Top 10 Best Olive Oil in 2020 Reviews

Olive oil has been known for its healing and nutritional power. Its continuous use help fight breast cancer and its recurrence. It has been found helpful in reducing the risks of type 2 diabetes, prevents strokes and keeps the heart young. Few of its other benefits include fighting the osteoporosis, protects from depression and reducing the risk of skin cancer. It is one of the essential ingredients of Mediterranean style diet that has been confirmed to protect us from metabolic syndrome that is connected to the obesity epidemic of our time. A review of top 10 Best Olive Oil brands is presented below.

10. Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 34 Oz


Colavita is a trusted brand since 1912. The oil is extracted by cold pressing the high quality olives harvested in the finest groves of Italy, Greece, Spain, and Portugal. Colavita brand has won two “Best Everyday Cooking Oil” awards in Men’s Health magazine’s Annual Nutrition Awards. This is perfect oil for everyday use with its delicious flavor with perfect balanced fruity and spicy notes. Good for use in baking, dressing and marinades. It cost $ 17.57.


9. Pompeian Imported Virgin Olive Oil 16 Oz


Pompeian Oil is a product of its kind as it is not made from olives of any one particular location. This oil is extracted from high quality olives imported from Spain, Italy, Tunisia, Greece and Argentina. It is low in acidity, feels great in taste and is fit for use in massage, salad dressings, cooking and for hair as well. Its robust flavor make it unique in the brands of Extra Virgin oils. Enjoys good ratings at Amazon and is available at US $ 4.47.


8. PJ Kabos 16.9 Fl. Oz Greek Extra Virgin Oil – 2016 Gold Medal Winner


PJ Kabos Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from the ancient Olympiad territory and has won the 2016 Gold Award at Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil competition. It has extremely low acid level of 0.17%. PJ Kabos claims to regularly conduct chemical and testing tests in order to be 100% sure about the product that they are providing to the customers. They offer discounts for old products that have lost their aroma intensity/complexity. PJ Kabos olive oil is perfect for all daily cooking needs at home including cooking and salad dressing. With 5-Star Amazon ratings, price tag of this oil is US $ 17.99.


7. Partanna Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 34-Ounce


Partanna is product of Sicily and belongs to Asaro family. Partanna has been producing Extra Virgin Olive Oil since 1916. This product has won two Gold Medals and 1 Best of Class at L.A County Fair Monovarietal olive oil. It is very low i acidity oil with a rich flavor profile due to NocellaradelBelice olives. It taste of artichokes, almonds and with a peppery finish. This is a multipurpose oil suitable for use in finishing, dipping and cooking. It is produced only once a year in mid-October and is packed and sold undecanted, therefore, appears more greener, herbaceous and pizzacante in flavor. It cost is US $ 20.23.


6. Bertolli Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Bertolli Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a product of Italy. Bretolli oil claims that with its robust and fruity flavor, it exceeds Italy’s robust and rigorous standards for full bodied taste and low acidity. This is an all -purpose cooking oil used for salad dressing, grilling, roasting, pasta sauces, marinades and bread dipping. Like all extra virgin oils, it is produced by cold pressing, that is through extraction by natural pressure with no chemicals or heating effects. It is vailable at US $ 18.25 with 5-Stars Amazon ratings.


5. Papa Vince Family Made 100% 2016 Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil, First Cold Pressed, Single Sources Sicily, Italy, Unfiltered, Unrefined, Robust, Fresh and Rich in Antioxidant Large 19.9 Fl. Oz


Papa Vince presents Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from freshly harvested olives in 2016. This product is 100% non-blended cold pressed extra virgin oil olive with the taste of fresh olives with hints of tomato, Artichoke and Pepper. To preserve its nutrients and flavors that makes is delicious and healthy, it is available in raw, unrefined and unfiltered form. What separates this Extra Virgin Olive Oil from other is that has been hand-picked and pressed by family members since 1935. Also, it comes with 4 year Shelf-Life and full of antioxidants. With 5-Star Amazon ratings, this product is available at US $ 35.00.


4. Kirkland Signature Extra Virgin Oil, 2 Liters (Product of Italy)


Kirkland Signature Extra Virgin Oil is the first cold presses oil produced by Italian grown olives. It is said that this was the one of five oils that has passed all the seven tests for extra virgin’. Note that some did not even pass three. These tests were conducted by UC Davis, California in 2010. It is great in taste and used for massage as well. It comes in packing of 2 liters bottle. With solid Amazon ratings, this product is available at US $ 21.02.


3. Zoe Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 33.8 Fl Oz


This brand of olive oil has won the Best Choice Award by the NY Times and is favored E.V.O.O. “A basic definition of EVOO: First cold produced from select olives, Rachael Ray’s EVOO is the natural juice squeezed from olives a day after the harvest. No heat or chemicals are used in extracting Extra Virgin Olive Oil. “Extra” is the highest grade for the best, unrefined and unprocessed oil of the fruit.” No heat or chemicals are used in extracting the extra virgin oil. It comes from the home of Olives, Castilla-La, Spain. It has sensuous balance of delicate fruit and delicious butter with slight hints of pepper in it. It is available at amazingly low price of US $ 9.72 per pack.


2. California Olive Ranch Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 16.9 oz


California Olive Ranch produces first cold pressed, fresh and juicy extra virgin oil from California grown olives. It has Gold Medal series that have won awards for its good quality, delicious taste and low acid percentage. It is one out of five brands that have passed all seven tests conducted by UC Davis study in 2010 for EVOO. With strong Amazon ratings of 4.5 stars, the product is available at US $ 16.15.


1. La Tourangelle 100% Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – For Olive Oil Lover – Cold pressed, Non-GMO – 25.4 Fl. Oz.


This brand of olive oil comes from Spain and is extracted from the olives harvested in a single family owned estate in Andalucía, Spain. It is well-balanced and fruity with mixture of fresh cut grass and light peppery finish. It is extracted from high quality and freshly picked olives. It is not mixed with other product and comes with organic picual that contains high levels of polyphenols (organic compound known to have antioxidant effects). It also comes in tin can packs designed to keep the freshness of the oil by avoiding oxidation. You can include this super food in diet list for US $ 12.09 only.


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