Top 10 Most Popular Soccer Players in the World

Cristian Ronaldo (Portugal, Real Madrid)

I think it would be a little easier, if we were to find out 50 best soccer players in the world. That would almost fulfill our quest for learning about all those current top talents from Europe’s elite clubs. And of course, sorry again for the certain probability of missing your own choice ‘best!’ soccer players here (who knows! may satisfy too, at least I’ve considerable causes behind picking and also not picking specific names from a bunch of very good footballers with very close competition in achievements and performance statistics). Let’s to find out The Top 10 Most Popular Soccer Players in the World 2016

10. Cristian Ronaldo (Portugal, Real Madrid)

Cristian Ronaldo (Portugal, Real Madrid)

It might be a bit easy to put Ronaldo on this list, even at top. He was all the way fine, but someone else played much better, probably that is why we can keep him at second position right now. He has been a three times Balon d’Or (last one in 2015) winner. What parameters else can be found other than ending at Ronaldo. He is the highest paid soccer player in the world, best looking footballer, highest earning athlete and now the second best soccer player in the world 2016. Ronaldo never made the impact on the World Cup that you could have hoped for. Indeed, the Champions League 2014 final didn’t get the total CR&. His fourth goal was a mere nail into the Atletico coffin in Lisbon. Thereafter, Real Madrid couldn’t earn anything positive in the year 2015, but I think there is no one to argue, he has been one of the driving forces in world football throughout the year.

Ronaldo has scored a frankly ridiculous 61 goals in 59 appearances and rather than declining. Surprisingly at the age of 30, he appears to still be getting better. Hope, you know the rest of the story this year happening. Who knows where this mighty best soccer player can end his footballing journey. His worldwide fan base confirms his ability and performance consistency, eventually which determines him as the best soccer player in the world 2016

9. Lionel Messi (Argentina, Barcelona)

Lionel Messi (Argentina, Barcelona)

I know, all you have already guessed the top place for this list of top 10 best soccer players in the world 2016. Yes, of course he is Lionel Messi, the incredible five times Ballon d’Or winner of World football. But believe me, it’s never been some awards only, I have taken Lionel Messi at the top considering the overall performance of last year, winning five major cups with the club including La Liga and UEFA Champions League 2015. There were plenty of achievements for Messi over the past 12 months to receive Ballon d’Or award 2015 (awarded in January 11, 2016). And while there remains a suspicion that he is not quite at his physical peak, he remains a truly outstanding player.

 8. Zlatan Ibrahimović (Sweden, PSG)

Zlatan Ibrahimović (Sweden, PSG)

The future world football fans are definitely going to ask about this one amazing footballer. Their eyes wide with astonishment will surely look for this one’s performance in YouTube or other sources. Yes, social media will reflect Zlatan Ibrahimović’s clip reel of gob smacking goals. But the most surprising fact is – age appears not to be withering him at all.

Let’s just forget the last world cup from his career and consider the moodiest player in world soccer of his generation. The best soccer player of Sweden is completely unplayable on his game. You can only witness his stunning soccer performance through the fields. Another notable achievement, Ibra has won league titles in Holland, Italy, Spain and France with six different clubs. And we hope, the soccer world is yet to watch this great charming footballer at different heights in upcoming years after 2016. The player is often considered as most handsome soccer player in the world.

7. Philipp Lahm (Germany, Bayern Munich)

Philipp Lahm (Germany, Bayern Munich)

Philipp Lahm has been the most complete full-back in the world for a long enough time. But the 2014 FIFA world cup has seen and confirmed him as one of the best soccer players in the world. His switch to dictating deep-lying midfielder was crucial to Pep Guardiola installing his possession style. Again Joachim Loew could afford to employ a similar proactive style with Germany. And obviously, Lahm achieved the crowning moment of his career by captaining Germany to victory in the 2014 World Cup back in Brazil.

The player once hailed as the world’s greatest right-back managed to seamlessly slot in as Bayern Munich’s trusted midfield. When the Bundesliga champions were rocked by injuries to Bastian Schweinsteiger, Thiago Alcantara and Javi Martinez, Lahm just excelled and compensated. This one great footballer may seem less popular according to the others in this list, but his total accomplishment in recent years assures his proud presence with the top 10 best soccer players in the world 2016.

6. Luis Suárez (Uruguay, Barcelona)

Luis Suárez (Uruguay, Barcelona)

Even after the four months suspension for his infamous incident at the world cup 2014, we can say Luis Suarez has made a slow start at Barcelona. This one statement says much about how good Suárez was the rest of the year, which easily provokes us placing his name at number six in this list of best soccer players. Suárez’s impact on Liverpool’s electrifying Premier League title challenge came from not just his goals, but his infectious drive and intensity on the field. One of the very few players in the world capable of deciding a game single-handedly. The Uruguay best soccer player also had a decisive impact for his national team at the World Cup.

His individual brilliance assures his name with the extraordinary footballers list, even without any Ballon d’Or achievement. The great player was reported to attempt eight dribbles per game in 2012/2013 season. Now he’s less selfish, contributing 25 goals and 21 assists in his first season with the Catalans. But definitely the footballer need to attain a lot more to keep his position safe with the Catalans.

5. Thomas Müller (Germany, Bayern Munich)

Thomas Müller (Germany, Bayern Munich)

In case of Thomas Muller, there is probably nothing single pure technical ability. As he is found most successful with his outstanding footballing intelligence and movement. He is a genuine nightmare to defend and easily found pop up in the right place at the right time. His five goals in Brazil mean the 26-year-old already has 10 World Cup goals in his career.

The name Thomas Muller was also suggested for the best soccer player from the FIFA World Cup. We all can assume, how precious the world title is!! And having intense impact on that is surely lifetime achievement. The magnificent footballer is undoubtedly favorite to as much people as Messi or Ronaldo in soccer world. He stands at number 5 in this top 10 list of bet soccer players in the world. He is truly a special footballer to his team, national or club.

4. Arjen Robben (Netherlands, Bayern Munich)

Arjen Robben (Netherlands, Bayern Munich)

The year 2013 was probably best suited for the great Dutchman, especially the winner in the Champions League final. Robben managed to stay off the treatment table with stellar performances for club and country featuring goals and assists. He’s one of few players in the world with PlayStation pace and dribbling ability. There is a common saying about him, he’s now 30, looks 40 and plays like 20, and most definitely he is at his career best.

Fans thought, Robben’s individualistic style would see him cast aside by Pep Guardiola. But, he has been an essential player capable of providing the cutting edge to accompany Bayern Munich’s endless possession sometimes. The number 4th best soccer player in the world was exceptional and pivotal in helping the Netherlands to a third place finish at the World Cup 2014, Brazil. He is one of the highest paid footballers in German Bundesliga 2016.

3. Manuel Neuer (Germany, Bayern Munich)

Manuel Neuer (Germany, Bayern Munich)

If it was tough to answer, who is the best soccer player in the world? We find much easier to answer another similar question. Who is the best goalkeeper in the world? Considering the time right now, it is easily decidable that Manuel Neuer stands top of the table. He has been at least closer than any other keeper in 2014, even in 2015. He didn’t just help Germany win the World Cup and Bayern the domestic double, his daring antics as last line for club and country he helped redefine the entire concept of modern goalkeeping in soccer world.

His crucial defensive interventions outside his own area and skillful anticipation prompt his national team coach Joachim Low to describe him as the ‘perfect player’.

The world’s best goalkeeper had revolutionized his position as well as transcending it. The award would be more than just consideration of Ballon d’Or. But surely all this complete achievements let us to keep his name at least at number three as best soccer player in the world.

02. Angel di Maria (Argentina, Paris Saint-Germain)

Angel di Maria (Argentina, Paris Saint-Germain)

Probably it’s time to say, Angel di Maria has got a flying start to his PSG career. Again he got the descent most end to his Manchester United and Real Madrid career (man of the match in the Champions League final 2014). Even the world cup 2014 was a good count for one of the best soccer players in Argentina this generation. Though the genuine technical man was not good enough for the Bernadeau marketing and already felt the essence of leaving Old Trafford. Hopefully PSG will make it a delight journey. Most definitely he is one of the best midfielders of his generation, who can provide plenty of goals and assists at tremendous good rate.

The Argentine superstar is a genuine pick for our list of top 10 best soccer players in the world 2016. He may have been lacking marketing evaluation, but his last year’s achievements assure his proud remark in this best soccer players’ consideration. Let’s look forward, what happens to this great player’s career with the Paris giant club. He brought new transfer records for English Premier League that season and now transferred to PSG with a little less adjustments. Though he was being considered as one of the highest paid Premier League players.

1. Andres Iniesta (Spain, Barcelona)

Andres Iniesta (Spain, Barcelona)

People often believes, Andres Iniesta’s understanding with club-mate Xavi Hernandez borders on the telepathic sometimes. The surprising eye of the needle passing the pair produce can pierce holes in the most stubborn of rearguards. The modest and never creating problems for the coaches-man is the 9th consideration best soccer players 2016. His most remarkable is the winner goal against Netherlands in the 2010 World Cup final.

Probably, so far he has been able to provide the most consistent presence in central midfield. Alongside Spain National team, the 31-year-old is continuing to be a star for the Catalans in 2016. Of course, he had to suffer with the rest of his teammates, as from any perspectives, 2014 was not the year for Barcelona or Spain. But he had utilized his opportunity while winning the five major cup wins (including Champions League 2015) for Barcelona. Still, no player combines his dribbling skills with ability to split open a defense, makes him a true cast for the top 10 best soccer players in the world 2016.

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