Top 10 Best Knife Sharpeners-Buying Guide

Knife sharpening is sharpening a knife by using a grinder or a rough surface such as stone etc. it can also be sharped by using a soft surface with hard particles on it such as sand matter how good a blade of a knife is, it needs to be sharped once every one or two months. Otherwise, it will require more force to cut things and it will become annoying and time taking action. A sharper knife is easier to use rather than a knife with a dull blade. It cuts things quickly and easily. Whether you are using knives in the kitchen or for hunting, a regular sharpening of knives is really necessary. It cuts things quickly and easily. Whether you are using knives in the kitchen or for hunting, a regular sharpening of knives is really necessary.

Sharped knives are most important when it comes to preparing and cutting food in the kitchen. A sharped knife will cut things quickly and easily and will save a lot of your time. Some people buy new knives every now and then once their old knives became dull instead of sharpening the old ones. They usually find sharpening a bore and a dull activity.

There are many sharpening tools are available in the market. When it comes to sharpening knives, you should be familiar with following terms used in this field.

  1. Bevel-shape of the blade edge
  2. Edge-bottom sharpened part of the blade
  3. Grit-the rough part of a sharpening stone
  4. Honing-maintaining already sharped blade
  5. Sharpening-removing metal and creating a new
    sharped edge
  6. Spine-top part of the blade
  7. Swarf-metal particles left after sharpening a knife

There are numerous ways of sharpening a knife. Each method serves a different purpose. Make sure you sharpen both sides of the knife to enhance its performance. Below are the details of different sharpening methods.

  • Sharpening Steel

A sharpening steel is a long steel rod which sharpness the knife by using in a sweeping motion. Put pressure when you grind it against the steel. Make sure you grind the whole blade from both sides. This method is not much use if your knife is already very dull. It will give it a little edge only for few uses.

  • Sharpening stone

A sharpening stone is used worldwide for sharpening knives for both professional and domestic use. It gives sudden sharpness to the blade from tip to toe and it cuts flawlessly. This method is highly reliable and durable. Sharpening stones are really useful for extremely dull knives. There are three kinds of sharpening stones are available in the market today.

  1. Oil stones-needs to pore oil before use (could be messy to use)
  2. Whetstones-needs to get wet before use (delicate and undependable)
  3. Diamond stones- can be used dry (durable and expensive)
  4. Ceramic Sharpeners

If you are in urgent need of sharpening your knife and you don’t have any of the above mentioned sharpens at hand. Then don’t panic, we have a solution for you. Just take out one pate from your ceramic crockery cabinet and carefully put it on a flat surface in upside down position. Now grind your knife against the rough side on the back of the plate. You can also use the back of any other ceramic crockery available in your kitchen.

  • Electric sharpeners

There are plenty of electric sharpeners are available in the market today. They do their job easy and fast but they damage the overall quality of your knife. If you have a cheap knife, go ahead but in case of an expensive one, use sharpening stones.

  • Handy sharpeners

Handy or handheld sharpeners are easy to use and are portable. Put handy sharpener of a flat surface and sharpen the knife. It sharpens the dull knife and it is perfect for cutting.

Now you have all the necessary information about types and functionalities of different knife sharpeners so why not shop for one? Below is the list of best knife sharpeners available on Amazon .com. Find the best one according to your requirement.

10. Kitchen Knife Sharpener

Easy tool knife sharpeners sharp your dull knives in seconds and are convenient to use. It works on all types of knife blades like standard, serrated and beveled. However ceramic blades cannot be shared with this sharpener. It retails at $18.99.

9. BOOCOSA Kitchen Knife Sharpener

This knife sharpness has three sides to sharp knives. It is best to use with every type of knife. It retails at $9.99. It also repairs the damaged knives.

8. Chef’sChoice 250 Diamond Hone Hybrid Sharpener

This knife sharper used hybrid technology and offers 3 stage knives sharpening both electrical and manual. Stage one and two are
electrical sharpening and stage 3 is manual. It retails at $53.72.

7. 10 Inch Steel Knife Sharpening Rod

This knife sharpening is used for all types of knives from household to professional use. It is made of carbon steel which prevents cutting edge from damage while cutting. It retails at $12.99

6. Corona Sharpening Tool

It is ideal to use to sharpen any straight blades and it easily fits in a pocket. It’s durable and easy to use. It retails at $8.67.

5. Chef’sChoice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

It is ideal for converting traditional knives into high-performance knives. It retails at $128.99.

4. Smith’s CCKS 2

It’s a two-step knife sharpener and manual to use. It retails at $3.98.

3. Tri-Angle Sharp maker

This sharpener is made using the high-quality materials and it includes 2 sets of alumina ceramic stones, it retails at $62.97.

2. Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener

It sharpens every type of knife from home to gardening to hunting. It provides instant and durable results. Ceramic blades can also be shared with this knife sharpener. It retails at $69.00.

1. KitchenIQ 50881 Edge Grip 2

It is best knife sharpener for dull knives. It also polishes the already sharped knives. Its nonslip shape allows sharpening a knife on the
edge of a table or counter top.It is available in three colors, green, black and red. It retails at $5.99.

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