Top 10 Best Cheese Slicer in 2020 Reviews

Who does not make sandwiches at home? We all make at least few sandwiches each day and of course need cheese slices to fill them up. Though cheese may be available in slice, it may not be in the thickness that you may desire. The answer to making slices of your own choice is the product that we are reviewing here. To help you make a best decision, we present here our review of the Best Cheese Slicer Brands.

10. Nemco (55300A-1) 3/8″ Easy Cheeser


This steel cutter is designed and made by Nemco. It has a stainless steel body and is useful for cutting butter as well. It is suitable for cutting cheese in cubes, rectangles, square or stick in pieces of equal size. Its’ easy to use procedure and unique design make it a good choice for every home. Though a little expensive, it is worth of its price. Enjoys 5-Star Amazon rating and cost is US $ 160.05.


9. Fox Run White Marble Cheese Slicer


Are you looking for unique-looking cheese slicer for your kitchen? If so, stop looking and take this White Marble Cheese Slicer that is designed and make to meet your esthetic feelings. This is made of quality white marble that maintains cool temperature for cheese. Its’ stainless steel blades and cutter is strong and durable and works well on soft and hard cheese. For strong grip on table, it has non-slip rubber base. So what’re you are waiting for? Go and grab one for your kitchen or wrap in a gift pack to send it to your loved ones! With 4-Star Amazon rating, it costs around US $ 21.00.


8. Boska Holland Cheese Slicer and Plane w. Oak Wood Handle, Soft and Young | Life Collection


This is one of the oldest brands in cheese slicers. Willem Bos of Gouda made his first cheese tool for local cheese farmers. This slicer has a thin, flexible blade with sharp cutting edge to help easily cut thin slices of cheese with ease. It comes in handy stainless steel deign with oak handle. This is the best product for creating thin slices for delicious sandwich. Enjoys 5-Star ratings at Amazon and costs around US $ 16.00.


7. OXO Good Grips Wire Cheese Slicer with Replaceable Wires


What makes OXO cheese slicer different from other products of this class in the market? Its’ tensioning wheel that helps you adjust the tightness of the wires. Its’ handle is made of sturdy, die cast zinc and provides comfort to easily pull the wire through medium and hard cheese blocks. Just adjust the angle of your wrist and make thick or thin cheese slices of your choice. It is dishwasher safe and comes with one replaceable stainless steel wire. This slicer has won the confidence of its users with 4.6-Star rating at Amazon with a price tag of US $ 14.95.


6. Messermeister Culinary Instruments Cheese Plane


Who will not like to have this sleekly designed, easy to handle and maintain, made in Japan cheese slicer in his/her home? Messermeister specializes in culinary tools and believe in providing quality products to consumers. Its small size and stainless steel cutter makes it a perfect choice for your kitchen. It easily cuts cheese for making delicious sandwiches in perfect thin sizes. It comes with Messermeiser quality guarantee and is available at price of US $ 13.96.


5. Bellemain Adjustable Thickness Cheese Slicer


WOW is the word that comes to mind when you see this beautiful cheese slicer. It is one of the most elegant and the strongest slicers available in the market. Its’ adjustable wire cutter gives control in your hands to adjust the thickness for cheese slices. Make it thin or paper thin, it is up to you. Slicing your own cheese has never been easier. It is made of a single piece of zinc alloy and is a good choice for heavy duty use in your kitchen. It is available at a reasonable cost of US $ 10.00 with warranty of one year and a replacement cutting wire.

4. Barmix Cheese Slicer


Barmix has designed this cheese slicer that meets both of your home and professional requirements. This 8-inch premium class heavy duty slicer can both perform at home and at work as well. Its blades are made of fine stainless steel to make perfect cheese slices from medium-soft to hard cheese. It is dishwasher safe, easy to clean and comes with money back guarantee. What else do you need to make a decision to buy Bartix Cheese Slicer? Its price is US $ 8.00 and has 4.5 Star ratings out of 5.


3. Pekebo Cheese Slicer High Grade Stainless Steel Plane Cutter


This is new release by Pekebo for cheese lovers. Made of high quality stainless steel 9.5 inch premium heavy duty cheese slicer. It is made for variety of uses and comes with dual edge cheese plane providing you with two cutting options. You can cut the cheese from the top using the center blade or use the front edge blade to slice from the end of the cheese blocks. You can use this modern slicer to cut through easily from soft to hard cheese and can make thin slices every time. Holding 4.5 Star Amazon rank, this product is available at US $ 7.99.


2. Norpo Stainless Steel Cheese Slicer


This slicer has been designed by Norpo for ease of use on hard and soft cheese with equivalent ease and comfort. It is made of professional grade stainless steel with solid filled handle and measures 9-1/2 inches. Its adjustable wires help you adjust the thickness of the cheese slick that fits in the sandwiches for perfect servings. Choice of thousands of satisfied users all over the world. This best seller product is available at cost of US $ 7.89 and enjoys Amazon rating of 4.5 Stars.


1. Westmark German Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Wire Cheese Slicer


This is made in Germany and high quality culinary item that is the best brands for kitchens. It is manufactured using high quality stainless steel wire and roller. Its’ handle is made of cast aluminum for strong grip. This easy to use slicer will be your first choice for cutting cheese in thickness of different sizes. It works perfectly on soft and hard cheeses. It comes with a warranty of 5 years. This slicer enjoy 4.5-Star Amazon rating and is available at unbelievable cost of US $ 7.00 only.


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