Top 10 Best line array speakers in 2020 Reviews

You need to compare different line array speakers before you locate the best. The speakers are available at different prices. It is essential to take into consideration different features of the speakers from where you can know whether a given speaker can meet your specific needs. For instance, there are some speakers which are built to produce quality sound while others will require other additional features to produce the quality sound. Common brands of line array speakers will have different power capabilities; you need to check on the power output to make the right decision when buying the speakers.

Top 10 Best line array speakers Reviews in 2019

10. Earthquake Sound DJ-Quake Array Speakers

The speaker comes in an arrangement of 4 by 4 array speakers. Other features included in the speaker set include the speaker stand adapter, cables and the mounting bracket. You can buy the DJ quake sub which is sold separately to achieve an amazing sound output. With the system you can easily create a portable 2.1 sound system.

9. JBL VRX932LAP Two-Way Line Array Loudspeaker

It comes with several features which make it stand out. For instance, its constant curvature waveguide makes it achieve unprecedented array of coherence sound. You can apply the array configuration selector to achieve an array shading mode. Use of JBL exclusive neodymium makes it achieve great sound production. Drive woofer can achieve high power capacity as well as light weight for easy transportation.

Other features which make the speaker stand out include the dual pole socket which makes it achieve great flexibly. Integral rigging hardware allows you to achieve a simple process when connecting the system. Built in JBL drive pack makes it achieve an amplified module which is designed to achieve up to 1750 watts at peak power.

8. Seismic Audio Four Passive Line Array Speakers

The speaker comes with dual compression drivers. The PA/DJ sound makes it a great addition to your home. With four premium passive line array speakers you will always realize the best sound. With sound reinforcement you are assured the best ever production. The speakers come in a sleek design to make you appreciate the whole set up.

7. TOA HX-5 – 600 Watt Dispersion Line Array Loudspeaker

The speaker is ideal for houses of worship, auditions and gymnasiums. Angles can be adjusted to suit your specific needs. Angles of coverage can be changed in a
matter of seconds. Distortion free coverage is achieved easily due to the great design.

The speakers line array are compact to assure you great convenience when travelling with the sound system. High power handling allows you to achieve outstanding live performance.

6. Sound Town Series Line Array Speaker

The system has a 15 inch line array speaker. Other features include four compact 8 inch line array speakers and subwoofers. It delivers solid and low frequency
reinforcement sound. The speaker is lightweight hence can be easily moved to different locations. The mounting frame makes it easy to install the speaker.
You can easily move it to different locations. Accurate and immersive sound is always realized upon setting up the speakers.

5. RCF HDL6-A 1400W 2-Way Line Array Module

It can produce up to 131 Db Max Spl sound. Symmetrical design makes it among the best systems you can have. Low frequency response ensures you always realize the best sound production. It uses 1.7 inch voice coil neodymium compressor driver which assures you the best sound production ever. It is a module with all features you need for a great music concert.

4. PRORECK Club 12-Inch 3000 Watt DJ Speaker System

The combo set comes with a Bluetooth, SD card reader, USB port and remote control feature. The all in one Bluetooth speaker can assure you great performance. The combo comes with all the features you need to achieve the best sound performance. Other great features which make it stand out include its wireless connection. The wireless connection is made possible due to its Bluetooth compatibility. No need to struggle with cables when setting it up, it can utilize the wireless connection.

It is compatible with different connections. If you are looking for a speaker which can support a wide range of usage, then the Bluetooth speaker can be the best idea. It produces deep and thrilling stereo sound. The two rock solid subwoofers are made out of MDF material which reduces resonance to allow you achieve distortion free and accurate response.

3. MUSYSIC Professional Line Array Speaker System

The line array loud speaker system comes with 10 inch bass subwoofer and top two woofers of 6 inch each. With input and output connectors, you can easily set up the system ready for great performance. The unit is designed to allow you enjoy easy transportation and set up. There are different features incorporated in the speaker system which makes it stand out.

2. Sound Town ZETHUS Series Line Array System

It comes with all features and accessories you need to easily set it up. You will access features such as a subwoofer, mounting pole, audio cable among other items you need to start your music session. The versatile speaker can be applied in different gigs such as concert venues, pubs, live stage events and parties. It is a lightweight and compact speaker which performs very well. Sound produced is superior and of high quality. Rich and solid low frequency sound is produced at high reinforcement.

1. 2x JBL VRX932LAP 1750W Powered Line-Array Speaker

It is among the best line array speakers you can access in the market. The speaker comes with features such as an inbuilt JBL drive pack, amplifier, and DSP base resident input. System optimization and Equalizing functionally makes the speaker system stand out. Exclusive neodymium magned differential drive from JBL makes the speaker stand out. It assures you high capacity and lightweight functionality. Constant curvature waveguide assure you unprecedented array coherence.

The above are among the best line array speakers you can buy. The speakers come with different features which make them stand out. You can choose one of them and your music performance will be taken to another level. They come with different features which you can utilize to achieve the best sound performance ever.

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