Top 10 Amazing Vehicles to Ride in 2020 Reviews

Most of these means of transportation won’t take you a few kilometers from home to work, but they’ll do just fine for a stroll in a city park or moving around the office. In any case, they look unusual and for that alone deserve your attention. So, here are the ten craziest means of transportation.Let’s us to find out The Top 10 Amazing Vehicles to Ride.

10. Jetpack


The best mode of transport always have been the air way. You don’t have to worry about the traffics, road conditions or anything else. Jetpack is designed considering all the factors so that you don’t miss any important meeting or event due to traffics and bad road conditions. You don’t need to be a professional pilot to drive it, jetpack can be learned by any lay man not only this but it can also be controlled using remote controller. Now without worrying you can fly high with jetpack as it gives you the safety in case of emergency situations it can open the parachute to save at any given time.

9. Swagtron by Swagway T3 Hands-Free Smart Balance Scooter–Now w/ SentryShield for Added Protection Against Battery Defect or External Damages


It is a two wheeler self-balancing with scooter like structure. Segway is controlled by the knee when you stand on it.The notifiable feature is you can control it by just installing app on your favourite electronic device. It is operated by batteries which can cover a distance of 14 miles when fully charged. If you are speed lover, it can attain speed up to 10 miles/hr to keep you pumped up when you are riding it.The two small tires are so good that you will not feel the shock and jerk while riding.


8. IPS122 T260 20kph White 260WH Electric Scooter


Portable yet very effective when it comes to amazing vehicles in the market nowadays. One wheeler scooter which can carry you from one place to another with ease without taking more space.It has a handle carrier so that you can carry with yourself in the office, restaurant and such places. Its look can be deceptive, but it can reach up to 16 miles/hr in no time. Operated with batteries which charges in no time. It can get fully charged in just an hour and half and you are good to go.


7. Suitcase Scooter


As the name suggests it only can be used to carry person but also luggage. It can carry up to two people with luggage at the same time. The build is so good that after you are done with riding you can just carry it as a normal suitcase which can be taken anywhere along with you be it in train,bus,office and similar places. When it is fully charged it can give ride time of up to 60 km.Being portable doesn’t make it a slower vehicle in terms of speed, actually it can speed up to 19km/hr. And to add more wings to this riding vehicle, it just weights 7 kgs.


6. Air Bike Aero-x


You want to fly out with all your wings spread Air bike Aero-x can do that for you. Air bike Aero-x is a motor based flying vehicle which is very similar to riding a bike which responds according to the movement of the body. It can generate speed up to 70 km an hour. It will never matter what is beneath your feet because you can fly high with it.

5. Half Bike


It is basically a three wheel riding vehicle with one big and two small wheels attached to it, which looks amazingly good. It is combination of two things i.e. running and cycling. Because you are standing and at the same time cycling. It gives you more energy and agility to ride for longer hours when compared to normal bicycles. Riding this type of vehicle is always fun and healthier, because it can act as a vehicle for you but at the same time you can stay fit as well. It involves human efforts that’s why people tend to love this kind of stuff rather than preferring a machine one.



You can call this a hybrid amazing vehicle in today’s market. The design of this amazing vehicle is inspired from a scooter, bike and roller skates. This all make it a very interesting vehicle to own. The rider is almost in standing position holding the handle of the vehicle much like a bike rider and then skating like the skaters and the vehicle designs looks similar to the scooter. It is self-driven vehicle with no motor or engine. But due to its excellent build design you can never get tired of riding it.If you are riding this one on the road everyone will have a look at it surely such amazing is the design of this vehicle.

3. One Wheel Electric Skate Board


This amazing vehicle is uni-wheel riding vehicle. It is a self-balancing vehicle with electrical mechanic motor in it.The build is similar to normal skateboards with just a wheel in the middle of it.The build is so portable that you can carry it in your bags. But due to its small size it doesn’t disappoint in terms of speed because it can go up to 19km/hr which is blazing fast for a skateboard. If you are used to skating a skate board it is just made for you. Build design very similar to skating boards.


2.Powerboard by HOVERBOARD


Hover board works on four disk shape motor which are placed under the board. These four disk motors create a magnetic field with the surface and the board which keeps repelling the board away from the surface. With virtue of which the board hangs an inch above the surface. It can carry one person at a time. What makes this an amazing vehicle, are the lightings under the board and all over the board, they are customizable so that you can choose according to your mood. Along with all these amazing features and excellent build quality you can carry it where ever you want. These also runs on lithium batteries which can be fully charged in less than 2 hours.


1. Double Round Skate


This vehicle comes with two round skates very similar to traditional skates. You can put your feet in the round structure build skates which gives more freedom to control your ride unlike conventional skates. It is self-driven skating vehicle with skating wheels having diameters of 25cm.The round structure gives the freedom to the rider of moving in any direction without any hindrance. For longer duration ride it is best skating because you will not get tired easily. When it comes to flexibility and endurance these are the best vehicle to ride on.


Top 10 Amazing Vehicles to ride on the world

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