Top 10 Best Cameras in 2020 Reviews

There are hundreds brand in the market with various companies going neck to neck to become the consumer favorite. As is always the case, competition always favors the consumer who not only gets a variety to choose from, but, also gets top quality products. Fast paced innovations in the technological world has forced compact and digital camera manufacturers to take up this challenge and improve some of their units, before releasing them to the various markets all over the world. Moreover, camera enthusiasts are in the forefront in pushing for the better technology used in capturing quality images thanks to the ever improving megapixels and sensors sizes. More sleek cameras are now available in the market, edging out those with less lean curves and complicated manual controls in the long run. Check out the following cameras as it includes everything from full frame DSLRs, Micro Four Thirds and pocket level cameras. let’s to find more The Top 10 Best Cameras in Reviews

10. Panasonic TZ70/ZS50


This small but versatile camera offers long zoom range capabilities thanks to the 30x zoom lens. It’s a travel compact camera, perfect for novice and casual photographers as it has powerful controls and ability to offer manual exposure modes when shooting raw files. It has an inbuilt electronic view finder. The downside to this camera is that despite having a 3 inch monitor, it is not touch screen but offers 1,040 K dots.


9. Olympus OM-D E-M 10 II


This little gem is one of the best mirrorless cameras available in the market. It’s beautifully designed to suit beginners and enthusiast and can be handled easily thanks to the miniaturized DSLR and top quality electronic viewfinder. Its extensive external controls enable users to easily use the light Micro Four Thirds 16.1 MP lens offer one of the best sensors and range in the world when it comes to capturing images.


8. Nikon D7200


Nikon D7200 is a powerful and versatile camera, capable of offering excellent results when it comes to capturing quality images. This has been the trait of the its manufacturer, Nikon, and D7200 is not an exception, offering one of the most advanced APS-C format cameras with a compelling performance thanks to the 24 MP APS-C format sensor. Its sharpest images are produced by the anti-liaising filter capability, shooting up to 6 frames per second for up to 100 JPEG photos or 27 raw files. It uses a 51 point autofocus system synonymous with the Nikon pro DRLR range. It is a sturdy built camera, coming with a wide aperture lens and 3.2 inch monitor.


7. Sony RX 100 III


This camera combines the DRLR style manual controls with its bigger sensors to offer better image quality compared with other compact cameras currently in the market. It has a 3 inch tilting monitor and is suitable for experts. It comes with a 1 inch sensors and a 2.9x zoom lens with a larger maximum aperture capturing high resolution pop up EVF. It is capable of capturing 10 frames per second in a continuous shooting photo expedition. It has a customized control ring around its lens of 24-70mm. It also comes with a 3 inch tilting LED monitor. This makes Sony A7R II an excellent camera for experts and enthusiasts.


6. GoPro HERO4 Black


This GoPro has high capturing capabilities delivering high performance in both image and video capturing. It has a 2x more powerful processor, a 12 MP zoom capability offering a 30 frames per second life capture solution for enthusiast. It also delivers excellent footage, capturing sharper, richer and detailed images. For video, GoPro Hero4 captures liquid smooth and slow motion playback. The good side to this camera is its adjustable Time Lapse mode to capture images from 0.5 to 60 seconds.


5. Panasonic Lumix TZ110


This camera offers a general purpose compromise when it comes to image quality, size and quality making it an excellent device for novice and enthusiast. It has a 10x lens with a one inch sensor capability allowing it to focus on a great area compared to other Panasonic cameras. Due to its narrow aperture, it has the Diffraction Compensation setting that offer the much required softening effects allowing the camera to offer brighter JPEGs even when shooting raw and adding no filters. It has an excellent 4K video, that excellent in for a point and shoot purpose.

4. Fuji X-T10


At its core is 16MP X-Trans CMOS II APS-C sensor and EXR Processor II. It carries an electronic SLR rangefinder that allows more control points thanks to the 0.62x magnification. It has up to 7 programmable function buttons and an inbuilt stereo microphone. It has a 3 inch tilting LCD monitor, making it an excellent camera for hobbyists when capturing 100-51200 JPEG images only. It has the shortest lag time, 0.005 seconds.


3. Leica Q

This thing of beauty boasts of a fully focal length lens that plays greatly in the camera’s versatility. The Leica Q has 24 MP full frame sensor and the Summilux lens to produce high quality images. It is a compact size camera with a wide aperture lens, capable of continuous shooting of 10 frames per second. It has a 3 inch touch screen monitor and is excellent with expert users as it has traditional controls and settings that work hand in hand with modern features like the electronic view finder.


2. Sony A7R II


This camera is the real show stopper, coming with a mirrorless capability that offers highest resolution in its A7 series. It has a 42 MP sensor and it is a light weight camera, compared to its competitors Canon DSLR and Nikon. It has an electronic high resolution view finder, coming with an inbuilt 5-axis image stabilizer capable of shooting 5 frames per second. Its mirrorless design enables the camera useful in the capturing of real advantage videos.


1. Canon EOS 5D S R


Without a doubt, this high quality camera has one of the best designed 50 MP full frame CMOS sensor that helps to deliver an ultra-high resolution image. Its low pass filter effect cancellation helps in taking advantage of its high resolution when it comes to capturing pictures. It also comes with an advanced mirror control mechanism, enabling the user select shutter release time lag. The camera is quite impressive and versatile considering it has a sharp rear 3.2 inch LCD monitor that offers enough resolution to make manual focus easy.


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