it sends into orbit over the planet (navigation system based on 24 satellites) ,achieves a synchronization of transactions, financial meetings, climatic conditions that could affect some commercial event worldwide. This essential navigation instrument can be used in multiple events or needs, there is also a wide variety of these that adapt to each situation or person, all different but with the same purpose: time saving.

Best GPS Systems for Car

Our Top 10 Best GPS Systems for Car uncovers all the best-sellers you can find on the market. Haven’t picked out the dresser of your choice? Check out our list!

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MOTOsafety Wired 3G GPS Tracking Device
CARMATE GPS Navigation for Truck and Car with Bluetooth 7-Inch Resistance Screen with Sun Visor (Black)
GPS Navigation for Car,CCsky Car GPS Updated 7 Inch 800×480 LCD Touch Screen GPS Navigation Stereo System with 8GB Memory,Car Vehicle Electronics Lifetime Maps for Safe Driving
Car GPS Navigation system,GPS Navigation for car,SAT NAV,7“ HD voice prompt system,GPS Navigator,Tvird Vehicle GPS Navigation with USB Cable and Car Charger,extend 32GB Memory,LIFETIME FREE UPDAET MAP
junsun portable 7 inch 8GB Capacitive Touchscreen Car GPS Navigation System sat nav with Lifetime Maps
Teeno GPS Navigation for Car (5inch) Car GPS Navigator built-in Satellite Navigation System, Voice Notification
GPS Navigation for Car, 5 Inch Touch Screen Voice Reminding Vehicle GPS
GPS Navigation for Car, ADiPROD 5 inches Lifetime Map Update Touch Screen Spoken Turn-to-turn Vehicle GPS
HighSound 7 inch 8GB Navigation System for Cars, Car GPS Spoken Turn- to-turn Traffic Alert Vehicle GPS Navigator, Lifetime Map Updates

Our Top 10 Best GPS Systems for Car in 2018 uncovers all the best-sellers you can find on the market. Haven’t picked out the dresser of your choice? Check out our list!

10. Garmin nuvi 67LM 6” Essential Series

In 2012, the “essential” line originated, giving it this name because it is a navigation device at a basic level, with the necessary functions to reach a certain point. The interface is very easy to use and understand, the maps are shown in color and a voice that guides the user to his destination and his price is very accessible.Doing a deeper and detailed review, the text and graphics are not good quality because they appear pixelated, in addition the dashboard mounting disc and USB are not included in the purchase package

9. Magellan Smart GPS

since its exit the market this system attracted attention because it can connect to the internet via Wi-Fi and Yelp and Foursquare destinations can be downloaded and be able to see the traffic and fuel prices in real time, in addition, you can synchronize the user’s contacts and review frequent
destinations at the same time it is possible to use Bluethooth to share destinations or make calls. Although these features can be very attractive, the synchronization can be slow and as you have a lot of information on the screen the appearance of smart frames can distract the driver or slow down the response of the smartphone

8. Tom Tom GO 600

It has a 6-inch screen, it is possible to see the traffic alerts through a mobile application and how much with voice control. Once you have taken the route you can calculate the estimated time of arrival and on the screen it is possible to zoom in on the map to corroborate the required route in detail. The design of the interface is regular, sometimes the established distance is incorrect along with the maneuvers that are needed to reach their
destination, besides the voice indications tend to be confusing

7. Garmin Drive lux 51 LMTS

It is presented as a system that is full of features that makes it very attractive, for example, it has maps of North America and it is possible to
download more because it has an entry for micro-SD memory, the interface is simple and easy to manage. With respect to navigation points it is possible to see points of reference, traffic alerts, and accidents or share your location in real time. Due to the amount of options that your battery provides only lasts an hour and its screen is not high definition

6. Magellan Road Mate 6230 LM

As the name says, with the camera that is placed on the board it is possible to record video, with respect to the maps they can be updated for life
along with the alerts that are activated according to traffic, navigation is very friendly and easy to Using from the current location it is possible to
search for reference points even in other cities, in addition, your voice control can detect what you want to say which avoids distractions on the road. It includes an immpact sensor where video and data are recorded in case of an accident. Probably the only thing that needs to be changed is a bigger screen

5. TomTom GO live 1535M

So far it is a GPS that has liked the marking and has attracted the attention of many people due to the advantages. It has a solid performance which highlights the integration of Yelp, Expedia, Trip Advisor and Google applications that have been installed to make the search of any destination more efficient. It has live services such as HD traffic, fuel prices and weather forecast. Sometimes, when you connect to Wi-Fi, the search for services seems to be unintuitive and sometimes even a little clumsy

4. Garmin Drive Smart 61 LMTS

This device has positioned itself in the market within the premium range due to its attractive design and the capacity of applications it has in its
system. It has maps from the US, Canada and Mexico, it is possible to add custom reference points, you can connect with a smartphone to perform updates on the system and at the same time be making calls with hands-free. It can be programmed to activate voice commands, road turns and even changes in speed limits, these applications among others can be used in an extremely easy to understand system and with a light and clean design

3. Garmin nüvi 3597 LMTHD

It is presented as the Elite team of the Garmin brand, has an attractive design and superior to its old versions and is currently considered to have one of the best interfaces. The system has voice commands capable of being intuitive and complete the search by itself, in addition, the timbres of voice that emit to give the instructions are smooth and pleasant which allows a better driving. Its screen is 5 “with excellent quality graphics, the recommendation is that there is no advantage if it is linked to a smartphone, everything can be done from the screen

2. Garmin Drive Assist 50LMT-S

This type of equipment can only talk about advantages, has a compact and integrated camera that records the movements and routes of your car, to save time has a system of alternative routes or to avoid traffic, presents an intelligent navigation system with voice commands that can be activated from your smartphone, in addition to having loaded maps provides alerts to the driver about speed changes and junctions avoiding as much as possible any type of accidents. A fast system, easy to use and a very light interface.

1. Rand McNally Over Dryve

OverDryve optimizes your travel time better than many in the market. This GPS is the most modern on the market and is full of features designed to improve your entertainment and connectivity while driving. Advantages: receive traffic alerts, map updates and unforeseen events such as accidents, constructions, etc. In addition, its functions include: personalized navigation system, speed limits and speed in progress, safe and timely lane changes or dangerous curves; and if that were not enough, it contains a preloaded map with points of interest and needs.