Top 10 Best security camera 360 degrees in 2020 Reviews

Debates, arguments and questions on which 360 camera is the best. Pricing according to Amazon included, with motion sensors, infrared and the image quality all noted. Here’s a list from the worst of the
Top 10 to the best.

10. TMEZON IP 5MP POE Security Camera

This product is manufactured by TMEZON-Security KING, and retails for $99. This TMEZON piece also has motion detectors, an alarm trigger as well as Audio recording. The camera’s Infrared range goes up to 5M, with Infrared Array, and it is able to automatically distinguish between day and night by its automatic IR-Cut. The camera can be controlled remotely by either iOS, Android or Pad, and has triple streaming. It has an SD storage slot, of which the SD card is not included ( a 64G – 128G is recommended for this camera). It uses DC 12V / POE, with a -30 to 55 Degree Celsius operation temperature ability. It’s made from aluminum casing, where its dimension is 6 x 5.9 x 3.9 inches and it weighs 1.28 pounds.

This camera features a panoramic view angle-ceiling mount of 360 degrees without a blind area. It supports 12 mode panoramic split views, which gets you a wide angle picture of the the area you’ve installed it. The super high resolution of 5.0 Megapixels makes images as clear as day, and enables it to capture moving images as it also has high sensitivity. This works hand in hand with the motion sensing, and it sends a notification when the camera senses movements within its view, alerting you of suspicious behavior. It can also work perfectly in places that need high definition when it comes to image display.

9. Blink XT Home Security Camera System.

The Blink XT 5 Camera System is a battery powered camera retailing for $499.99. This is a wire-free camera suitable for both indoors and outdoors, as it is waterproof ensuring clear, high definition quality footage no matter the weather.

The Blink XT has infrared night vision as well as LED illumination for night time vision. It’s motion and temperature sensors make it an even greater security system camera, the Blinks XT system also alerts you of any suspicious activity, sending visual or audio data to your phone. It’s Live view enables you to check what’s going on where you set up the cameras by just looking through the Blink App.

The Blink camera system allows you to personalize your own system by choosing the amount of cameras you need. You’re allowed two hours of clips for free on cloud storage. It requires 10 Lithium Metal batteries required, but you don’t have to worry about that for at least two years, as they are included in the package. The product weighs 1.2 pounds with a dimension of 13.1 x 7.5 x 2.5 inches. It comes with 3x Blink XT Cameras,
a Sync Module and a mounting kit.

8. Meeting Owl Video Conference Camera

A camera manufactured by Owl Labs, that retails for $ 799 for video conferencing. This camera puts together the microphone, camera and speaker in one device. It’s put in the center of the table, while the lens shows the entire room, and picks up everyone within twelve feet with its 8 microphones and 360 lens. Setting up is quick and easy, all you do is plug into power and USB, open up the video conferencing platform to be used and that’s it. The Meeting Owl connects to the WiFi, so anytime it needs to install a new feature it happens automatically.

7. Vuze Plus VR 4K Camera

The Vuze+ 3D 360 VR Camera retails for $1 444,57 , for creators of extraordinary virtual reality experiences. This camera now has market leading optics, with eight Full High Definition custom lenses in pairs to enable them to capture stereoscopic 3D 360 footage. It also has enhanced audio capturing with special audio output, Live preview and broadcast that are compatible with windows 8.1 and above. The Vuze+ has been made to be more durable while being compact and lightweight. This higher durability and water resistance makes it perfect for the outdoors. The camera also comes with the 1 Lithium ion battery that is required.

6. Onvif Vandal Proof 360 Degree Panoramic Fisheye

This camera retails for $772,06. It has 12 megapixels, with a progressive scan and an image sensor. Ultra high definition 4K recording, with a built in storage space for an SD card of up to 128 GB, speaker and microphone. With 33’ infrared in total darkness, and an ingress protection outdoor rating of 67. The camera is ONVIF compliant and it supports two stream, and tripwire. The IVS Smart features include face detection, abandon med/missing persons recognition as well as intrusions. You’ll be able to view footage on the go via Snapshot, email and push notification to either iPhone or Android with privacy and securely, which of course requires a recorder.

5. Garmin VIRB 360

The camera retails for $799,99. This 360-degree camera has a one touch or a voice command. It’s a waterproof camera , making it suitable for the outdoors. It has built in sensors for G-Metrix data overlays. The HyperFrame Director mode enables you to edit easier, reframing content after filming it, with smooth camera pans and wide angles. This camera has high resolution with desktop stitching, and 4K resolution with auto-stitched in-camera resolution. The 15 megapixels provide high quality, spherical photos, and the spherical stabilization ensures that the video is smooth regardless of the camera movement. The footage is automatically stitched in VIRB Edit, and the free VIRB Mobile App that enables you to share faster and enables live-streaming instantly. The camera comes with 1 lithium polymer battery, a charging/data cable, a tripod cradle, a action cradle, as well as a tripod/handgrip, and documentation.

4. Zmodo Pivot All-in-one Security Camera System

The Zmodo camera system retails for about $89.90, it’s a connected and rotating all-in-one monitoring solution. The camera comes with a power supply,quick guide and two window/door sensors that alert you when there’s something open. It has internal storage of 16GB, and a notification system that goes straight to your phone whenever motion is detected. You can customize areas on your live that would trigger motion detection alerts. It also has temperature and humidity readings, a two-way audio as well as Bluetooth speakers. Pivot connects to the WiFi and requires password protection. You can use the smartphone app Zmodo for control from your iPhone, or Android device.

3. Video Action Camera All-in-One Bundle

This camera retails for about $419,95, with a removable battery that shoots for an hour nonstop. It leads in image quality of 5.7K resolution, with an 18MP shot. With flow state stabilization and drug shots ability, and airborne slow-mo. Data transfer over WiFi and time shift over the app.

2. Lensoul Security Camera

The camera retails for about $56.99. The camera has s TF card slot, but doesn’t come with the card. You can buy one of up to 128GB Class10 and it’s supported by local backup on cloud, with a month’s free trial. Upon installation, you download the app onto your device, setup with a password secured WiFi, and connect for remote access to the panoramic camera. It has a wide view angle, without any blind areas, and a 3MP resolution, with motion sensing. It includes a two-way audio with intercom mode. Night vision includes full HD view with 3MP resolution, infrared night vision for clear images in the dark.

1. NexTrend Ultra HD IP Camera

The camera retails for about $59,99, for wireless WiFi security with motion detection. The 360 lens has no blind zones, and brings 3MP video footage, better than full high definition 1080P. It’s motion detection uses state of the art technology and alerts you when it detects suspicious activity. The camera supports Micro SD card of up to 128GB, which isn’t included in the package as well as Cloud Storage for $5 per month. The high-efficiency infrared-cut LEDs that automatically turn on the IR lights in low light conditions. Also has a two-way audio system and supports Android, Pad, iPhone, iPad, Windows and Mac.

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