Top 10 Best Portable Air Conditioners without Hose in 2020 Reviews

Top 10 Best Portable Air Conditioners without Hose

I this article I’ll run through the best non hose air conditioner units available this year. Starting from the least I will rate, function, durability, design pluses and customer ratings. Most of these AC units are freely available from and are fully guaranteed, providing full air cooling services and temperature control, some with heating functions.

Electronics progress fast, so it will be interesting to see the manufacturing latest offering and improvements. Let’s jump right in.

10. Honeywell 176 Air Cooker

The Honeywell 176 CFM Air Cooler, technically not a condition unit because it uses evaporation to cool the surrounding air, however the price and performance is good, so the Honeywell Evaporative Unit had to be included here.

Retailing at $139 this unit works best in moderate humidity and to function needs to be left near an open door or window. In this sense it is an assisted cooling device which will make your space more comfortable in hot weather conditions.

This unit come with a remote control, has super low power consumption and simple needs a little water to function. Honeywell evaporation device and fan has a cross ventilation of up to 35 feet. Works best in a dry climate.

Reviews about this product are generally, quite favorable and for hot weather most people use it with ice instead of water. This has a further cooling effect similar to AC, but the unit will not work to that extreme level.

If your happy with a few degrees of reduction for comfort and relief, this budget and very efficient device might be just what you’re looking for.

buy-from-amazon9. Amana AMAP081AW Air Conditioner with Remote

The first thing you notice about this portable AC unit is that it has wheels for easy mobility, excellent in you elderly or aren’t able to lift heavy objects.

This modern designed fully functional air conditioner is designed to keep you dry and cool on a hot day. This unit has 2 speed settings, 7000 BTU and has the ability to bring the temperature down by as much as 50% Fully compliant with the new 2017 Energy regulations. This unit weight about 40
pounds and looks sturdy and works great, all the function you want from a modern AC unit.

This unit has been very popular, it works well and what customers like about it, is the quietness of the fan unit. RRP is $290, for an air conditioner that is an average price. With an above average performance, with unit is a solid choice.

buy-from-amazon8. Black and Decker BPACT

This unit also has a remote control and a handy timer setting for auto turn off. This is a bucket less unit designed to combined cooling with dhimmification of the surrounding area.

The modern design has LED controls and easy slide out filter rinse for cleaning and servicing. This unit comes in a few BTU powers 10,000 BTU, 12,000 BTU and 14,000 BTU select for your budget and pricing needs.

Again, this unit is wheel mounted and easy provides comfort and quiet operation for your needs allowing you to work and sleep in comfort for optimum summer pleasantness.

The first thing to strike you about this unit is how modern it looks. The blue LED display looks great and the design and styling of the unit communicates modern product, so a lot of work has gone in to make this unit what it is. The medium 12,000 BTU unit is easily enough for hot days and it definitely makes a different to the room temperature and surroundings. A strong performing, no nonsense AC unit RRP $357. Frigidaire


7. FRA0511R1 Window mounted Compact Air Conditioning unit

This unit is compact and offers 5000 BTU air conditioning power. The idea is that this unit is wall mounted to gain a source of fresh air and a place to release heated processed air. This unit pumps in cooled air and your environment is more manageable and cooler.

This unit is fast acting, design for quick room cooling and can condition 1.1 pints of air per hour. This doesn’t sound like much but it has a cumulative effect which noticeably cools the area down.

Frigidaire’s unit is noticeable compact and energy efficient operating from a standard 115v outlet. This has a great price at $99 dollars and will offer you certain comfort throughout the summer months.


6. Whynter 14,000 BTU Air Conditioner

This is another wheel floor unit, but the first thing that strikes you is the 2 tone black and silver modern design. This certainly is a premium model, with excellent air conditioning power performance.

The Whynter AC unit features 3 operational modes and has a powerful range of up to 300 square feet. It has a fully programmable LED display and with 14,000 BTU performance it is sure to reduce temperatures for a more sensible and calm summers day.

This model also features a dehumidifying function and 3 fan speeds. Power consumption is 1250w, usable from a 125v standard outlet. This unit is for cooling only and does not have a warmth function included.

Customer reviews show that this unit is effective and enjoyed by the over whelming majority of customer who have purchased one. It also looks great, which is a nice plus point. RRP $489


5. LG LW8016ER 8,000 BTU 115v window mounted Air Conditioner unit

EER energy star rated AC unit offers god performance and high cooling performance for such a small unit. With an operational area of up to 250 sqr ft, this mini wall mounted unit pack quite a punch. The LG unit has a capacity to cool 2.2 pints of air per hour which is very good AC performance.

With 3 fan speeds and flexible cooling settings, this is a great compact aircon device. Install kit is included and this is recommended. RRP $199

buy-from-amazon4. Costway 10,000 BTU Portable Aircon unit

This is a nice modernized unit with full LED and remote control operation. Floor based with wheels for easy relocation. The Costway AC has a temperature adjustment slide, auto water evaporation feature, with water full indicator and a range of sleep functions.

This unit looks compact and light, which is unique and compact for a floor unit with a reasonable amount of cooling power. This is an effective compact AC unit for all your cooling needs. RRP $259


3. Frigidaire FFRE0533S1 5,000 BTU Window mounted air conditioner unit

This unit is available with remote and fixing kit. It is a compact unit with a reasonable amount if cooling power and function. This unit can cool 1.1 pints of air per hour and has an effective cooling range of 150 sqr feet.

This unit is also very competitively priced and features an energy star rating. The unit weight is 42 pounds and comes with a range of preset controls. This model has fully functional temperature control and with 4 way air induction to optimum air condition and resulted cooling. A strong performer at a good price. RRP $189


2. Koldfront WAC10002WCO 10,000 BTU Window air condition unit

With 3 separate speeds the Koldfront AC unit also features sleep timer modes and intense cool for a wall mounted compact unit. With a 10,000 BTU cooling power this unit will keep you cool and seamless condition the surrounding air for comfort and durability.

This unit is also star energy certificated and has auto off repeater function to extend the life and operational function of the unit.

Multicontrol fan speed and LED digital display for modern feedback, this unit ticks all the boxes and will do a steller job of cooling your local room and or office. RRP $259


1. Home me 5000 BTU Windows Mounted Air Conditioner Unit

I had to pick this unit for the simple reason is it is good and has a great price of just $124. The hOme unit is quiet and has 3 speed settings and timer cooling settings. The filter is changeable and for a 5000 BTU unit it cools the air effectively and more importantly, quickly.

This unitis compact and powerful, a great combination at a truly value price. I don’t know how that can be beaten really. So, if you’re after an air conditioner which won’t break the bank but will keep yoj cool and is compact, this is our top choice. RRP $124



Most if not all of these air conditioner units offer excellent cooling performance, so what you have to clearly define is your budget and effect cooling area needed. Energy efficiency is good, but after the $300 purchase mark the quality and performance is almost impossible to tell apart.

Our scale us based on value and performance, happy shopping.

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