Top 10 Best 3 Wheeled Stroller in 2020 Reviews

A stroller serves the same purpose for your baby as your car does for you. So buying a good and comfortable stroller is very important for the welfare of the baby. But there are hundreds of models to choose from the market. Here is a narrowed down list of top 10 strollers of 2018. This list has been prepared after looking into different criteria such as the weight, safety, maneuverability and design of the strollers. Moreover, a detailed analysis has done on the strollers to check the kind of terrace it can handle, the storage space, suspension etc.

10. Zhijie-chezi Foldable Baby Stroller

This sturdy foldable baby stroller is made of aluminum alloy and high range plastic. It has a strong base with five wheels, three main wheels and two auxiliary wheels. The one button rear-wheel double brake makes it easy to use in slippery and sloped surfaces. It can be folded with one click and hence easy to carry around. It is lightweight with 5 kg and can withstand a maximum weight of 50 kg. Overall, this is a comfortable trolley with a sleek design best suited for traveling.

9. Luxury Baby Stroller 3 in 1 Foldable Pushchair High

This baby stroller is made of high carbon steel and an aluminum alloy which makes it one of the lightest in the market. The complete stroller weighs only 2 kg and can cope weight up to 30 kg. The body is designed as a triangular structure to prevent baby from falling. The foot pedals are adjustable and anti-slip armrest can be heightened to the comfort level. It is one of the convenient strollers to carry around due to its lightweight and good portability. Moreover, the compact design makes it easy to store in car trunks and cabinets.

8. All Seasons Universal Stroller

This is a modern and stylish stroller especially for parents who are fashionable. Apart from its stylish look, it is lightweight and portable. The frame is made of rust-proof aluminum and it can withstand a maximum weight of 15 kg. An extra basket is provided under the stroller to keep essentials of the baby. The awning with a large sunshade covers both the baby and the storage space. The stroller is specifically made for outdoor use. Even though it looks a little big, when folded it can be easily fit into any car trunks.

7. Folding Baby Carriage Pushchair

This aluminum alloy framed stroller comes with an easy to use recline and good maneuverability. The body is wear resistant and the wheels are suitable for uneven surfaces. The base is supported with five wheels. The armrest is adjustable for the comfort of the baby and gives a firm grip. The handlebar can be adjusted according to the height of the parent. The structure is designed in a triangular shape to secure the baby from falling. The seat of the stroller is reversible and it can be changed to upright or semi-reclined positions. The small and portable design makes it easy for storage and traveling.

6. Light Weight Portable Baby Pedal Stroller

This 3 wheeled stroller is also made of an aluminum alloy frame, Two extra support wheels are provided to install with the main frame according to the needs. The frame with strong reinforcement connection, anti-slip armrest and sturdy buckles make it a secure stroller to move around with the baby. The foot pedal, armrest and handlebar are adjustable and handy to use. Due to the compact design, it takes less space while storing in cabinets and car trunks. The seat is reversible and also can be reclined to different positions.

5. Pushchairs Three-Wheeled Baby Carriage

This is a lightweight and portable baby stroller with the aluminum alloy frame. The frame has a fine luster and is highly resistant to wear. The rustproof frame provides longer durability. The triangular structure prevents the baby from accidental falls and gives steady balance while moving. The three-wheeled base with two auxiliary wheels gives good support and stability even on uneven surfaces. The multi-position seat can be adjusted to semi-reclined and upright positions. The open design with the cycling pedals can provide a playful platform for the baby while traveling. It also takes less space for storage.

4. Three Wheeled Baby Carriage

This aluminum alloy framed stroller is lightweight and easy to handle. The whole structure is foldable and hence easy to carry around. The triangular structure gives good balance while moving and prevents the baby from rolling over. The foot pedal and armrest can be adjusted according to the needs. The reclinable seat can be rotated and changed into various positions. Due to the absence of sunshade, it may be slightly uncomfortable for outdoor purposes during the daytime. But other than that, this product provides all the sufficient features of a good stroller.

3. Baby carriage 3 stroller

This is a beautiful and elegant stroller made of steel and aluminum alloy. The front wheels can be rotated 360 degrees and the rare wheels are provided with double brakes. The calculated wheel design ensures safe movement across rough surfaces. The interior is spacious and comfortable with a storage case under the seat. The canopy can be adjusted to keep the baby out of direct sunlight. The back angle can be adjusted to make the seat flat, semi-flat and upright. The stroller can be folded easily with the two buttons provided at either end. This stroller can bear weight up to 25 kg.

2. Baby Pedal Stroller

This three-wheeled stroller is designed with a triangular structure which averts the baby from falling. The armrest, pedals and handle can be adjusted for a smooth experience. The three wheels are specifically designed to withstand the whole weight. It also provides a nice balance on bumpy surfaces. The aluminum alloy frame is wear resistant and durable. The seat is adjustable and can be tilted to upright and semi-reclined positions. The foldable frame makes it easier to store in small cabinets and car trunks. The lightweight design comes handy during traveling.

1. Travel System Pram

This is an expensive and high utility baby stroller. The broad carrycot, ergonomic seating unit, thick sunshade and a storage unit are some of the added features in the stroller. The seat and bassinet are made of 100 percent PU leather. Triangular stroller frame is made of EVA elastomer material which is durable and wear resistant. The sunshade is thick with radiation protection. The canopy also protects the baby from cold in winter season. All four wheels are provided with a suspension to create stability in rough terrains. Height adjustable handle-bar, smooth folding mechanism, removable bumper bar and parking brake make this stroller convenient for long trips. The stroller weighs around 18 kg and consumes larger space due to ergonomic design. Despite the size, this is one of the best strollers for outdoor purposes.

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