Top 10 Best International Travel Plug Adapter AC In 2020 Reviews

Imagine getting your flight delayed in a foreign country for eight hours, your phone’s battery is at one bar, and every power plug is occupied. Scourging around, you finally find a free one, but it’s all in vain; You don’t have an AC plug adapter with you.

You can prevent this horrid nightmare from ever happening to you by taking a proper travel plug adapter when you’re traveling internationally. This handy little contraption allows you-to charge your electronic devices in any place like hotels, restaurants, and airports.

If you’re in the market for a travel plug adapter, Do check our list of the best international travel plug adapter AC below. You’ll be glad you do.

10. OREI Grounded-Universal 2 in 1 Schuko-Plug Adapter Type E/F for-Germany,-France, Europe,-Russia & more


With circular face plugs, this adapter is perfect for traveling to European countries. This adapter will work with both square surface and recessed circular inputs available there. Since this is a 2-in-1 adapter lets you charge two devices at once. It’s a high-quality, small, and convenient adapter to carry around. The super affordable price makes it a very attractive offer too.


9. Orei M8 Plus All-in-One Grounded International Worldwide Travel Plug Adapter with Dual USB Charger


The Orei M8 is truly an all-in-one solution for your charging needs. The included plug adapters will work with all kinds of power outlets in 150 countries. It’s so easy to use. Just slide out the appropriate prong according to the available power outlet, plug your device into the adapter, then plug the adapter into the power outlet.


8. OREI 2 in-1 USA to Switzerland Adapter Plug (Type J) – 4 Pack


This is the adapter to bring when you’re visiting Switzerland and neighboring countries. This RoHS compliant and CE certified adapter has a rugged build quality and can handle up to 3000-watt. You get four in the pack, and each can be used to charge two devices. You may not need that much on your travel, but it’s there should you need it.


7. OREI 2 in -USA to Europe Adapter Plug (Schuko, Type E/F) – 2 Pack


If you’re visiting France or Germany, then the adapter you need is this one. They have round recessed outlets there. With the 2-in-1 design, you can charge two devices conveniently when only one outlet is available. There are two in the pack; you can use one and have another for spare or use it to help a fellow traveler in need.


6. OREI 2 in 1 USA to UK/Hong-Kong Adapter Plug (Type G) – 4 Pack


Hong Kong uses Type G power outlet, and this adapter is just perfect to bring there. The sturdy design is comforting. Your devices plug in firmly on both the front and side socket. This adapter also works well in UK and Ireland, Singapore, and Malaysia where Type G outlets are used as well.


5. BESTEK International 220V to 110V Converter Travel Adapter with Interchangeable Worldwide-UK/US/AU/EU Plugs and 6A 4 USB Ports


This universal adapter fits outlets in over 150 countries worldwide. Its built-in converter lets you plug in a 110V device on 220V outlets safely. It comes with three AC inputs and four USB ports with 6Amps of combined output. You don’t always get the luxury of multiple usable outlets when you travel abroad. Being able to charge seven devices on a single outlet is definitely a luxury. Despite the number of inputs, this adapter remains travel size and easy to carry in a small bag.


4. Tmvel SUKOUK Outstanding Quality Universal 2-In-1 Grounded Type G USA to UK and Type-E/F Schuko USA to Europe Plug Adapter


The Tmvel adapter is both affordable and versatile. It fits Type E, F, and G power outlets perfectly. It’s a handy little travel accessory that you should prepare before taking a trip to Europe. Each adapter lets you plug in two devices at once.

The material used is of high quality and feels sturdy. It’s compact, easy to plug in, and doesn’t heat up easily. Totally a must have for travelers.


3. FosPower B3 WorldWide Universal Converter All-In-One AC International Wall Adapter Travel Plug Charger with Dual [3.1A] USB Charging Ports (US UK EU AU)


The FosPower B3 is a highly reliable adapter than can be used in the US, UK, Australian, and various countries in Europe. It’s small enough to carry in a small bag, so you always have it ready to use anywhere. A blue LED lights up when it’s being used. Some travelers say it makes a nice little night light.

Its dual USB ports have a maximum output of 3.2A. This allows-you to charge your phone, tablet, or other gadgets quicker than ports with only 2A output. The built-in over-current protection is a nice feature that gives you an extra peace of mind when charging on not-so-stable grids.


2. FosPower WorldWide Universal Converter All-In-One AC Wall International Power Adapter Travel Plug Charger with Dual [3.1A] USB Charging Ports (US UK EU AU)


With this little contraption, you don’t have to worry about charging your laptop, and gadgets anymore. With retractable prongs, it’s very compact in size.

Using this adapter is as easy as pushing and sliding the small button on the side of it. Choose between UK, Europe, and US/AUS plug types. It works flawlessly every time.

The two USB port is more than sufficient. With output rated at 3.1A, you can speedily charge whatever gadgets you have. A travel pouch is also included for easy carrying and to keep it clean when you put it in your bag along with other stuff.


1. Universal Travel Adapter 2 Universal Sockets Covering More Than 150 Countries – US, UK, EU, AU


This universal adapter is the only adapter you need when you go and visit foreign countries. It has no parts or pieces to lose. Everything you need is in one single package.

It’s not only usable in US, UK, EU, or Australia. It works well in Asian, South American, and African countries too. It doesn’t matter if they use two different plug types in a single country, you’re always covered

It has a switch that slides to lock and unlock. Sliding it to unlock lets you use the available prong combinations. Sliding it to lock once more, will secure the prongs, so they stay firm while being plugged in.


That sums up our review for the top 10 best international travel plug adapter AC in 2016. Do note that most of these adapters are merely adapters. They let you plug in your device and have it connected to various power outlet available in other parts of the world. Converting voltage is not something they are capable of. If your-device is strictly for 110V, plugging it into a 220V power source will fry it. Double check the voltage range of your electronic devices to be sure.

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