Top 10 Best Air Compression Devices In 2020 Reviews

Air compressors are common devices used to power pneumatic HVAC control systems, jackhammers, inflating tires and even balls. Their widespread uses means you surely wanna own one. Buying one might be the best decision you make and this is something you will realize when you find your car having a flat tire in a very God-forsaken remote part of this earth. It also comes in handy around the house when your kid’s ball gets deflated. Depending on your location, you can choose to buy an air compressor as per the power source that you can easily access. This is why varied manufacturers have offered you the luxury of choice by making electric, gas and diesel powered compressors. They have also made some which are oil-lubed and others that are oil-free. Air compressors have different tank shapes such as pancake, vertical, horizontal and twin tanks. Besides the weight, this can affect a compressor’s stability.Am sure so far you have a vague image if what you want in mind, but what are the main features that you should look at before making that purchase?

1. Portability

This is the the ease to move the air compressor around. Unless you are into some serious construction, look for a compressor that is relatively light or has extra features such as wheels that enable easy transit to different sites that it’s required.

2. Size of it’s tank

This is an important feature you shouldn’t overlook as it tells you the capacity of the compressor which can in turn influence it’s abilities.

3. Maximum pressure

Depending on what job you want the compressor for, you have to take this as a serious issue.

4. Level of noise when operating

This especially matters when looking for an air compressor that you will mostly use around your homestead. You surely don’t want one that will make all the neighbours come complaining to your doorstep or even worse, if they are unfriendly, they can report you to authorities.

5. It’s size

Depending on work site, choose the size wisely. If it’s for large constructions, you can have a big one. It would be ridiculous if you had a big air compressors for home jobs that it
can’t even fit in your trunk in case you wanna travel.

6. Output valves

This feature is quite important as the number if output valves affect the number of functions your air compressor will support.

This top 10 best air compressors review in 2018 focuses on providing you with all the information you need to make the right air compressor purchase

Check out the informative reviews of the following top 10 picks for the best Air Compressors.

10. Campbell Hausfield DC080500

It boasts of an 8 gallon tank and a pump that is oil-free. It’s capable of producing a maximum pressure of the 125PSI at a relatively low noise. All this is in a compact 35 pound device fitted with wheels making it easily portable. Its main setback is having no hose.


9. Makita MAC 2400 BIG BORE

It features a 2.5 HP engine and is capable of generating 130PSI maximum pressure. It is oil-lubed which ensures lubrication and has roll cage protection in case it is hit by falling material. It’s quite heavy and will require some maintenance costs to change the oil but is great for a busy job site.


8. Makita MAC 700 BIG BORE

Just like the other Makita model, it’s oil lubricated and has a maximum pressure of 130PSI. It has a quick start up meaning you will have less time to wait. It has a slighter smaller engine producing 2.0HP. However, it has a roll bar for protection but is a bit heavy.



It’s a pancake compressor with great stability and even greater maximum pressure at 150PSI. With a 6 gallon capacity tank and no oil lubrication, this is one of the best deals on the market. It’s made even better as the compressor comes with an accessory kit and is easy to maintain.


6. California Air Tools CAT-IP1060S

This is the perfect home use air compressor as it has a very light weight of 29.5 pounds and sound level is just 56 decibels. It’s oil-free and produces a maximum pressure of about 120 PSI and it’s tank capacity is 1gallon. It’s somewhat inaccurate pressure adjustments might be the only shortfall.


5. EPauto12v Dc

With it’s bright LED display, it’s a nice solution in poor lighting conditions. Combine this with it’s auto-shutoff feature and you get the perfect air compressor for light jobs. It’s affordable but can easily get hot reducing output pressure.



This monster has maximum pressure of 150PSI and a 6 gallon tank. It is also oil free thus has low maintenance costs. Relatively noisy at 80 db but very reliable in cold conditions. The major setback is it’s inaccurate regulator.



With a 10ft power cable, this compressor enables you access all the tires of your car easily when inflating or checking pressure. It has an auto-shutoff feature that ensure your tires will not be over inflated and a built in LED light that makes sure you can see in the dark. It’s compact thus very portable but the power cable might present problems when being put back.


2. DEWALT DWFP551266

If you are running a construction site, this powerful baby will be a heaven-sent addition as it has two universal couplers enabling multiple users. It also easily powers up and has very accurate pressure gauges. What would make you love it most is its ability to generate 165PSI maximum pressure from its 30 pound body weight. It’s very portable and powers up even in most extreme conditions. However, check it regularly as it can have possible air leakages.



You will absolutely love this amazing creation as it is probably the best small air compressor. Coming at an affordable price, this compressor has 3 different nozzles so it can inflate cars, bikes and even balls. It also boasts of a 10ft power cable that will allow you to comfortably reach all tires. Having a 12v lighter plug, it’s very easy to use on boats and cars. The only downfall it might have is lacking an auto-shutoff feature thus you have to monitor it closely.

With the above detailed reviews of some of the possibly best air compressors, you should have by now settled on the one that best suits your needs and whose power source is readily available.


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