Top 10 Best Knife Sharpener in 2020 Reviews

Cooking with dull knives is like trying to open a lock with limp spaghetti. Today’s choice of the best knife sharpener brands means you never have to face that dilemma again. You’ve got a knife sharpener – or two – to fit both your style and your need for knives that cut tomatoes like butter. So what’s your style? Do you go big and expensive and electric to get razor sharp edges? Or do the traditional methods of flashing blades across honing steel or using the rhythmic circular motions on whetstone suit you better? Do you go frugal or do you demand top of the line equal with America’s Best Chef? Even among the best knife sharpener brands you’ve got great range of choices.

10. Besiva Knife Sharpener


Want a sharpener that doesn’t demand electricity or lots of counter space? At $10.99 the Besiva sharpener is a kitchen must-have. This popular seller sports the kind of design that makes guests think it’s part of your decorators’ plan. The underside of the curved handle and slip-resistant rubber bottom are a contrasting red to the matte black and silver top. The Besiva sharpener gives you two stages of sharpening – one for your dull knives and another that finishes and polishes the edge to keep all knives in tip top shape. You won’t spend a lot of time with the Besiva; just a few draws through the slot returns any knife to slicing glory.


9. Chef’s Choice 315 XV Professional Diamond Hone Electric Knife Sharpener, Black


Need a specialist for your double or single bevel Asian style knives? Then the Chef’s Choice Professional Electric might be more your new one true love. For just under $100 you’ll get a compact unit with guarantees. The 100% diamond abrasives are guaranteed never to de-temper and the whole unit comes with a 2-year warranty. Sharpen both straight and serrated blades! Sliding your knives through the slots, you’ll feel the difference with spring guides ensuring accurate control of the sharpening angle and the stropping and polishing disks inside. You pull out a super sharp flawless edge on your prized knives.


8. Work Sharp WSKTS-KO Knife and Tool Sharpener Ken Onion Edition


If you’re looking to drop names then the sharpener designed by famed knifemaker Ken Onion, from Work Sharp, is for you. This is a serious knife – and tool – sharpener. For $129.93, your knives get sharp-edged by the action of wide abrasive belts adjusted by precision tuning and variable speeds. The grip handle and industrial belt design fit more on your workbench with power tools than among the sharpeners sleekly built for modern kitchens. The variable speed heavy duty motor is cool running, and puts control into your hands for slow speed honing up to high speed grinding. Like any high end electric tool in your shop, the multi position sharpening module adjusts so you can sharpen your knives, scissors, or any blade that festoons your work area.


7. Wusthof Precision Edge


From the 200-year old maker of fine knives comes this 2-stage tool for professional sharpening in your own kitchen, and for the frugal price of $19.95. You can slip your hand through the open grip to sharpen while holding the tool, or press down on the handle for secure grip between rubberized base and your countertop. The real edge the Wustof tool (pun intended) has over the competition is the one-two punch of dual sharpening surfaces. Hard carbide steel blades prep dull or pitted edges, getting them ready for honing by fine ceramic rods.


6. Japanese Natural Kasumi Global Whetstone for Knives by Sharpen Up


Want to return to the original knife sharpening technology? Then Sharpen Up’s whetstone is for you. Like most pro’s you know that anything other than stone sharpening can grind away too much of your blade. This tool comes with everything you need and more. You get an angle guide and an attached non-slip base, all for $29.99. You get the two stones of different grit for prepping and smoothing, and then finishing off. This portable stone is made from long-wearing aluminum oxide and can sharpen any blade anywhere. All this and one more bonus – no need to get those fancy oils for this stone. Just soak in water and go to work!


5. 10-inch Rod Knife Sharpening Steel by Utopia Kitchen


Is your image of proper knife sharpening blades flashing against steel? Then you need a steel utility rod and one of the best comes by way of Utopia Kitchen (aptly named) and for only $11.99. The rod, made of carbon steel and plated with nickel-chrome, has a fine surface that babies your blades as you sharpen them against the steel. This is high drama knife sharpening and the star of many scenes in movie professional kitchens. Decidedly low tech, the utility rod sharpens every kind of knife and is cleaned by a cloth soaked in oil and then hung to dry.


4. SunrisePro Knife Sharpener


Is it a knife sharpener, is it a music box, is it a brightly covered candy container? None of the above although curious guests will query you once they see the SunrisePro squat presence in your kitchen. This sharpener’s cheery cherry red round cover conceals a serious beast, with patented and powerful suction bottom for safety. For $19.97 you sharpen straight edge and serrated knives, scissors, blender blades and gardening shears. The angled stone and steel edges are so perfect they’re protected by patent.


3. PriorityChef Knife Sharpener, 2 Stage Diamond Coated Sharpening Wheel System


Put the PriorityChef Knife Sharpener in your modern stainless steel kitchen and you’ll need to look closely to find it sometimes. With its sleek lines, this tool should be in the show window of kitchen tools. And this sharpener is a girl’s best friend, with diamonds on sharpening wheels in both coarse and fine coated stages. Because you demand only the best, even for the $17.95 price, PriorityChef offers 100% satisfaction and guarantees your money back for anything less.


2. Chef’s Choice 120 Diamond Hone 3-Stage Professional Knife Sharpener


Sometimes my knives are not dull and yet need a refresher. Coarse grinds are too much and fine grinds not enough. Those are the days for the Chef’s Choice 3-stage sharpener. Using a 100% diamond abrasive, this $117.52 professional sharpener upgrades blades for all kinds of straight and serrated knives. A sharpening technique unique to this 3-stage sharpener


1. Master Grade Premium Multi-stage Electric Knife Sharpener


Your style? Demanding, top of the line, looking for the enduring and the rugged. Coming in the #10 position on our list is one that fits your style, the Master Grade’s Commercial Knife Sharpener. For just under $200 you get not just a kitchen tool but an aluminum-encased sharpening machine. Have recurved blades? Only MasterGrade premium can help. Move the machine following the knife angle and voila! Your curves are razor sharp. Used by Chef Martin Yan on his award winning Yan Can Cook show, the unique soft touch and flexiblesharpening wheels reprofiles the blade restoring the bevel and lengthening your knife’s life


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