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Top 10 Best Mirrorless Cameras in 2019 Review

What are mirrorless cameras? Cameras are the backbone of memory recording and storage. Over the years, evolution has seen cameras become smaller, more portable, and clearer. This has given rise to cameras without the mirror mechanism aiding in huge reductions in the weight and simplicity of the camera. Since everyone has their unique preference when choosing a camera to work with, here are the top 10 mirrorless cameras available this:

10. the Olympus pen-f

With an amazingly beautiful design, this camera hosts great features. It has a state of the art electronic viewfinder and controls.it boasts in a five-axis image stabilization system. This feature makes it nearly impossible to get camera shakes. The camera has a Wi-Fi connectivity boot feature to make the experience all that much better. This piece is however very expensive and may not be worth its price. Though beautifully crafted, the small control buttons may be a challenge to some. You can find it on Amazon via this link:


9. Sony Alpha A6500

Sony has definitely made its name in the multimedia industry and this camera shows just why. With a 24.2 MP resolution and 3-inch monitor, this camera can shot at an amazing 11fps. Capable of shooting 4k movies, this camera is perfect for any picture and video enthusiast. Perhaps its greatest features are its autofocusing system and electronic viewfinder. Wi-Fi connectivity and NFC features allow easy sharing of recorded videos and pictures. The only downsides evident is its lack of a headphone port making it difficult to record properly. You can find it on Amazon via this link


8. Panasonic Lumix GH5

Panasonic has yet again made an amazing piece on its GH series. The Panasonic GH5 has 20.3mp lenses and a 3.2-inch monitor. Capable of recording 4k resolution videos and shoot up to 12 fps. It is argued to be one of the best 4k camera solutions available in the market. It is perfect for video shooting with brilliant video specifications and an equally great viewfinder. The camera, however, loses points on its ISO range and overall image quality compared to its peers. You can find it on Amazon via this link:


7. Panasonic Lumix G80 / G85

Though not as great as its rivals in the industry, this piece earns its place on this list in regard to its performance capabilities. A 16mp resolution and 3-inch monitor may not be much to brag about. The camera can, however, record in 4k resolution and shoot up to 9 fps. As a benefit of its performance, the camera records great 4K videos and excellent viewfinder and touchscreen. It is a perfect camera for a beginner. Its limiting factors include the low resolution capped at 16 MP and a poor user interface. You can find the camera on Amazon via the following link:


6. Fujifilm X-T20

This camera is a delight in this class. With an amazing 24.3 MP, resolution and 3-inch touchscreen display, this piece can shooter excellent 4k video resolutions. Perhaps it is much-appreciated feature is its sleek modern design and affordable price. This is an excellent piece for most photographers and perfect for a beginner. Though great, this piece faces challenges in the touchscreen front and EVF magnification fronts. You can find it on Amazon via the following link:


5. Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III

A new entry of the Olympus brand has made its way onto our list based on its affordability and excellent features and capabilities. With a 16.1 MP resolution and a 3-inch display, this camera can make 8.6 fps and make amazing 4k resolution videos. Olympus has perfected the camera in size is compact enough to pack for travel. The same goes for its lenses to assure a lightweight product. On the downsides, the camera has a smaller sensor than its competitors and poor focus tacking. Apart from these few drawbacks, the camera is perfect for a beginner. Link on Amazon:


4. Panasonic Lumix G9

With a resolution of 20.3 MP and 3-inch screen, the well-designed Panasonic Lumix G9 is a perfect camera for intermediate photographers. The camera has an awesome 60fps burst shooting capability and 4k resolution video recording. Compared to its peers, the camera performs well in both image quality and performance. It, however, suffers some drawbacks in ISO range and interface. For example, the battery level is not presented as a percentage making it difficult to determine exact levels. Link to Amazon:


3. Sony Alpha A9

The 24.2 MP Sony Alpha A9 is a great camera for photographers on any level of experience. Equipped with a wide range of expert features, this camera can make 20fps and record 4k videos. With a highly effective AF system, this camera has blistering performance. Ranked on the same level as powerful Nikon and Canon cameras, this is a must-have for an expert photographer. Link on Amazon:


2. Fujifilm X-T2

The Fujifilm X-T2 is an expert level camera equipped with 24.3 MP and 3-inch tilt angle display. The camera can make 8 fps and record high-quality 4k movie videos. Compared to similar products, this piece has a powerful autofocus feature and better tracking capabilities. Equipped with an abundance of controls and handling, the potential is virtually limitless. The piece, however, disappoints in its lack of touchscreen capabilities present on other similar cameras. The camera also lacks in creativity as no unique features are installed. Link on Amazon:


1. Sony Alpha A7R III

Ranked as the best in our list, the Sony Alpha A7R III makes the brand name proud. Equipped with a whopping 42.2 megapixels, this piece can make super high definition images. The camera can make a 10 fps in burst shooting. Being the peak product in camera pieces in the category, you do not have to sacrifice performance or resolution to maximize on capabilities. You can get the best of both. The high performance however taxes a lot in battery life. The touchscreen control can also be improved. Other than these two negatives, the camera is an expert level piece perfect for all scenarios possible. The camera may also pose a challenge in price but is definitely worth it. Amazon link :



Mirorless cameras are amazing but the choice of what is the best fit for you depends on your preferences. If you wish to buy one, take a pick from one of the above great pieces.

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