This year, the UEFA Euro championship was a time of unusual events that may never happen again. Fans from all around Europe were provided with exciting and fascinating matches. So far, the official ranking of the best top 10 shooters in UEFA Euro 2016 is a list of players who indeed have proved their skills in some breathtaking moments of all the games. Have a look at the ranking below to see who became the king of shooters this time! Learn about the players who have scored most goals in the games. Find out who was about to beat Michel Platini’s record from years ago. Let’s to find out the Top 10 Best Shooters in ‪UEFA Euro 2016

10. Radja Nainggolan

Radja Nainggolan

The Belgian representative, twenty-eight year old midfield player has achieved the tenth spot in the UEFA ranking. The closing position of the best ten players of Euro 2016 was given to him for the amazing performance on the field. During the championship, Nainggolan scored personally two goals and assisted in one. He was active on the field in five matches for total of 365 minutes and aside from his goals and assist, he immensely contributed to most of the balls lobbied into the opponents’ territory. Radja Nainggolan had his senior debut in 2009, during a match between Belgium and Chile.

9. Ivan Perišić

Ivan Perišić

Perišić started his senior football career in 2011, during a match in Tsbilisi between Georgia and Croatia. This twenty-seven year old Croatian midfield player currently plays for the Internazionale. Despite the fact that Croatia did not achieve great results as a team, Perišić’s performance was acknowledged and rewarded. During the Euro 2016, he climbed to the ninth position of the ranking after scoring in total two goals and one assist. He represented his country in four matches for the time of 387 minutes.

8. Jakub Błaszczykowsk

Jakub Błaszczykowski

Known mainly as “Kuba”, thirty years old Błaszczykowski plays for the Fiorentina club. His senior debut had place in 2006, during the match between Saudi Arabia and Poland, which his team won. Thanks to his amazing cooperation with his Polish teammates, Błaszczykowski managed to prove his prowess in the position he was given. During this year’s championship, he played in the midfield, scored two goals and assisted in one. He was present as an active team member in five matches for 445 minutes.

7. lvaro Morata

lvaro Morata

Morata has been placed on the seventh spot in the ranking of best 10 top shooters in UEFA Euro 2016. This twenty three year old forward player, who debuted in 2014 in the match between Spain and Belarus, has achieved a decent number of four personally scored goals and no assists. During Euro 2016, he represented his team in four matches for total of 287 minutes. Outside the championship he used to play in Juventus but he has recently signed a contract with FC Barcelona. The transfer was a result of negotiations within the summer transfer windows.

6. Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale

A Welsh player of age twenty six represented his team on the forward position during the championship. He took the sixth place in the UEFA’s official ranking since in six matches he scored three goals and one assist. He spent on the field active 533 minutes. Gareth Bale had his senior debut in 2006, when Wales played against Trinidad and Tobago and won 2-1. He is considered one of the most lethal forwards whom given half a chance, would surely give his opponent’s goalkeeper a reason to curse the match.

5. Nani


Twenty-nine year old Nani is part of the representation team of Portugal. His senior career didn’t start well when his first match Portugal – Denmark in 2006 was lost with score 4-2. During Euro 2016, he was placed on a high, fifth position of the ranking thanks to the three goals he scored for his team. Aside of that, he assisted in exactly one score. On everyday basis, Nani is a player of the Turkish club Fenerbahçe.

4. Olivier Giroud

Olivier Giroud

The French forward player of age twenty-nine is a daily member of Arsenal. During the championship, Giroud was actively representing his team in five matches. During whole 378 minutes he has spent on the field, he managed to score three goals. Meanwhile, he assisted in two and climbed up to the fourth position of the ranking. Giroud’s senior career started in 2011 in the match between France and USA.

3. Imitri Payet

Imitri Payet

Payet, age twenty-nine, aside of the French representation team, plays in West Ham. His notable presence in football started back in 2010, when France played against Romania and easily won. As a forward player, Payet took part in the UEFA EURO 2016 by playing in six matches. During 448 minutes of the game, he assisted in two scores. Personally he scored three points for his team.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo

One of the most famous football players and star of Real Madrid, Ronaldo is placed on the second spot of the best shooter in UEFA Euro 2016 ranking. Overall, he spent on the field 600 minutes, played in 6 matches and scored three goals for his team. He also assisted in three. Ronaldo is a renowned veteran player since 2003, when he played in a match between Portugal and Kazakhstan. Ever since, he is one of the most known faces of the international football.

1. Antoine Griezmann

 Antoine Griezmann

The first place and the title of the best shooter of UEFA Euro 2016 was won by the French representative namely Antoine Griezmann. This talented player’s debut had place merely two years ago in the match between France and Netherlands. Griezmann, twenty-five years old forward player represented his team in six matches for total of 435 minutes and assisted in two scores. However, his personal scores are what stunned the football fans all over Europe. Griezmann managed to score six goals during the time he spent on the field. That’s the achievement that hasn’t been seen in years. The only better score, of nine goals, was achieved by Michel Platini in 1984. With this result, Griezmann almost beat the record as a shooter of all times in the history of football.

The UEFA’s official ranking serves as a proof that Euro 2016 was worth every minute spent on watching the games. Players, coaches and fans alike are now ahead of four years of preparations for the next championship. Without any doubt everyone hopes it will be even better than this year’s.

The Best Top 10 Shooters in ‪UEFA Euro 2016