Top 10 Best Bicycles in 2020 Reviews

No matter whether you prefer a gentle glide through your town’s streets or an adrenaline pumping adventure down a mountain side, choosing the ideal bike can be difficult. There are so many bicycles brands out there, together with a variety of bicycles, that finding the right fit is no longer as easy as riding a bike. To help you find the right one we have compiled a list of the 10 best bicycles brands.

10. Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road

Takara’s road bike offering is a single speed commuter bike. It comes in four highlighter colours which will definitely make the rider stand out as it is ridden along. The handlebar includes side pull breaks, and nothing else, since the rider does not shift gears on this bicycle. The frame is made in steel but it is very thin and lightweight nevertheless.


9. Pacific Women’s Stratus Mountain

The immediate attraction to Pacific’s women’s mountain bike is its very low price. At just over $100 it is a great first bicycle or one to give as a gift. Although it is extremely affordable, it is still built by one of the best bicycles brands around. The women’s bike comes complete with a 15-speed thumb shifters and rear derailleur. Whilst it doesn’t have any suspension its tires absorb most shocks from bumpy rides.


8. Huffy Bicycle Company Men’s 26324 Alpine Bike

This bicycle is a great starter mountain bike or one to choose when the budget is a concern. It comes with a standard steel frame and hard tail. This means that it can be comfortably used in the road. Ernzo gears offeran 18 speed selection and a 6-speed index derailleur.

The breaks, as one would image, are standard V-type. It includes a padded seat and a front fork suspension. Huffy Bicycle Company’s bike made the best bicycles list for its good value for money offering.


7. Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser

The immediate allure to Firmstrong’s cruiser is its wide selection of colours. It is a bicycle which is designed to complement a woman’s style. However the makers did not only focus on the fashion, and built a reliable and durable bike.

It comes with a steel frame and eye-catching aluminium wheels. The tires are wide which makes for a more comfortable ride, even on bumpy roads. This is further complemented by springs under the seat.


6. Kent Northwoods Dual Drive Tandem

Kent’s speciality tandem bike is a great option for whoever likes riding very close to their cycling partner. Just like with Kent’s range of bicycles, the Northwoods Tandem is built to very high standards, making Kent one of the bicycles brands to always consider.

The bicycle is built as a cruiser and comes equipped with 2.1 inch tires. Seats are designed for comfort and are gel filled and spring loaded. With a reliable Shimano 21-speed system, the rider can be sure of a fast and pleasant ride, anywhere.


5. Vilano R2 Commuter

Vilano’s R2 is a great sports bike for amateur or semi-professional races. It comes with reliable Shimano A050 thumb shifters and V-brakes. The drivetrain is controlled by a Shimano 21-speed gear shift and derailleur.

Whilst pedals are included with this bicycle, they are not clip less, so someone wishing to race might want to replace these. Otherwise, for commuting, it is one of the best bicycles on offer as it takes very little effort to get to your destination, thanks to its lightweight aluminium frame.


4. Schwinn Meridian 3-Wheel Bike

Schwinn develops a wide variety of bicycles but one of their most popular is their 3-wheeler. It is a welcoming bicycle, ideal for adults of any age. Its stable frame is made from lightweight aluminium. That, together with the carry case at the back makes this bicycle ideal for use in inner city shopping journeys.

The fact that it cannot topple over is a great safety feature. However Schwinn did not stop there and gave the bicycle a front linear pull break to minimise stopping distance. It also has a rear hand brake for complete stops. Its comfortable seat and overall design makes it one of the best bicycles around.


3. Stowabike MTB V2 Folding

The Stowabike brand, as its name suggests, is all about storing the bike with ease. For this reason they have created the folding, dual suspension mountain bike. It comes complete with 18-speed gear shifters and powerful steel V-brakes.

The MTV V2 frame is made of steel and this gives it more weight than if it were aluminium. Nevertheless, it offers fantastic value for money and makes Stowabike one of the best bicycles brands for folding bikes.


2. GMC Topkick

GMC’s Topkick is a dual suspension, lightweight mountain bike which is designed for adventure seekers. It has a durable aluminium frame which removes a lot of the weight a steel frame would have. It also comes equipped with reliable Shimano derailleurs with 21-speed.

To ensure stability and safety whilst riding, this bicycle has Promax disc brakes, front and rear. This makes cycling safe, particularly in wet conditions. The rear suspension in particular makes any rough journey feel as though the rider is floating on air.


1. Mongoose Men’s Dolomite Fat Boys Tire Cruiser

Mongoose’s cruiser is designed to be great fun no matter the ground underneath it. Its wide tires absorb the impact caused by bumpy terrain, providing a comfortable ride. It is equipped with a Shimano 7-speed derailleur and comes complete with front and rear disc brakes.

What is really makes it one of the best bicycles is not so much its fat tires, but rather is great price. Many of its close competitors cost close to $1000 or more, meaning Mongoose is one of the bicycles brands offering amazing value for money.

When you are choosing your bike you first need to decide what you will be using it for. By deciding this you will find it a lot easier to find the best bicycles for you. Each bicycles brands normally create an entire range, including mountain, cruisers, racers and city bicycles. There isn’t more to say but have a safe journey.


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