Top 10 Best Steam iRons in 2020 Reviews

Gone are the days of the electric flat iron, way back in 1882, when all you could hope for was not having your hands horrendously burned, or crossing your fingers you didn’t get a model which had asbestos in it. Nowadays we’ve got steam irons that clean themselves, with sensors that detect unsafe situations and shut themselves off. Without further ado, we’ve compiled a list of what we think are the top 10 choices this year in terms of steam irons:

10. Rowenta DW5080 Focus

This beauty from Rowenta is chock-full of features which can help you iron out even the sturdiest of wrinkles. This 1700-watt steam iron has a 10 oz capacity for its water tank and a bursts out steam at 100g / minute for complicated fabrics. The 400 holes on its soleplate can handle anything: silk, nylon, wool, cotton and even linen. The auto-off feature is a nice addition too.

PROS: Soleplate shape makes it easy for this steam iron to work in difficult places on the fabric, such as buttons or pleats. The thermostat knob displays how much steam you should use depending on fabric. German-made and great price/quality ratio.

CONS: We found that the water tends to run out pretty fast, needing refills every now and then. Also, it’s pretty bulky and heavy, weighing 3.4 pounds.


9. BLACK+DECKER Digital Advantage D2030

This model promises a technological edge over its competitors, with an LCD screen used to switch between ironing settings. The stainless steel soleplate with its 29 indentations spread evenly on its surface allows for smooth gliding. It also features a knob used for steam control. Not as easy to manipulate as other models, but it comes with a plethora of other features that make up for it.

PROS: Auto-cleaning option allows for better maintenance of the steam iron. It only weighs 0,6 ounces, which makes it one of the lightest on this list. Its auto-off feature has motion-activated sensors.

CONS: The LCD screen can get blurry over time, due to all the steam. It has no anti-calc or scale removal feature.


8. Rowenta DW5197 Partner of Fashion

This Rowenta model has “the official partner of Fashion” written on its sleek blue surface, making it a professional steam iron. A very good choice for designers and creators of clothing. The 1725-watt machine features 400 steam holes, like the other models from this German manufacturer, in order to deliver extremely powerful bursts of steam (vertical & horizontal). The soleplate heats up quickly and efficiently, and the grip feels just right.

PROS: Self-cleaning system for lower maintenance time and longer life of appliance. At 180g / minute of steam delivered, this is a force to be reckoned with. Comes at a good price for all the amazing power it offers.

CONS: No Auto-off function (since it’s a professional steam iron) means you should be extra careful when you’re done with it. Delivering so much steam requires frequent refills.


7. Rowenta DG8520 Perfect Steam

Now, this is a sight to behold. The DG8520 is a 1800-watt steam iron station, which means you always have the iron ready at your convenience and ironing a greater number of clothes is done fast and with ruthless efficiency. The machine is able to deliver a whopping 120 grams of steam / minute and its super large tank of water allows for long ironing sessions. What’s more, the steam iron heats up in about three minutes, making it one of the fastest out there.

PROS: Great steam output provides a nice look to the clothes after you’re done. The 47 oz water tank means you’ll rarely need to refill, even at the amazing rate of steam per minute. The Eco-friendly setting allows for 20% less power usage.

CONS: Robust and big – not everyone wants to invest in an ironing station, and could not be the right choice unless you always have a lot of clothes to work through. The price might seem much for some.


6. Rowenta DW7180 Everlast

With the Everlast model, you have available a 1750-watt powered machine that looks as if it just came down from a spaceship. With three steam options, it can easily handle any fabric. The Rowenta 400-hole soleplate is a patented piece of engineering that gives its competitors a run for their money, delivering steam at 180g / minute.

PROS: Auto-steam feature automatically adjusts the pressure of steam as you iron away. The Soleplate has a removable scale collector, easily removed from the back of the steam iron.

CONS: Sometimes it can be hard to figure out how much water is left in the 10 oz tank. Speaking of, just like with the Rowenta DW5080, this tank will need regular refills. We also found that using the steam feature at low temperatures can produce leaking.


5. Rowenta DW9280 SteamForce

The first on this list to feature Rowenta’s innovative Steamforce technology, the DW9280 delivers over 30% more steam, backed up by 1800 Watts. Just like the other models from this manufacturer, it has 400 holes on its soleplate, ensuring great steam distribution. With 220 g/minute of steam, you can make all the wrinkles disappear.

PROS: LED indicates what type of fabric you set the steam iron for, with easy switching between steam modes. A very large soleplate which quickly heats up (3-4 minutes), with a precision tip to help you with creases and other hard to reach areas.

CONS: This is one of the heaviest steam irons out there, at about 4lbs. Some found it quite ugly to look at, honestly. The design could have been better.


4. Rowenta DW6080 Eco-Intelligence

This 1700-watt steam iron from Rowenta is a great choice for the ecologically-aware. It uses 25% less power than most steam irons out there, while also having a great, green look. The knobs and different settings are easy to read and understand. With this soleplate design, we found it glides smoothly and feels just about right in your hand.

PROS: Energy-saving is always a plus these days, and the DW6080 uses electricity very efficiently. A bunch of other features make it a great choice, such as self-cleaning, auto-off and anti-calc system.

CONS: Just like most of Rowenta’s steam irons on this list, the water tank will need more frequent refills than you’d like. At only 7 feet, the cord of this machine is quite short.


3. Maytag M400

The M400 might not look as impressive as other models on this list, but it certainly has great potential. The heating system on this steam iron is crazy fast, requiring only one minute until you can get to ironing. The soleplate is by default stainless steel, but you can upgrade it to a ceramic one, depending how serious you are about your ironing needs. Both offer good gliding and the M400 feels good in the hand, with a nice ergonomic grip.

PROS: Great value for great pricing – even if it’s not full of features like other models on this list, the Maytag M400 is still a great steam iron. It does its job well, while also delivering good steam distribution. It also features an Anti-Cal system and a self-cleaning one.

CONS: Some might find the lack of extra features a downside. At frequent refills (the water tank has only 8oz capacity), you’re bound to end up with some leaking water.


2. Rowenta DW9081 Steamium

When ironing clothes with the DW9081, it feels like a deluxe experience. It also features Rowenta’s Steamforce technology, helping deliver 30% more steam through its 400 holes found in the soleplate (200g/min). Speaking of, this one’s made of platinum, giving it such a smooth gliding sensation when ironing, that you’re left wondering if you’re holding anything at all in your hand.

PROS: Impressive array of features – from the LED display to the multiple maintenance systems (anti-cal, self-cleaning. It also has an auto-off feature that works brilliantly. The settings are easy to fiddle with as you’re ironing.

CONS: Some might find it quite expensive, so make sure this is what you need before you throw your money away. Again, somewhat annoying are the frequent refills you’ll have to make to the water tank.


1. Rowenta DG8430 Pro Precision

The second steam iron station on this list, the Rowenta DG8430 is also impressive to behold. When you have to iron out a lot of clothes, this might be the right choice for you. The 33oz water tank allows for a lot of ironing to be done, while the refill can be done at any moment. Rowenta deliver again the great 400-hole soleplate which makes them famous, with an amazing distribution of steam.

PROS: Even at such a large capacity, the water heats up really fast. The adjustable steam levels are easy to switch between, and the vertical steam feature is fantastic. It also features an “eco” option for saving energy.

CONS: Just like with any ironing station, be double sure before you commit. It’s a heavy piece of machinery that could end up being in the way instead of an asset to your household. Some users found it too pricey for what it brings to the ironing table.


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