With the upcoming release of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, case makers have already started shipping protection all over the world. The valuable iPhone certainly deserves a great case to protect it. After all, you wouldn’t like your phone to have a scratch or crack. Many available cases are stylish and durable, but some are also practical. To help you choose we have shortlisted the 10 best iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus cases for you.

10. UNU DX-7 iPhone 7 Charger Case

The DX-7 is a special case as it not only offers great protection to your phone, but it also gives it a longer battery life. Its 3200mAh Li-polymer Atomic Pro battery can provide you with a whole new battery, so you can use your phone for twice as long. It also comes with a rear mounted LED display to show you how much battery life you have left.

Apart from this great addition, the UNU DX-7 does offer great protection to your phone. It offers complete, all-around scratch and fall protection. Nevertheless, it is still compact enough to fit in your pocket.


9. KuGi iPhone 7 Plus Case

The KuGi iPhone 7 Plus case has all the specifications you would expect from a good, protective case. Its two layers of protection allow the cover to remain soft and sleek. The corners have been made extra durable to sustain any drop damage. It is everything you could want from a case, at a good price.

What gives the KuGi a place on our list is its unique color pattern. It comes in four colors, Blue, Grey, Peach and Clear. Its look is one which immediately captures people’s attention for its minimalistic, yet stylish design.


8. CaseologySkyfall Series iPhone 7 Case

With 5 stunning colors, Caseology’s iPhone 7 case is one to consider if you like your phone to match your fashion sense. It is made up of a mix of polycarbonate and acrylic, resulting in a very durable and almost transparent case.

Its anti-slip, smooth texture makes this iPhone 7 case easy and comfortable to hold. In order to protect your phone’s rear camera, the case has a bezel so that the camera never touches a flat surface. Caseology has succeeded to create a strong, reliable case without compromising on elegance.


7. Matone iPhone 7 Plus Case

If you are accident prone, then you should really consider the iPhone 7 Plus case from Matone. It is made of a very durable material which prevents scratches and scuff marks. It also has a shock absorption protection, especially when dropped. To compliment these features, the cover comes with a fantastic lifetime warranty.

With all its strength, this iPhone 7 Plus case remains thin and lightweight. The case’s raised bezel lifts the screen and camera from touching any flat surface. It is available in three glowing colors and has a great overall design.


6. Spigen iPhone 7 Plus Case

The four minimalistic colors of the Spigen iPhone 7 Plus are its first unique feature. That is not all it can boast, however. It has a special coating to prevent its transparency to turn yellow over time. Each cut-out has raised lips to offer an added protection to your phone’s important features.

Air Cushion technology is used in the corners of this case to offer excellent protection. In fact, it reaches military grade protection. With all these offerings it is amazing how low priced this case is.


5. iBeek Portable iPhone 7 Plus Battery Case

iBeek have created a superb battery case for your iPhone 7 Plus. It has a 4000mAh Li-polymer rechargeable battery that is able to extend how long you use your phone for a further 100%. It also has a LED indicator to show you how much of your backup battery is left.

This case also comes with great protection for your phone, especially from scratches, wear and tear and bumps. What’s amazing is that you can get all of this for under $30 and that is great value for money.


4. Ringke iPhone 7 Case

This slim design of the Ringke iPhone 7 case can be deceiving, as it is extremely durable. The case edges have been reinforced. This, together with an extra protective coating makes this case extremely difficult to scratch or damage.

To compliment your phone, the Ringke iPhone 7 case comes in three stylish colors. Nevertheless, the case is partially transparent as a result of a laser guided design pattern. The maker uses the ultimate in engineering systems to create a perfect cut-out for each of the phone’s features, each with a smooth finish and slim design.


3. Maxboost Liquid Skin iPhone 7 Case

Maxboost provides an ultra-thin and lightweight case which acts as the phone’s second skin. It is a flexible case, designed to absorb shocks. It is scratchproof, tearproof and drop proof. This iPhone 7 case even has an extra anti-scratch coating to ensure maximum protection.

With Maxboost’s guarantee that the cut-outs are perfectly aligned for the iPhone 7, you can be sure of getting a great case. What’s more, the case is totally transparent so you will get to enjoy your phone without any distractions. It is not slippery like other cases, so you don’t risk dropping it by mistake.


2. TOZO iPhone 7 Plus Case

One of the thinnest protection cases of the iPhone 7 Plus comes from TOZO. With a matte face to reduce the reflection and grease building, this cover is great value for money. You can be sure of all round protection with this case, that covers all corners and phone features.

The case is very similar to the iPhone 7 Plus. They both have subtle elegance and style, which is not overpowering, but is practical. It is very easy to install on your phone and you can be comfortable knowing your phone is protected.

1. Trainium iPhone 7 Case

The Trainium iPhone 7 case provides you with all you need in a protective cover. Its protective design is made up of two layers. A solid outer body protects the case and phone from bumps and scrapes. The inner body is made up of a shockproof frame which resists damage in a fall.

Designed especially for the iPhone 7, you can be sure that your phone will fit in perfectly. The case is completely transparent so that you can enjoy the design of the phone itself. Its cut-outs are also perfectly aligned with the iPhone 7’s features.


It is extremely probable that with the release of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus many more protective cases will be available. You are sure to find the right case which matches your tastes and budget.