Top 10 Best Solar Light LED Outdoor in 2020 Reviews

Whether you are looking for the perfect lighting source to decorate your beautiful plants, lighten-up the space outside your home or simply brighten your walkways, solar powered lights can do it for you. They are an eco-friendly way of illuminating your gardens and other parts of your home.

To help you find the Best Solar Light LED Outdoor. We have put together, a list of the best 10. We considered the post durability, fittings, cables and solar panel quality, the ease of setting it up and how long it last after full charge. 

10. Swiftly Done Bright Solar Power Outdoor LED Light


With this product, you only need to peel it and stick to a surface of your choice. You could stick it on siding, wood, bricks, stucco, metal or even glass. Its installation process is quite simple and barely last a few seconds. No wiring is needed as it is powered by solar energy.

This product is very durable, water and temperature resistant and has a headproof made of a plastic construction. It also comes with an automated switching system. Auto-on in the dark and auto-off as soon as the sun comes up. Enhanced for security with the ability to dim its light in no motion and brighten up when motion is sensed. This is absolutely bright and yet only 4.5’’ x 3.4’’ x 1.6’’ in size.


9. Frostfire 16 Bright LED Wireless Solar Powered Motion Sensor Light


This product is a powerful 16 LED solar outdoor light that includes an activation key, two wall plugs, two screws and one bright solar light. It is both headproof and waterproof. Embedded in it is a security system that activates a bright light in the 3 metersensor zone of activation.

It also uses no batteries or cables and so is fairly easy and quick to fit. This product comes with a simple, modern and stylish design and features an incredible solar panel that can last for as long as of 5 years, equivalent to 50,000 hours.


8. Solar Light,URPOWER 8 LED Outdoor Solar Powerd,Wireless Waterproof Security Motion Sensor Light


This product is a great outdoor light for your gardens, aisle, porch, yard, walkways and driveways. It installs very rapidly and typically requires no form of wiring. It features an automated switch that activates bright light in the presence of motion and provides lighting for as long as 12 hours after charge.

It has an LED sensor that can sense within 10 feet of range and sensing angle of 120 degrees. It also has IP64 headproof and waterproof lights suitable for most weather conditions. Its solar panel can last up to 5 years and it only takes between 6-8 hours to reach full charge.


7. GDEALER Solar Outdoor String Lights


This is a 20ft 6m LED solar powered string with a fairy lighting effect. It comes as a waterproof outdoor solar light, resistant to any amount of rain drops. With a capacity of 8 working hours after full charge, the whole night can be totally covered.

It also embodies several romance lighting effects to illuminate the night, perfect for decorating your patio, gardens, walkways, driveways, yard and lawn. Within it are 2 switches with 2 different modes. The Power on/off mode and the steady/flashing mode that can add flare to your Christmas lights.


6. InnoGear Solar Lights Spotlight Outdoor Landscape Lighting Wall Light, Pack of 2 (White Light)


The innogear is a product with a frosted solar panel that does not require any film. With an adjustable light angle and solar panel, this spotlight knows how to capture the perfect spot and adjusts itself for optimum sunlight exposure. It is also IP65 headproof and waterproof and has a very bright 200 lumen output and enhanced 4 x 50 lumen LED.

It can auto on at nightfall and auto off when the sun rises and is inbuilt with an 18650 rechargeable lithium battery of 2200mAh. It is a product with a 2-in-1 and hands-off installation process and requires a full solar panel cover up to turn on during the day.


5. Mpow Bright LED Solar light, Security Lighting Outdoor Motion Sensor Lighting for Garden, Patio, Fencing, and Pathway


This is a product optimized for outdoor security. It comes with an updatable solar panel which can enable a quicker battery charging even in limited sunshine environments. It is inbuilt with three intelligent lighting modes and you can choose between Dim light sensor mode, strong light mode and strong light sensor mode.

It is practically an improvement from the previous version with an addition of 8 bright LED lights and a better waterproof cover having a tightly-sealed loop of 2 layers. Unlike similar versions, it has a white sensor ball head that produces light capable of growing bigger, stronger and powerful enough to achieve a longer sensor length of about 26 feet.


4. BAXIA TECHNOLOGY Waterproof Wireless Solar Motion Sensor Night Lights


This is a durable product that can produce ultra-bright light. It is made up of 12 powerful LEDs and supports a motion angle of 120 degrees, good enough to turn a dark room into bright space. It has an invisible switch hidden in an on/off waterproofed hole reachable with its key pin and lighting is unlocked as soon as the “click” sound is heard.

It also has NO DIM MODE, a feature designed to improve the security and life span of the product. Without a dim mode, most of its operation is automatic. While in a dark room, it auto-ons as soon as motion is detected and turns of after 30 seconds of no motion.


3. Litom Solar Lights 20 LED Outdoor Solar Power Motion Sensor


The litom solar display is known for a lasting working time, typically 8-10 hours and energy saving ability. It is fairly easy to setup, requires no electrical cabling and can be installed anywhere with direct exposure to sunlight. It features 20 solar LEDs producing light that is bright enough to conveniently illuminate an extensive area.

It comes with three optional modes that can be selected according your lighting requirements. There is a reduced light mode for balconies, railings etc. It has a full light mode for the front and back doors, patios etc. and a motion detector only mode for garage, driveway and paths.


2. Mpow 2-Pack Solar Lights Wall Security Outdoor Lighting 20LED Waterproof Motion Light for Garden


This is another powerful product that only last seconds to install. It maximizes its use of sunlight and requires no electrical wiring. It has very high efficient solar panels optimized for faster battery charging in low sunlight environments.

It is also fitted with a tightly-sealed loop of IP64 weatherproof and waterproof level and has 20 IP64 LEDs, far brighter than similar products. After full charge, it can last between 6 and 8 hours. It features 3 intelligent modes among which are, Dim light sensor mode, strong light sensor mode and strong long light mode, selected as per your needs.


1. Holan 12-LED Solar Motion Sensor Security Light


The Holan is a bright and long working product. It has been upgraded with an increased battery capacity of 600mAh to 1200mAh, modern solar panels for faster battery charging and 12 bigger LEDs that can provide illumination of up to 160 lumens, brighter than similar versions with 8 LEDs.

It is built with an automatic lighting system that auto-ons at night and auto-offs at sunrise, shining even brighter when motion is detected at night. The Holan, compared to similar versions, also has a sensor ball head, good enough to provide a longer sensor length of 10 to 26 feet.


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