Top 10 Best Double Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks-Buying Guide

Kitchen sink, the thing that demands an immense attention either while renovation or designing a new kitchen. The reason behind that is kitchen is the dominant part of the home and sink in it is associated with health and safety of people living there. There is several designs and types of sinks available but recently stainless-steel double bowl sinks are grabbing the attention of many people. Stainless steel sinks are preferred by many business​​ and domestic users because of its durability, shiny looks, and usability. Steel is used for construction process mainly as it is a strong metal. And stainless steel on other hand has many features that made it user-friendly for commercial as well as domestic use. Many kitchen gadgets are made of steel. The best part about stainless steel is that it does not rust or stained so this feature best suits the demand of homeowners’ kitchen. Below is the list of double bowl stainless steel sinks along with amazon link and reviews.

10. Z-Sinks Parma32 Z Series

On number ten position we have a stainless-steel double bowl kitchen sink named Z-SINK PARMA32. The reason for putting it on last is that this is not a popular brand as it is new. But the popularity of the sink among other reviewed sinks is because of its shape, look size and capacity. A simple yet beautiful design manufactured by the company ZUHNE. It does not have sharp corners which makes it easier to clean and deep bowls give the look of high capacity to keep lots of dishes. Plus, it specifies a scratch less feature that enhances its worth. The only con associated with this kitchen sink is the no brand popularity. A newcomer that still need a trial. This is not very cheap sink yet affordable for many.

9. Dayton D225193

Dayton sink is a mountable double bowl stainless sink, easy to install and easy to use. Both of the bowls are of equal design, shape, and size. It can be used for versatile tasks including soaking, rinsing, washing and lastly drying. This model has a large capacity and tap holes make it easy for users to have all the wet work in one place. The only feature that can add more worth to this sink is its depth. 30 inches depth is a little less to hide the dishes a little more depth would be better for the users. Besides depth, its look, usability, and style all standout among its competitive sinks.

8. Voilamart 30 Inch

A tempting choice for those homeowners who are having a limited budget for their kitchen sink. The steel used in this sink is 304 stainless steel known for its durability and stain resistance. The cleaning of the square bowls is very much easy. The drainage hole has features that can prevent any blockage. An added feature this is a quite sink as it got padded under its steel layer which prevents the splashing noise of water. This sink is a perfect household product. For a better result or opinion, one must try it as it is under 150$.

7. Ruvati RVH8150

An elegant sink that will give your kitchen a modern look. A dissimilar bowl size sink that is stain resistant, premium quality and is of higher strength. Also coated with padding to reduce water splashes noise. A stylish yet, modern kitchen sink that is easy to clean due to inward curves and easy to use as its deep enough to entertain dishes.

6. Moen G222173 2200 Series

Simply elegant double bowl sink with the best functionality in a very limited price. Made of 22-gauge strong stainless steel and coated with the latest sound control technological chemical. The sound shield not only prevents the noise of water splashes but also control the clicking voices of dishes. Same size bowls make both sinks independent to use. The only feature that makes it less valuable is 20 gauge steel that should be a bit thicker as kitchen dishes are sometimes heavier in weight. Else, the sinks cost less than what value it provides to the kitchen.

5. Elkay Lustertone ELUHAQD32179

A company known for the best kitchen sinks. The name Lustertones explains the worth of the sink in terms of its finishing and durability. Two dissimilar sizes of bowls which can operate lots of dishes. It is a high-quality sink made of construction material steel i.e. 18 gauge stainless steel. This sink claims to absorb little scratches on it. The only flaw found is the clients complains about disappearing scratches do not hold, also among other competitors, it’s a bit costly because of its brand name. Rest all features of this sink makes it a masterpiece for a kitchen.

4. Mowa HUD33DO

Search is over for those who are searching for a high-quality double bowl kitchen sink as Mowa is the king of high quality featuring premium quality standards (T-304). This sink is not only resistant to water stain but also is resistant to grease. A modern looking sink, easy to clean and have efficiency drainage capacity. Also, sound shield coated to control washing noises. Product not only include sinks but also accessories including steel rack and drainage set.

3. Zuhne 33-Inch Farmhouse Apron Deep Double Bowl

A famous amazon seller kitchen sink is 33-inch farmhouse apron. Easy to clean, durable and have high capacity. Made of 16 gauge stainless steel and is stain resistant as well. The depth of the bowls is higher as compared to others. It can hide dishes well and is also sound shielded. Good for domestic as well as commercial use. The most expensive stainless-steel sink of the list based on its quality and resistant to stain marks stands true.

2. Kraus KHU103-33

A very famous household brand named Kraus. Popularity is based on providing high-quality products. KHU103-33 a double bowl stainless steel sink featuring construction material steel. The durability of this sink cannot be compared with any other. The sound shield installed in it is a rubber pad which is further coated with a chemical that holds the noises and makes it almost sound roof. The accessories included are a rack with drainage set and gloves for cleaning purpose. The search indicates that the only con of this sink is that its resistant towards stains is poor, hard water leaves marks on it. Though only a few people complain about it so one should not doubt the decision of buying this modern elegant piece.

1. Ruvati RVM4350

On the top of the list lies sink by RUVATI. Best sink one can find in the market. Deep enough to hide dishes, durable and tough, division among bowls is low that makes washing easier, and have spillways to prevent overflow of water. Made on high-quality standards, capable of fulfilling Canada and US standards for plumbing. The best feature this sink have a lifetime warranty for its clients. Well accessorized with drainage set and a stainless-steel rack. The best decision for buying a double bowl stainless steel sink.

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