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Top 10 Best Gaming Computer Desks in 2019 Reviews

It is essential for every gamer to spend on the best computer gaming desk if they want to have a better gaming performance.

Since gamers invest a lot of time in sitting and adjusting their gaming computer, it is important to keep their posture in mind. If the posture is not good, the gamers might experience back pains and neck problems. And this cannot be answered with just an ergonomic chair but also with good computer desk.

We have listed below the Top 10 best gaming computer desks which we think are the best in the market in terms of price, quality, space and features. The list of our top 10 are:

10. Atlantic Gaming Desk

Atlantic Gaming Desk was designed by keeping the gamers in mind. It is packed with features, it is light weight, and very sturdy. For any gamer, Atlantic Gaming Desk is a superb choice.

Functionality of this desk is amazing and it has everything a gamer needs. It includes storage drawer, headphone hanger, CD shelves for 5 games, speaker trays and two controller hooks. If you are playing and want something, it is readily available at your fingertips.

And if that was not enough, this desk also spots the charging station, cable management system (no tangled cables) and it supports a 27-inches flat panel monitor.


  • Pre-made holes
  • Built-in cup holder
  • Removable monitor stand for adding multiple monitors
  • Works with both desktops and laptops


  • Difficulty putting it together
  • Not enough table top space because of the monitor stand


9. Origami RDE-01 Computer Desk

Origami RDE-01 Computer Desk is not your conventional gaming desk. However, it is fast and easy to setup. It comes with a 2-part design construction which makes it easy to move around in your home.

Even though it is very light weight, it is very reliable for gaming. It has a foldable frame design which makes it very convenient to store.

The minimalistic assembly makes it very swift to use right away. All you have to do is open the metal frame in the desired location and place the removable tabletop on it. It is that simple, and this can all be done without using any tools. It saves a lot of time and effort. And really easy to store and since the folded frame is securely flat, you can place it under your bed or in any corner in an upright position.

Origami RDE-01 Computer Desk comes with a specific storage for the CPU. But it doesn’t have all the hooks for different accessories. It comes with a width of 47.2 inches and a depth of 23.6 inches.

The Origami RDE-01 Computer Desk is a perfect choice for you, if you are someone who is always on the move because of its lightweight foldable frame is easy to carry and assemble anywhere. And if you are someone who has multiple displays, it is sturdy enough to carry 2 monitors and other accessories.


  • Portable
  • Sturdy
  • Very easy to assemble


  • Lacks extra keyboard tray
  • Faulty locking mechanism
  • Sharp edges


8. Walker Edison Soreno 3-piece Corner Desk

Walker Edison Soreno 3-piece Corner Desk has a very simplistic 3-piece design without having a lot of drawers and shelves. It is available in multiple shades of black and silver, which makes it more exquisite.

It has a L-shape design. The desk comes with a 21-inch-deep rectangular desktop along with an additional desktop in shape of an arc.

These desktops come together to give the desk its unique L-Shaped design. The desktop is made out of 6mm-bevelled tempered safety glass. It comes with a CPU stand which is located under the desktop. There is also a sliding keyboard compartment beneath the desktop. You can have it installed on either side of the desktops. It has a durable steel frame.


  • Great Value for money
  • Designed to provide ample space
  • High end stability
  • Black color to hide cables


  • Flawed machining of the holes
  • Insufficient space on the keyboard tray


7. Volair Sim Universal Flight or Racing Simulation Cockpit Chassis with Triple Monitor Mounts

Volair Sim Universal Flight or Racing Simulation Cockpit Chassis with Triple Monitor Mounts is not your daily gaming desk. It can be called a setup more than a desk. It is the first of its kind since its chassis is the first flight and racing simulation chassis in the world that comes pre-configured in the factory to be compatible with flight and racing simulation accessories from Saitek, Logitech and CH products.

This setup weighs about 128 pounds. This setup works exceptionally well for racing games and flight simulation. It is ideal for recreational gaming.

According to the reviews on Amazon, it is the perfect setup for racing games and fight simulation.


  • Durable Steel Frame
  • Option of having 3 monitors
  • Pre-configured settings
  • Immersive gaming experience


  • Hard to set up
  • Very Heavy


6. HomCom 64” Modern L-Shaped Glass Top Office Workstation Computer Desk

HomCom 64” Modern L-Shaped Glass Top Office Workstation Computer Desk is another L-shaped desk on our list. It comes with a powder coated steel frame. And to contrast the frame, they have added MDF panels and Smoked Glass top. This desk has black finish which makes it look modern and stealthy.

Since it has an L-shaped design, it fits in any corner of the house or office. This desk has a CPU shelf at the bottom of the curved glass top and comes with sliding keyboard shelf which can be fitted on the either sides of the desktop. It comes with a dimension of 44x27x5 inches meaning it is really spacious and it could accommodate all your gaming gear.


  • Very Durable
  • Covered back can be used as a room divider
  • Heat resistant
  • Can accommodate two gaming setups


  • No storage or drawers
  • No cable management feature


5. DXRacer GD/1000/NE Newedge Edition Gaming Desk

DXRacerGD/1000/NE Newedge Edition Gaming Desk has a unique design. The desk surface has a 10-degree slope, making it absolutely perfect for gamers as it helps them relax their wrists and arms. It has a Double Triangle design. The materials for this desk are High Quality ABS+Wooden Desk Board+Steel Rod Frame. The desk has 2 slots and 2 cable grommets situated at the back.

Those 4 options make managing cables a delight and conceal them nicely. And since there is the presence of the raised perimeters, items would not roll and fall off the desk. This desk’s built quality is very sturdy and durable. It was built to last. The desk comes in 4 different color variants that gamers can choose according to their style: Green, Red, White, and the standard Black.


  • Solid, sturdy built quality
  • Solid wood center piece
  • Good legroom under the work surface
  • Easy to assemble


  • Very heavy
  • Confusing instruction manual


4. Bell’O CD8841 Computer Desk with Keyboard Tray

Bell’O CD8841 Computer Desk with Keyboard Tray looks stylish and can handle the rigors of gaming. The desk is built from solid materials and was built by keeping gamers in the mind. It has an open architectural design which makes it more comfortable while playing. The desk is supported by reinforced frame so it can handle heavier loads. The wooden sides are curved and covered with an espresso finish, and there is a glossy black finish on the posts.

The CD8841 comes with a glass pull out shelf that can be used for keyboard and mouse. And the rear side of the desk there is CMS Cable Management system, it helps in managing and routing the cables so that you wouldn’t have any tangled cables.

Bell’O CD8841 Computer Desk with Keyboard Tray is a product that manages to meet every gamer’s expectation. It has a solid built, and offers a lot of space for the gaming gear.


  • Work surface is large enough to fit 2 screens
  • Keyboard tray is bigger
  • Smooth working surface for the mouse
  • Carved wood stands out


  • Assembly is time consuming
  • No dedicated space for the CPU


3. OmniraxOmniDesk Audio/Video Editing Workstation

OmniraxOmniDesk Audio/Video Editing Workstation is a versatile and ergonomic workstation which makes it an ideal environment for audio/video editing needs. It has nine rack spaces under the bridge monitor and ten rack spaces in each bay under the desk surface give you the freedom to store a lot of accessories. The curved work surface and monitor bridge allows the gamers to add more than one monitor.

It has thermofused laminate top which makes it easy to clean. From a gamer’s perspective, this desk has a lot of space, which by adding a few extra accessories will make it perfect. You can add hooks for headsets, controllers and for managing cables. And if you don’t want to shell a lot of money, you can use the gear while playing and put it back in the shelves provided. The shelves can also be used for storing the games.


  • A lot of storage option
  • Can setup multiple displays
  • Work surface is huge
  • Dedicated CPU shelf


  • Expensive
  • Extremely Heavy


2. Bestar Hampton Corner Workstation

Bestar Hampton Corner Workstation is another L-shaped desk on our Top 10 list of best gaming computer Desk. Unlike the other two L-shaped desks, this one comes with manufactured wood work surface instead of glass work surface. It has an ergonomic design for alignment with your vision and the monitor, as well as a sliding keyboard shelf. The placement of the keyboard shelf is at the curve unlike the others which had it either on the left or the right.

This makes the BestarHampton Corner Workstation unique. And since it is L-shaped, it can fit at any corner of the house or office. It is an elegant gaming and multi-functional desk.

The dimensions of it are: 14” Wx17” Dx22” H, which means it is spacious. It can accommodate multiple monitors without any problem. It has a raised monitor shelf for better viewing angles. It comes with a large side cabinet which can be used for storing your gear after use.


  • Built quality is above par
  • Size, even though the work space is big, it occupies less space
  • Color options


  • Assembly is very difficult and time consuming
  • Poorly machined holes


1. E-Blue USA Wireless Glowing LED PC Gaming Desk Table

E-Blue USA Wireless Glowing LED PC Gaming Desk Table is a very attractive workstation. It is said to be world’s first glowing desk for gamers. The height and the width of the desk was designed by keeping gamers in mind. So, the height and the width of the desk helps the gamers to enjoying playing games for longer durations. This is simply due to the design. It is designed in such a way that the distance between the monitor and your eyes is optimal, avoiding the eye fatigue caused by extended hours of playing. It has built in glowing LED lights system when makes it unique.

The design is based on spaceship justifying the presence of the LEDs. The desk is sturdy and durable, thanks to the Medium Density Fiberboard. The L-shaped foot bar gives the gamers freedom of changing the foot position which helps in relaxing the feet and the legs.

You can control the LED colors with a side switch that is present on the left corner surface. You have the option of changing the brightness levels between 100%, 50% and 20%. Not only that, you can also control the pulsating speed between 4ms, 6ms and 8ms and then there is an intense competition mode. It comes in three different dimensions. You can select the one according to your height and your preference.


  • Built-in LEDs
  • Wireless controller
  • Satin finish work surface for better mouse optics response
  • Different lighting settings


  • Cheap build quality
  • Improper machining of holes


When it comes to Gaming Computer Desks, space is very crucial. Gaming usually requires a lot of energy and focus. For each gamer, the better way to focus is to have a tidy setup of all their gaming peripheral. And when all the gear is easily reachable, it saves energy. It is really important for a gamer to choose his or her gaming desk as it can change the way he or she play on a conventional computer desk. And these are the 10 desks according to us are the best on the market as of now. Choose wisely and keep playing.

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