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Top 10 Best Camera Tripods In 2019 Reviews

Whether you’re a professional photographer, a traveler or a hobbyist, taking a decent picture is difficult without the help of tripods especially if you are trying to capture a moving subject. The picture ends up in an ugly mess of blurs and disfiguration, and can be frustrating for picky shutterbugs who want pictures to be taken at the perfect setting.

Hence, tripods are a good companion in photography because they significantly reduce unnecessary camera movement thereby improving photo quality and they ease you the burden of having to carry your heavy DSLR all the time. Here is a list of the 10 best tripods released in chosen by professionals and reviewers alike:

10. Benro Aero 4 3-SectionTravel Angel Video Tripod Kit

This travel tripod that not only takes good photos but is also optimized for video captures is made from quality aluminum that makes it lightweight. It is designed with a removable flat video head that safely tucks your gadget and a separate pan-and-tilt control to adjust your shots vertically and horizontally. With a height manipulation from 21.9 to 65.2 inches, the legs have compact leveling platform for stability and can be accustomed to three stop angles. Upon order, the legs can be customized with spiked or rubber feet where one of the Benro Aero 4Travel Angel Video Tripod’s legs can also be detached as a monopod. For ease of backpackers, the tripod’s folded length is 21.7 inches and has a weight of 5.8 lbs. Order comes with a padded carrying case and strap, and a tripod limited warranty of up to 5 years.


9. Oben CT-2431 Carbon Fiber 3-Section Tripod and BE-108 Ball Head Kit

Made from a solid 6X carbon fiber, this tripod has a better weight endurance than others made from steel or aluminum yet much lighter to bring and has a shinier finish. The BE-108 ball head has a plate requiring effortless release and is made from strong aluminum that can withstand a camera capacity of up to 8.8 lbs. The non-twisting legs can be set and locked at 4 sections giving the tripod a height of up to 57.7 inches. The Oben CT-2431 Carbon Fiber Tripod also offers easy portrait style shots with its unique panning handle and notch. Folded length is at 21 inches and can be used to a minimum height of 8.4 inches.


8. Davis & Sanford TR654C-36 Traverse Carbon Fiber 4-Section Grounder Tripod with Head

Another travel tripod is the Davis & Sanford TR654C-36 that can be set and locked at 4-section schemes with minimum tripod height of 9 inches and maximum of 65 inches to suit varied shot altitudes. The legs can be maneuvered at 3 separate angle positions with twist locks to place them. Center column has an easy glide system with another center column convenient for grounder shots, and leg grip is supported by foam. A ballast hook is also included for hanging purposes which can also be used to fuel stability by adding weight to the tripod thereby perfect for windy conditions. Made from carbon fiber that can hold force of up to 12 lbs. with storage length at 18.5 inches and weighing 3.25 lbs.


7. Sirui T-2205X 5-section Carbon Fiber Tripod

The 8X carbon fiber material of the Sirui T-2205X provides for a lighter storage weight of only 2.6 lbs. yet a powerful load capacity of 26.5 lbs. With a 5-section height manipulation of only 5.3 inches yet up to 56.9 inches, the carbon fibertripod legs are non-rotating to ease setups. These are also structured with silicone twist locks and can be accustomed to three stop angles. Furthermore, two of the tripod legs are built with foam pads to make them easy to grip with cold or wet hands.Folded length is only14.6 inches for backpack comfort.


6. Oben CT-3581 Pro Carbon Fiber 5-Section Compact Travel Tripod with BE-126T Ball Head

Made from a solid carbon fiber, this tripod also has a good weight endurance than models made from steel or aluminum with a much lighter weight of only 3.9 lbs. and a glossier finish. The BE-126T ball head has an Arca-Type quick-release plate for effortless configuration and is made from strong aluminum. The Oben CT-3581 Pro has a load capacity of up to 26.4 lbs complemented with twist locks to maneuver the legs into 5 different sections with a grounder height of 10.1 inches to a towering 67.9 inches. Tripod legs have rubber feet and retractable metal spikes whereone of them can be detached into a monopod. Folds down to 16.9 inches and has a separate pan-and-tilt lock.


5. Davis & Sanford TR553-P228 Traverse Super Compact 5-Section Tripod with Ball Head

Another model from Davis & Sanford that lives up to its “super compact” name with storage weight of a measly 2.6 lbs. and a folding length of only 12 inches by revolving its legs to a 180-degree, making it a perfect photography companion during travels. Designed in a complete shiny black finish, the tripod’s Arca-type center column also glides easily between adjustments and its ball head with a dual-control scheme that can withstand a load capacity of up to 10 lbs.Davis & Sanford TR553-P228has legs with ice-proof twist locks covered in rubber, can be setto three stop angles and 5 sections giving the tool a height of up to 53 inches.


4. MeFoto Globetrotter Carbon Fiber 5-Section Travel Tripod Kit

A travel tripod acclaimed by reviewers for its superb capacities at the most affordable price is the MeFoto Globetrotter made from lightweight yet strength-optimum carbon fiber with base weight at 3.7 lbs. and maximum load limit of 26.5 lbs. The legs can be transformed and locked into5-section schemes with a maximum height of 64.2 inches to suit varying altitudes and a monopod function length of 66.9 inches. The legs are easily removable and foam-cushioned with spikes, non-rotating and can be set at 2 separate angle stops. Ball head is Arca-type with the center column at a twist lock and the tripod folds down to 16.1 inches.


3. Gitzo GK1545T-82TQD Series 1 Traveler Carbon Fiber 4-Section Tripod with Center Ball Head

The newest model of the brand that started compact tripods, the Gitzo 6X carbon fiber material of provides for a sturdier and more rigid form with load capacity of up to 22 lbs.lightweight storage of3.2 lbs. With a 4-section height manipulation of grounder altitude at12.6 inches and up to 64.4 inches, the twist G-lock tripod legs are non-rotating to hasten setups. The center ball head has a quick-release plate design and effortless tungsten disulfide coated ball. Can be stored at 16.7 inches length, the Gitzo GK1545T-82TQD Series 1 also has a reversible center column, counterweight hook and independent leg locks.


2. Surui T-025X Carbon Fiber 5-Section Tripod with C-10X Ball Head

A second model on this list from Surui is made from the same 8X carbon fiber material for a lighter storage weight of only 1.7 lbs. and a load capacity of 13.2 lbs. With height manipulation of 11.8 inches yet up to 54.5 inches, the reverse-folding carbon fiber tripod legs are split into 5 sections and are anti-twist forquick setups. The center post can be adjusted to low-angle shooting at 10.2 inches which can also be detachable. The ball head is Arca-type and has a quick-release plate with an independent panning maneuver for flexible vertical and horizontal shots. Orders come with a fitted soft case and a 6-year product warranty.


1. Manfrotto BeFree Compact 4-Section Carbon Fiber Tripod

The winner of the list is the visually appealing Manfrotto BeFree travel tripod made from carbon fiber with lightweight of 2.4 lbs and load limit of 8.8 lbs. Many product reviewers and photography enthusiasts commended the Manfrotto BeFree because of its compact design that does not compromise on picture-taking performance. The tripod legs can be adjusted into 4 sections and easily secured with flip-locks. Grounder setup is at 13.4 inches while 48.4 inches at its peak (56.7 inches when the center column is extended). The ball head is made of aluminum alloy with a 200PL quick-release plate and has a diameter of 22mm which can support average-weight DSLR cameras with the help of the 3-faceted center post.


When buying a tripod, keep in mind that bulk does not always mean higher quality. Switch for lighter ones if you are trying to maximize your baggage space or if the photography site requires long hikes. Good quality legs and center columns are also important, and flexibility on rotations should be considered. Invest on the perfect tripod today and take pride on the timeless pictures you will take tomorrow.

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