Top 10 Best Power Strips In 2020 Reviews

To power different appliances in your home, you need reliable power strips. There are different manufacturers who make the devices. You should go into details and check on the features available on the power strips before you decide to buy one. For instance, you should check on the maximum load which can be supported among other factors. When trying to operate on a shoe string budget, then you need to go for a product which is fairly priced but has the necessary features which will assure you safe powering of different appliances. Remember a power strip cable which will subject your electronics to power surge can cause a lot of loses. Always ensure you buy the right product. Here are some of the top power strips you can access in the market: Top 10 Best Power Strips In review

10. AmazonBasics Power Strip

The power strip cable comes with a surge protector. Your expensive electronics will be protected upon buying the device. It comes with several other features which make it stand out. It is perfectly made to protect small appliance such as phones while charging them. The 2 foot
long power cord allows you to place it in different locations in your room. The power protection technology used ensures all your appliances are protected. It is a cable you need to buy and avoid cases where your electronics will keep on blowing up due to power surges.

9. Belkin 12-Outlet Power Strip with Surge Protector

It is an 8 foot cord cable for home use. 13 plugs allow you to power up to 12 appliances in your home. Electrical rating conforms to many home users. Sliding outlet safety cover and cord management makes it highly effective in protecting your appliances. It is a ideal device you can buy to protect heavy duty devices in your home. It can power devices which consume more than 3,940-joule energy rating. The phone line protection allows you to power your phones without fear of any damage.

8. Cable Matters 6-Outlet Power Strip

It is an 8 foot cord with dual USB charring port. You do not have to worry about charging your USB powered devices. The unit is made to meet all your appliances charging needs. With six outlet power strip, you can power up to six appliances in your home at ago. Other great features which make the unit stand out include the surge protector strip and dual USB 2.1A charging system. The surge protection system is highly reliable. It can protect up to 30 joules. If the devices have been blowing up due to excess power supply, you can mitigate the problem after buying the power strip. It is built to be highly sturdy and durable.

7. GE 14833 Grounded Power Strip

You have a six grounded outlets to power different devices in your home. Two foot power cord allows you to place the home appliances in different locations while in your home. The on/off switch comes with an integrated switch breaker which enhances the safety of your home appliances. There is a keyhole for convenient wall mounting. The device has been tested to meet all electrical safety standards. You will have a reliable unit which can help you stay safe while at home.

6. KMC 6-Outlet Power Strip

The 2 packs and 900 joule power strip has great features which make it stand out. It comes with an overload protection which ensures all your appliances are protected. Cases where appliances will be spoilt due to power surge will be no more upon buying the cable. Lighted
power switch design and circuit breaker are among the features which make the unit highly durable. Your appliances will be protected from overheating, power surge, and overcharging and even overload issues when charging.

5. Power Strip JACKYLED Surge Protector

It is an electric charging station which comes with 3000W and 10 outlet plugs. It does not matter the items you would like to power in your home. The 10 outlets allow you to power all laptops and other home appliances. It can support high wattage output and offer the necessary regulation to protect your appliances. Convenient USB port allows charging of USB powered devices. Safety and reliability are enhanced
in the design of the power strip making it the right choice for your home. The power strip comes in four different designs which allow you to choose the most appropriate for your home.

4. HOLSEM Surge Protector

It comes with several features such as the 3 smart USB charging ports. The ports allow you to charge devices which use USB ports conveniently. The 6 feet heavy duty extension allows you to power different appliances while at home. Overload protection and keyhole mounting are among the features which make the device realize its value for money. In case there is an overload, you can easily protect the devices in your home. The power strip is cheap when compared to the losses it can avoid you due to the surge protection.

3. GoGreen Power Power Strip

The go green power strip has great design which makes it stand out. With 2.5 inch heavy duty cord you can power different appliances in your home. Other great features include the 15 Amp Breakers. The power strip has a simple design but it is highly reliable in protecting different electronics in your home.

2. MAOZUA Extension Power Strip

The tower 8 outlet comes with 4 USB ports. The surge protected extension offers you the necessary protection you need while powering your appliances. Multifunction design and overload protection assures you the protection you need when powering different appliances. Independent switch and safety features make it a great addition to your home. The power strip is suitable for both office and home use.

1. BESTEK 6-Outlet power strip

It is a commercial power strip with six foot long power cord. Right angled power plug can withstand up to 200 joule power. With 6 outlets you are assured of great protection while in your home. Other great features which make the power strip stand out include the slim design as well as safety features. The above power strips are among the best in the market, you will be on the right track if you pick one of them to protect your appliances in home or office.

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