Top 10 Best Money Belt for Travel in 2019 Reviews

Whether you are a regular traveler or are going for your first ever long trip, a money belt needs to be your travel companion. Imagine you losing your credit card or passport in a foreign land where perhaps no one will bother if you are robbed. You certainly would not want to end up landing in such a situation, and this is why you need to invest in a traveler money belt. Of course, you have endless choices, but if you want to get only the best then the below-given list of top 10 best money belt for travel will certainly prove to be of great help.

10. Money Belt for Travel with Passport and Credit Card Protector


Pickpockets, electronic thieves, and con artists are present everywhere and if you do not have RFID protection it is very difficult to stay protected from someone trying to steal your passport or credit card data. Unless you want to lose such important data while traveling, you should instead invest in this 6 card protector money belt. The RFID blocking sleeves in this belt guarantee complete protection, and the amazingly designed pattern make them look very attractive.


9. Travelon Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bag


This bag fits up against your body perfectly and looks very attractive. The cut-proof shoulder strap is just right and can be attached to any chair or post for additional convenience and safety. It also has RFID blocking card slots and a removable LED light. Made of soft fabric and amazing silhouettes, it is also greatly fashionable and functional. If you want to enjoy peace-of-mind, organization, security, safety and protection, then this Travelon pouch is ideal for you.


8. Top Fit Running Belt for Hiking or Trail Running


This running belt by SNHNY has perfect sized pockets, and you can easily keep your phone, passport, and identification in it. Even if you have to walk for long or run, you will hardly feel that you are wearing an extra belt. This can prove to be a perfect travel belt and at the same time is in ideal option for adventure sports lover. The belt is made of high-quality fabric and you can keep your money, cards, and other essentials in it without worrying about it getting wet.


7. Bago Money Belt RFID Safe Travel Wallet and Passport Holder


This product has been designed for women and men alike who want to keep their cards, cash, and other valuables in a secure way while traveling. You can wear it as a belt or can even keep it in your daily bags without having to worry about their safety. Bago money belt will also keep you safe from pickpocketers and the RFID blocker technology will keep your credit card details from getting electronically scanned. It is made from durable and high-quality materials and can withstand wear and tear for a long, long time.


6. Money Belt with RFID Block by Peak


Peak brand itself is known for offering the best quality products, and this belt ensures complete safety, or else Peak is ready to pay you back. The belt is made of 210D durable water resistant nylon material. The straps are very comfortable and even if you wear it for long hours, it will stay calm against your skin. The zippers and buckles used are of high quality and will never accidently release. Overall, this is a high-quality money belt, a perfect choice for every traveler.


5. Zero Grid Money Belt with RFID Blocking Concealed Travel Wallet and Passport Holder


Zero Grid offers only highly durable products, never compromising on quality. It constantly tries to improve its product range and every product is tested before it is ready to reach the customers. Its built-in radio frequency shielding material helps identify electronic pickpocketing and theft. So, you can be sure your passport information and credit cards will remain safe and protected. The passport wallet has enough space for credit cards, passports, cash, boarding pass, smartphone, and some accessories.


4. Tarriss RFID Blocking Money Belt – Waist Stash – Passport Holder


Now you can enjoy peace of mind, and not worry about your passports and credit card details being stolen all thanks to the Tarriss money belt. The bag is comfortable and adjustable, and easily stores passports, documents, money, and credit cards. It has a breathable, soft, and cool microfiber backing that makes it comfortable for your skin even if you wear it for long hours. Just remember that the RFID shielding material is on the bag’s front side, and you should wear it on your body, beneath or above your clothes, to enjoy maximum protection.


3. Buzzlock Money Belts for Travel and Passport Holder


This is a comfortable, slim pocket, that you can easily wear under your clothes. It has space enough to store credit card, some emergency cash, a passport, and a copy of important travel information, like emergency contact details. Since it is creates using the RFID technology your money belt, together with keeping you safe from physical theft, will also keep you protected from electronic stealing of your credit card and ID details.


2. Minowl Travel Money Belt


Minowl believes in offering only the best and constantly tries to improve its product line to ensure absolute customer satisfaction. Each of the items offered by the brand is properly tested so that you get only the best. The bags are made of durable rip-stop nylon material and no-snag zippers ensuring smooth zipping. You can wear the bag around your waist or around your neck, underneath your clothes, or over it.


1. Genda 2Archer Vintage Small Canvas fanny Pack


This small canvas fanny pack is designed of high-quality material, is durable, and a perfect pick if you plan to go traveling. You can put your wallet, glasses, small power bank, keys, coins and cell phone in the bag. The strap is easy to wear, comfy and can be adjusted. It has a total of 4 pockets, 1 magnetic pocket, 1 main zipper pocket, 1 small inner pocket, and 1 inner zipper pocket. Not only does the bag help you carry your essentials, but is also very stylish and trendy.


Each of these money belts is perfect for traveling, will keep your documents safe, and protect you from identity theft. Now which one you select amongst these is entirely a matter of choice.

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