Utility carts are great for multipurpose functions offering easy mobility and transportation for a wide variety of goods and items. Utility carts are often found in hospitals, classrooms, libraries, nursing homes and corporate environments for a wide range of purposes.

But the question remains, how do you know what rolling utility cart is the best for your specific needs, and how much are you going to have to pay. 
We have put together the top 10 best rolling utility carts based on reviews and customer feedback for 2019, into an easy to read list that will help you find the right one, for the best price possible.

10. The Pearington-Commercial Grade-AV cart

The Pearington-Commercial Grade-AV cart

This Particular cart offers mobile A/V utility and is an excellent solution to those wanting something to transport their AV equipment in a professional environment. The Pearington cart has easily adjustable cart height and shelves to accommodate easy presentation. 

It includes 4 outlets with 12’ cords, a helpful caster locking mechanism and great storage capabilities. The Pearington also features a 110lb per shelf capacity. This is a commercial grade utility cart that can also be utilised around the house. In terms of price, it comes in at a base price of $144 making it a great mid-range pic. 

9. 3 Tier-EJ. Life Storage Trolley-Cart

3 Tier-EJ. Life Storage Trolley-Cart

This Utility cart is made and designed for easy storage and saving space. It is ergonomically designed for you to easily order your things, with a sturdy frame that holds heavy objects and an easy to move nature due to its universal wheel. It is easy to assemble and has a 100% money back guarantee that spans 3 months, a big bonus. 

This utility cart it great for anyone that wants to simply store household or other basic items like towels, books and pens. Coming in at $45.99 this cart is affordable and great for someone who doesn’t need all the bells and whistles, who will use it for storage and space saving. 

8. Royal-7 Handled-Wagon

Royal-7 Handled-Wagon

The Royal 7 utility cart is perfect for home use and moveability. It is made in durable metal and features three deep bins with hardy mesh bases, not to mention the big thing separating it from its competitors, it’s helpful handle. 

It also has smooth rolling casters and two of them lock for extra security. This cart offers all the basic utility cart features with the added benefit of a handle for those who need to move their items around regularly, coming in at a price of $49.99 this is another great value pic for those who need a basic cart and love the idea of a helpful handle for transportation. 

7. ECR4Kids 4-Tier Metal-Rolling Utility-Cart

ECR4Kids 4-Tier Metal-Rolling Utility-Cart

This utility cart offers great all-round use and is one of out top pics in terms of customer satisfaction. Offering all the basics plus everything you could want is definitely how you would sum up this utility cart. This cart offers it all, a sturdy frame, heavy casters with locking available, 4 adjustable shelves, sleek colours, powder coated steel and hundreds of happy reviewers.

You could use this utility cart in the kitchen for storage and organization of kitchen utensils, tools, plants, art supplies, toys office supplies and toiletries. If you aren’t opposed to paying a little more and want an all round basic cart with space and some extra features than this cart is great for you. Coming it at $59.99 it is a great mid range utility cart.

6. E.J Life Mesh storage trolley

E.J Life Mesh storage trolley

Another storage trolley from E.J life offering great features. A rugged construction makes this trolley rust resistant, it also has a solid bottom foundation for extra stability and allows you to hold heavy objects. Its easy to move with four rubber wheels that rotate a whole 360 degrees not to mention its easy to assemble nature, which is a big plus. Anyone who wants an easy and multi-use trolley that is heavily reinforced will love this trolley, granted you don’t need any of the extra bells and whistles as it is definitely barebones. 

Coming in at $43.99 this one is great for those who want to be sure their utility cart will last long term and is durable, and don’t need the extra features of some of the more expensive carts out there.

5. Mind-Reader 3-Utility Cart

Mind-Reader 3-Utility Cart

This cart aims to provide ease of use for its owner in a whole range of scenarios while also being cost effective and good quality. The mind reader 3 does not offer any crazy storage features or super heavy duty design, however it will allow easy storage within its convenient 3 metal mesh baskets. 

It is durable enough with a solid construction, yet also lightweight compared to other carts in the market. It features lockable wheels and an easy to assemble design. At $49.99 this cart is a good choice for anyone who wants a more basic cart with the main necessary features and a sleek style.

4. The Kedsum 3-Tier

The Kedsum 3-Tier

This cart has all the bells and whistles you could need. Having many more features than most, majority of them being displayed with its storage buckets plethora of extra storage space, this is due to its large baskets and extra extendable trays. 

It has a strong carbon steel structure which is anti-corrosion, waterproof and scratch resistant, not to mention its shelf capacity of 22lbs per shelf. It’s easy to assemble and perfect for home use. This cart is great for someone who wants extra storage features and accessories as well as an easy assembly, it comes in starting from $47.59 making it one of our favourite home use utility carts.

3. Norwood-Commercial Furniture-AV Cart

Norwood-Commercial Furniture-AV Cart

The Norwood offers plenty of storage space, provided through the three large shelves it offers, as well as a massive hold capacity of 110 pounds per shelf, making it capable of holding even the heaviest projectors. You have the option of getting the Norwood with a sliding tray or without a sliding tray if you don’t need it. 

It also includes a 6-outlet power strip. The killer feature for this cart is the cord management hole in the middle shelf that keeps your cables and wires tidy. This is a high quality presentation cart and you will pay for what you get, with prices stated as $186.45 w/o sliding tray, and $197.45 if you want the sliding tray included, this is a great high quality presentation cart & one of our favourite picks for quality.

2. Designa 3-Tier

Designa 3-Tier

The Designa 3-Tier is another great high-quality pic. It features 4 heavy duty casters with a handle design on each, great side panel storage, a heavy anti-rust frame and stable, durable design. It has lockable castors and a is easy to assemble. 

This cart may not be the prettiest for home use, but it is perfect for those who want a more higher end utility cart with tons of features and extras. With a price of $79.99 this cart isn’t the cheapest, but it is fairly priced considering all the extra features you get over a basic utility cart.

1. KingCrack Utility Cart

KingCrack Utility Cart

The KingCrack offers basic design in a stylish design. It features 3 large storage shelves with plenty of space in between for higher items, a sturdy frame, easy assembly and a range of tasteful colours to choose from that make it a viable utility cart that could fit with the décor of your home. 

Offering all the basics this utility cart is a great option for those who want a good quality barebones utility cart with just what they need. Coming in at $43.38 it is one of our cheaper pics and definitely doesn’t skimp on quality as a result, its a great basic cart.


All in all these carts offer all the necessary basics that make a utility cart good, so its really just a matter of focusing in on exactly what features you need or want, and then deciding based on that.