If you are searching for environment friendly, reliable, easy to operate and long lasting lantern for camping then LED camping lights available in the market can be the best choice for you. But availability of wide variety of the camping lights can make it difficult for you to find the best LED camping. The reviews of some of the best LED camping lanterns in 2019 are provided here under to help you in this regard. 

10. Ultra Bright LED Lantern


This LED camping lantern can be the best choice for emergencies, hiking, outages, hurricanes, camping and storms. This multipurpose black LED camping available on Amazon is one of the brightest camping lights available in the market. It’s made of water resistant military grade plastic which provides it additional durability to use it outdoors and indoors with equal competence. It’s compact and super lightweight in design and its construction allows you to collapse it with a simple push to store easily when not in use. The battery life of this LED lantern is super long as rechargeable batteries can be used in it. It is backed by 10 years satisfaction guarantee covering damage from defection and accident.


9. Etekcity Outdoor Portable LED Camping Lantern


This collapsible black colored set of 2 LED lanterns is provided with 6 AA Batteries to provide ultra bright light through its 30 low powered Led bulbs. While providing luminous light 360 degree it also saves lots of energy. It is a reliable LED lantern as it’s made of military grade materials. You can carry it anywhere easily due to its ultra lightweight. You can light it up regularly for 12 hours continuously as AA batteries provided with it have enough capacity of power supply. It is ideal for outdoors and emergencies it can be carried as well as hanged easily.


8. Divine LEDs Bright Outdoor Portable LED Camping Lantern


This set of 2 black colored collapsible LED lanterns is one of the brightest lanterns available on Amazon. These lanterns are made by hand from military grade materials including water resistant plastic to give them additional durability. You can use if indoors and outdoors continuously for 12 hours as means of lighting as their rechargeable AA batteries can provide enough power for long. The brightness of this collapsible lantern with compact and lightweight design can be adjusted easily just by pushing it to collapse.


7. Etekcity Portable Outdoor 4 Pack LED Camping Lantern


This black colored collapsible set of 4 lanterns is provided by the company with 12 AA batteries to provide you ultra bright light through their long lasting 30 low power LED bulbs. They can provide you luminous light all the 360 degree around for 12 hours continuously along with saving lots of energy. The military grade materials used in these lanterns provide them durability for long time. It can be stored easily when not in use by collapsing them with a simple push. Company offers 10 years warranty to ensure the quality of its product.


6. ThorFire LED Camping Lantern


This USB mini rechargeable flashlight tent Lamp available in Hand a Crank or AA batteries model is ideal for hiking, camping and jogging. This LED lantern is available in orange and olive green color variants to choose from. Its light at low brightness is 30 Lm and at high brightness 125LM. This 2-in-1 flashlight can be used as mini flashlight when folded and as LED camping lantern when unfolded. It can be recharged through hand cranking when out of power as well as charged regularly with 5v USB. Company supports it with 18 months hassle free warranty.


5. ThorFire LED Lantern


This collapsible mini torch light lamp is powered by batteries to be used as a gadget tool for outdoor camping and hiking etc. The maximum brightness of this lamp is 125 lumens. This portable lamp can be put in the pocket and could be easily used as mini flashlight by collapsing it. The AA batteries used in it allow you to use it for 5 hours continuously. Company supports it with money back guarantee for 40 days.


4. Etekcity Portable Outdoor 3 Pack LED Camping Lantern


This black colored collapsible LED camping lantern is provided with 9 AA batteries to provide ultra bright light through 30 low power Led bulbs used in it. The military grade materials used in making it increase its durability for long time. The capability of its batteries allows you to use it continuously for 12 hours. Its handles allow you to carry or hang easily at the time of emergency. Etekcity offers 10 year warranty on this lantern.


3. Outlite 180 Lumen Collapsible LED Camping Lantern


The 3 4800 mAh built-in AA batteries of this red colored LED camping lantern can be recharged through USB as well as solar system within 8-10 hours. The 8 low power LED bulbs used in it consume less power to give ultra bright light continuously for 12 hours. Its convenient design allows you to hang it easily at the time of emergency. When not in use you can store it easily by collapsing to smaller size. Company ensures its quality by offering 100% satisfaction guarantee to its customers.


2. Ivation Hand crank LED Camping Lantern


This collapsible powerful flashlight is available in yellow and orange colors to choose from. It can be expanded to be used as a LED lantern and hanged anywhere with the help of its handle. It has built-in rechargeable lithium battery which can be recharged through USB cable or hand cranking dynamo when power is not available. It is ideal for hiking and camping due to its rainproof finish and soft rubber buttons. It can be recharged through any of your USB connected device at the time of emergency.


1. Camping Lantern – LED Solar Rechargeable Camp Light


These LED flashlights are available in the pack of 1 or 2 in various color combinations to choose from. The super lightweight construction of this best LED camping lantern can also be used as flashlight after collapsing it. It can be powered through solar system or built-in 800 mAh battery. At the time of emergency, when battery power is not available, you can use its solar charging function or your iPhone or android Smartphone to get backup for light. You can use it ideally for 24 hours continuously at the time of emergency while hiking, fishing or camping. Company supports its quality with 100% satisfaction guarantee.