Top 10 Best 4k Monitors in 2020 Reviews

New technologies in computer monitors display such as 4K HD, HDR, High quality audio surround system etc. from various manufacturers have flooded the market which take the display experience to a whole new level . Here are some of the best 4K monitors to buy.


It has a massive 31.5 inch screen with a high resolution of 3840 x 2160. It has IPS panel technology with a high refresh rate of 60 Hz. Its IPS panel has a 16 bit lookup table and provides a clear picture. It has high speed USB 3.0 for transferring files. Its greatest advantage is the delivery of high quality colours with vibrant and cool shades and it produces a sharper image.

But it is very costly and hence only affordable for very few people. Compared to its high price, this monitor does not provide any gaming features which is a huge let down at this price point.


9. Philips BDM4037UW

This TV has a massively impressive and large screen size of 40 inches and it can serve as an awesome TV replacement for users who want the best of both worlds – high performance computing and high quality 4K video. It is highly optimized for the ultimate gaming experience with a response time of 12.5 milliseconds and is an ideal companion for console gaming.

Its colour accuracy is comparatively good but it does not produce high color contrast because of the absence of IPS panel. Its built in speakers are also not of high quality and hence the user need to budget for external speakers for maximum benefit.



This monitor boasts IPS panel technology with optimized gaming experience. It has a fluid animation which is extremely sensitive and has an industry leading 4 millisecond response rate. It has 60 Hz refresh rate and give a wide angle of 178 degrees for an immersive experience. It has a patented G-sync technology which reduces clutter while playing games. It has very good colour accuracy and manages to provide good colour contrast for most video scenes.

It has only two video inputs and only 2 USB and it comes as a constraint. It is also priced at a higher slab making it unaffordable for some users.


7. Asus PB287Q

For people who do not want to shell out lot of money and want a cheaper option, this monitor from Asus is an ideal option. It comes with 4k resolution and a modest 28 inch screen. It is a good option for beginners who are thinking about 4k and comes with a simplistic design and good enough picture quality and a modest 10 millisecond input lag. Its cost is low compared to the industry competitors.

However it has poor vertical viewing angle and the controls are clunky. It offers a cheaper option for 4K enthusiasts but does not pack any of the much needed advanced features for picture quality.



It has one of the largest screens available in the market with 40 inch size and well matches a TV display in its enormity. Its large wide angle ensures to give the best in class gaming experience, with impressive picture quality. It has patented IPS panel technology which provides awesome contrast with rich colours. It has an innovative four way picture in picture mode and also comes with a joystick for control options. It is an ideal companion to windows desktop to deliver a pleasant viewing experience.

Sometimes, its large screen would not give comfort for high speed action scenes. It also consumes lot of power.


5. Samsung U32E850R

It comes with a high performance processor from AMD and has a decent 32 inch screen. This monitor is a great value for money and works well for variety of viewing such as gaming, entertainment, movies etc. it also has an option to adjust the height and tilt which the user can change according to the requirement. It has 10 bit IPS panel with a very good response time. It has low input lag and a very impressive stand design. It is quite affordable and overall a valuable purchase decision.

Its colour accuracy is compromised during some viewing and it does not have good warranty policy.



It is more affordable compared to the competitors having the same technology. This monitor comes with 28 inch screen and nicely priced with good amount of features. It has a low profile TN display and hence it does not offer wide angles provided by IPS display. Ideal for serious gamers, it has a very low response time and input lag of 1 millisecond. Its G-sync technology helps in reducing the micro clutter and tearing.

Its disadvantage is that it has less viewing angle in comparison to IPS panels. It does not have good remote control for accessing the features of the monitor.


3. AOC U3477PQU

It has an impressive display of 34 inch with IPS screen. It can support different display ports such as HDMI, VGA, DVI etc. it can hold two windows side by side and does not produce distortions and gives the user high productivity. It provides excellent contrast with bright white colours along deep black. It gives good colour accuracy and overall viewing experience. It is priced at an attractive range.

However it has a higher input lag and does not give good experience for gamers. This issue may not be visible for medium shooting games, but becomes more pronounced for heavy games which drain processor power.


2. Samsung S34E790C

It has an aspect ratio of 21:9 and has an unconventional design. It boasts a curved screen with excellent contrast and colour quality and is one of the best wide screen monitors available in the market. It has a powerful processor which gives 3440 X 1440 resolution. Its extreme performance is visible in high quality games e.g. racing and shooting games.

It does not have advanced gaming features and also lacks a good screen refresh rate. Its input lag of 10.9 milliseconds just passes the threshold for high performance gaming experience. It does not provide an immersive experience typical of other Samsung monitors.



IIyama is a pioneer in budget monitors and they have pulled off a nice strategy of pricing a 4K monitor at a price on par with monitors without 4K technology. It is the most affordable monitor in the market and gives a decent performance at this price point. It also has picture in picture mode very much useful for productivity and can use multiple devices at the same time. It also has plenty simple but good features which make it a nice buy.

It has multiple video inputs but some inputs do not have the capability for 4K viewing at 60 Hz. It does not have wide view angle owing to TN panel technology.


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