Top 10 Best Comfortable Mask Eyes for Sleeping in 2020 Reviews

People are fans of their sleep mask. This little patch of fabric means the difference between getting sleep or chasing the elusive goal of every night. With a comfortable mask, eyes for sleeping come easy. And because the pain of a sleepless night and a cranky day following is high, people who are light sensitive, insomniacs, or who travel frequently, keep their comfortable mask eyes for sleeping close to them wherever they go. There are fans of contour masks and there are fans of flat super silky ones. Here is a top 10 Countdown with stats so you can choose for yourself.

10. Bedtime Bliss® Contoured & Comfortable Sleep Mask &Moldex® Ear Plugs. Includes Carry Pouch for Eye Mask and Ear Plugs – For Travel, Shift Work & Meditation


Bedtime Bliss describes not just the sleep but the light feel of this mask on your face. Contoured slightly for both eyes and over the nose, this light weight material is a whisper on your skin. The contoured eye covers allow eyes to fully open and stay completely in the dark. No smudging of makeup because the surface never touches your eyes. The full blackout is perfect for light sleepers, for travel, or for shift workers who must catch shut eye during the day. Adjustable strap means this sleep mask can fit men, women, or children. It even works well with breathing aids. Ear plugs and carry pouch included. $12-$15.


9. ALASKA BEAR® – Natural silk blackout eye mask for meditation and lucid dreaming, 100% LIGHT BLOCKING


From the renowned maker of personal accessories comes this silky smooth mask with special features. The adjustable nose flap lets you place over your nose in just the way that fits your nose best and blocks all the light. The cool silk is lightweight, leaves no creases on your face, and it smells good. This mask comes with an adjustable strap, getting rid of the annoying Velcro strap fastener that gets caught in hair and puts snags in bedding. Good for side sleepers because it stays in place; use at home or in hotel rooms with light pollution. $10-$12


8. ALASKA BEAR® – Natural silk sleep mask & blindfold, super-smooth eye mask


Sleep like royalty with this all pure mulberry silk on both sides not just one. This light breathable mask feels like the height of luxury yet gives you total blackout to give you needed sleep even during the day or in room with too much nighttime light. Insomnia? Migraine headaches? Dry eyes? Silk is hypoallergenic and allows good flow of oxygen. The easy to adjust headband saves hair and bedding from Velcro. This mask fits well and stays in place for side sleepers. It even fits with CPAP facial masks. Think about the embroidered version with your logo for corporate gifts. $7-$11


7. Dream Essentials Sweet Dreams (TM) Lightweight Contoured Sleep Mask Kit


This sweet mask ensures sweet dream. The molded contours put no pressure on your eyes. Use this mask every day; it’s durable and designed with an interlocking fabric for everyday use. The drawstringpouch makes it easy for this nighttime treat to travel along with you and the special fabric ensures it doesn’t lose its shape from begin folded. The molded form leaves eyes room to blink and for fresh air to circulate. This design works for side sleepers a common complaint of those who opt for the flat masks. Ear plugs complete your travel package!$9-$12


6. Living Pure – Luxury Sleep Mask | Light Blocking Eye Mask for Sleeping Deeper


Can’t sleep? Sleep too lightly? This memory foam sleep mask eliminates the light thatinhibitsmelatonin production as it fits over and molds to, your face. In the dark, your body produces this hormone and that’s what makes you sleepy. Not a pure workhorse, the memory foam gives this sleep mask a luxury feel and the perfect zen vibe for meditation as well as sleeping. For extra oomph in the serenity department, add Living Pure® Tranquility oil. The luxury half inch deep contours keep the foam away from eyes, so there’s no smudged makeup. $10-$12


5. MemorySoft Sleep Mask


This contoured eye mask sits further down on your nose than most, and blocks out all light. The MemorySoft makers are so sure of their product and your satisfaction that they offer a 30-day guarantee. Part of the reason they’re so confident is that they’ve built in special features that will have you claim this for your very own. The supersoft fabric cover lets you look good while you’re sleeping. The thin layer of memory foam keeps the mask light on your face light and it’s also moldable. The whole thing stays in place during the night with and extra molded nose piece and Velcro strap.Full travel kit with travel pouch and ear plugs included. $10-$12


4. Sleeping Eye Mask By Simple Health


Don’t let the pretty royal blue satin cover fool you. This mask does double duty with a hand crafted gel insert. Warm it up for relaxation, put the gel in the refrigerators to relieve puffiness. With this treatment of your delicate and precious eyes you also send much of daily stress packing. With the size of the mask and the moldable factors of the insert, no light gets through or around this mask. The nose cushion is adjustable to shut out all light. Two straps make fit more comfortable with no stress over the ears. Lifetime, no-questions-asked guarantee. $8-$10


3. Soniworks Natural silk sleep mask & blindfold


The super smooth silk mask ensures your eyes get enough oxygen and this mask protects your eyes during your peaceful sleep. Relax your eyes in the lightweight mask in soft silk. Soniworksis confident that you’ll become their next loyal fan and to prove it they honor a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This is the best soft sleeping mask from here to Mars and back. The adjustable strap makes this mask a good fit for men, women, and kids. Good for side sleepers. Ear plugs included and it runs between $8-$10


2. Premium Quality Eye Mask for Sleeping


Get more for less with this premium quality at the price of lesser ones. Many features speak to your wanting this eye mask to sleep whenever and wherever you wish. First, a two-strap design makes this a comfortable fit and more easily adjusts to big and small people. The molded contours are the entire mask not just small ones around the eyes for maximum comfort. You get a full size pouch so no risk to harm your mask by having to fold it to fit in the carrying bag. Exclusive to Amazon, premium brands at best possible process. Quality materials. Earplugs included. $7-$9


1. ALASKA BEAR® – 2 straps natural silk sleep mask


This big mask stays in place for back sleepers, side sleepers, stand on your head sleepers. The natural silk lets oxygen to your eyes and skin. Because this mask covers your eyes and wraps around it covers any spot where light might come in. Being hypoallergenic relieves insomnia and migraines. This comfortable mask eyes for sleeping stays in place with 2 straps. The dual tension adjustable bands alleviate pressure on eyes. The pure silk is hypoallergenic and helps skin retain moisture and you get younger looking while you sleep. $9-$12


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