Located within the south central a part of the Chinese terra firma, state has long been noted for its natural beauty. It’s enclosed by mountains on the east, west, and south, and by the Yangtze River on the north. Its mixture of mountains and water makes it among the foremost lovely provinces in China. For thousands of years, the region has been a serious center of agriculture, growing rice, tea, and oranges. Let’s to find out the Top 10 amazing Places in Hunan of China

10- The third glass skywalk at Tianmen Mountain


The third glass skywalk at Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area of ‪Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province was opened to the public on August 1. It is named Panlongya Glass Skywalk because visitors can overlook the famous 99 bend road situated nearby.

9- Jiangkou Bird Island


Jiangkou Bird Island located in southeastern Hengnan County is the only natural reserve specifically focused on bird protection in Hunan Province and was listed on the state protection site in 1984. Only 18 kilometers from downtown Hengyang City, it is peaceful and provides easy access to nature.

8- Liye Museum, Hunan’s Xiangxi


A large number of inscribed bamboo slips from the Qin dynasty are displayed in Liye Museum,Hunan’s Xiangxi, which became nationally famous by virtue of about 37 thousand bamboo slips from this period found in this region.

7- The hot springs of Rucheng Village


The hot springs of Rucheng Village are some of the finest in southern China in terms of temperature, flow, quality and area. The water here contains rich micro-elements, prompting locals to often boil eggs in the pool.

6- The deer farming base in Qingzhu Village


The deer farming base in Qingzhu Village has attracted dozens of low-income families to lend a hand, contributing to poverty alleviation proceedings in Chenzhou City.

5- Scorching summer


Scorching summer has arrived in Hunan province with an average temperature of 35 ℃. If you are in Fenghuang ancient town, sitting along River Tuo (沱江) might help amp up your summer fun.

4- Bamian Mountain in Guidong


Bamian Mountain in Guidong County  was a significant battlefield in the 1920s and during the Anti-Japanese War. It is now a great place to go mountain climbing, spelunking, and glacier-walking.

3- Hangji Miao Village


Hangji Miao Village located in the mountains of Baojing County is one of the best-preserved Miao villages, with hundreds of households from the ethnic group maintaining a traditional lifestyle and related customs. Many photographers are drawn hereby the culture and beautiful scenery, despite the apparent remoteness.

2- Daxiong Mountain National Forest Park


Daxiong Mountain National Forest Park located in Xinhua County is about 260 kilometers from Changsha. About 1600 meters above sea level, it is one of the most breathtaking forest parks in China and features a summer resort.

1- Huaminglou


Huaminglou located in Huaminglou Town Ningxiang County was the home of Liu Shaoqi, former President of the People’s Republic of China. The building is a scenic spot and summer resort, dedicated to the memory of the former leader, who was persecuted during the Cultural Revolution. A great revolutionary, statesman and theorist, he died under harsh treatment, but was posthumously rehabilitated and granted a national memorial service. ‪‎ThisIsHunan

Trip tip: it takes one and a half hours from Changsha West Bus Station to Huaminglou scenic spot. The entry is free.