If you’re hoping to redesign your vehicle’s sound framework, you ought to search for two principle adornments – two or three speakers, and an amplifier. Amplifiers come in different sorts and fill different needs, and, in this guide, we’re here to show you a few options you have.

To begin off, you may need to know how an amplifier functions in any case. These units will typically be put between the sound framework and the speakers in the circuit and will isolate different wavelengths (high and low), guiding them to the specific sound cone. The measure of the sound cone (as such, the speaker) impacts the kind of sound that it can render; greater sound cones are normally known as woofers or subwoofers, creating low-recurrence bass sounds, and littler ones are known as tweeters, which deliver higher frequencies and sounds. The significance of the amplifier is essential, as, without it, you’ll be left with a level sound promptly, even with the most costly arrangement of speakers.

In this guide, we will display you our Top 10 picks in regards to car amplifiers that you can purchase, with the fundamental highlights, cost, and other vital subtle elements brought up for your benefit. Right away, we should get to them: First class kicker Car Amplifiers of 2019.

Best Kicker Amplifiers for Car in 2019

Our Top 10 Best Kicker Amplifiers for Car in 2019 uncovers all the best-sellers you can find on the market. Haven’t picked out the dresser of your choice? Check out our list!

Previews Name Amazon 
Kenwood KAC-M3001 600W Class D Monoblock Compact Digital Car/ATV/Marine Certified Amplifier
Kicker 40KX4004 4 Channel Amplifier
NEW Kicker 12CX12001 1200 Watt Amp Monoblock Car Audio MonoD Power Sub Amplifier
Kicker 40KXM400.4 4-Channel Marine Amplifier
Kicker 40KXM800.5 5-Channel Marine Amplifier
Kicker 41KMT674 6-3/4″ 6.75″ 300W Marine Wakeboard Tower Speakers+6-Ch Amplifier
KICKER 45KMA1502 150w 2-Channel Marine Ampifier+Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
Kicker 4 43KM84LCW 8″ 1200w Marine Boat Speakers w/LED’s+4-Ch Amplifier+Amp Kit
Kicker PXA200.2 – 2×100-Watt Full-Range Amplifier

10. Boss AR1500M ARMOR

Boss AR1500M ARMORBoss Audio is a standout amongst the most popular brands in the car sound gear industry. You will see a great deal of their item available, yet one of our undisputed top choices is the Boss AR1500M ARMOR. This amplifier retails for an amazing cost for the quality it offers.

With a 6-year platinum guarantee from the producer, more than 6000 positive audits from past clients and such a low value, you can’t turn out badly with the Boss AR1500M ARMOR.

 9. Planet Audio AC1000.2 ANARCHY

This model is accessible in various different styles, yet for a standard, adjusted sound range, we prescribe going for the 100 watts 2-ohm stable one. This amplifier is a two-channel full range one and has both high and low-level sources of info. Other than that, you have the three great highlights that any car amplifier needs: bass sponsor, high pass hybrid, and low pass hybrid. It likewise has a remote subwoofer control, to enable you to get the greatest out of the bass.

 8. Rockford Fosgate R500X1D

If you’re searching for a class D amplifier and wouldn’t fret paying the additional money, the Rockford Fosgate R500X1D Prime 1-Channel Class D Amplifier may be the ideal decision for you. This amp retails for around however has a practically idealize Amazon rating and more than 600 fulfilled client audits – which sort of represent themselves. This amplifier covers an extensive variety of frequencies. The infrasonic sift will clean through frequencies lower than 20Hz, helping the subwoofers convey a cleaner sound.

The unit has a thrown aluminum head sink, with a stealth mounted control board, which makes it impervious to overheating and physical elements. The set accompanies a wired remote, yet without a guarantee – to get.


As we specified before, you can’t go too far into the car amp area without unearthing Boss Audio over and over. This specific model is a Class D one, an ideal other option to the Class A/b one at #1. With regards to the highlights, the two are quite comparative. Them two have a few channels, including low pass hybrid, variable bass lift, subsonic channel, and a couple more. They additionally incorporate a remote subwoofer control to guarantee profound and clean bass rendering. The principle difference between the two is that the AR3000D puts out three times more power – whether 3000 or 4000w, contingent upon the style you pick. The cost is additionally somewhat higher. A six-year guarantee is incorporated into the cost.

 6. Crunch PX1000.

For those of you searching for a mid-estimated class A/B car amp, you might need to look at the Crunch PX1000.4 Power Amplifier. This unit puts out 1000w of energy, has four channels and both abnormal state and low-level sources of info. Furthermore, this model is guaranteed against overheating, which is one of the biggest dangers for amplifiers, as it includes Crunch’s trademark Quick Thermal Dispersion innovation. It is likewise a really decent arrangement for the cost. In any case, you will get what you pay for – it will function admirably at low pick up, however may be too much uproarious if turned up too high.

 5. Hifonics ZRX1016.

The Hifonics ZRX1216.1D Zeus is another Class D amplifier worth mulling over. This model arrives in various different power yields, and has four channels you can work with. The old school Hedonics warm sink guarantees prevalent warmth scattering, and the MOSFET control supply remains at most extreme.

 4. PIOGMD9601 – PIONEER GM-D9601

Pioneer GM-D8601If you’re searching for unrivaled Pioneer quality, the PIOGMD9601 – PIONEER GM-D9601 2,400-Watt Class D Mono Amp may be the best esteem item you’ll discover available. This amplifier has some noteworthy specs that won’t leave anybody indifferent. It has a most extreme power yield of 2400W and is ideal for every one of you bass addicts out there. With its wired bass remote and variable bass controller, you ca make certain that your subwoofers will convey the cleanest and deepest sound conceivable. This model is additionally a class D amplifier, so ensure it fits your vehicle before buying.

 3. Pioneer GM-D9605

Pioneer GM-D9605This show protects the trademark Pioneer quality, however shakes more power and has more channels to work with. The Pioneer GM-D9605 Gm Digital Series Class D Amp is a bridgeable car amp with five channels, with a 1-ohm steady and variable low pass channel. Much like the GM-D8601 show over, this one has a wired remote bass controller too, so it’s ideal for pumping up those subwoofers in your car. It has a power yield of 2000w and will function admirably with any vehicle, even ATVs or pontoons.

 2. Rockford Fosgate R600X5

is a standout amongst the most costly, yet incredible quality items we incorporated into this best. If you wouldn’t fret paying the additional buck however wish to have the crispest and cleanest sound conceivable in your car, investigate the Rockford Fosgate R600X5 Prime 5-Channel Amplifier. This unit has five channels which put out up to 75w each, and additionally an uncommon bass channel, which can transform up to 300w into 2 ohms. Other than those, it has two power/ground connectors, and a cast aluminum sink with Top Mount Controls.

The main downside of this model is the value, which is quite high contrasted with all the past items.

 1. CT Sounds T-1000.1

To wrap things up, the CT Sounds T-1000.1 is a phenomenal incentive for the cost. You can get a wide assortment of styles and power yields for this model – from 1000w to 2000w and from 3 to 5 channels. This specific one is our undisputed top choice – it has four information sources, a most extreme power yield of 2000w, and a 1-ohm stable. Other than that, it has a different bass handle, with the goal that you can control the levels of bass that will get to your subwoofer. The cost is sensible, and the audits aren’t too awful either – the CT Sounds T-1000.1 has an almost culminate Amazon rating.


As should be obvious, there are huge amounts of car amplifiers to look over if you wish to update your car’s sound framework. You should focus on various specs when buying. To begin with, you have to comprehend what control yield you require, and what will be best bolstered by your speakers and subwoofer. Next, you have to consider the number and power yield of channels, as this will enable you to interface the amp to the same number of units as you require. It is likewise vital that the unit you pick has some hostile to overheating innovation going on – as this is one of the principle issues that influences car amps as a rule. To wrap things up, you’ll need to consider the brand – while no-name units can draw you with bring down costs, names, for example, Pioneer, Boss, or Rockford are tested in time and will absolutely not let you down.