Top 10 Best Steam Mops in 2020 Reviews

10 Best Steam Mops

Who wouldn’t love sparkling tiles and floors that are squeaky clean? And steam mops do their jobs just right. But which one to buy depends on the purpose you’re buying it for. 

Best Steam Mops

Our Top 10 Best Steam Mops uncovers all the best-sellers you can find on the market. Haven’t picked out the dresser of your choice? Check out our list!

Previews Name Amazon
BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop
Shark Steam Pocket Mop
Steam Mop – Steam Cleaner Multifunctional Steamer
BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner
O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop with Extra Refill
Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop and Steam Vacuum Cleaner
Bissell 9595A CleanView Bagless Vacuum with OnePass
HOOVER Steam Mop TwinTank Steam Cleaner WH20200
Steam Mop – Steam Cleaner Multifunctional Steamer

To help you keep your floors and other surfaces shining always, below is a compilation of 10 best steam mops to watch out in 2018 : 

10. SKG 1500W Hot Steam Mops, Carpet, and Floor Cleaning Machine

It is a powerful non-chemical hot steam mop which comes with 6-in-1 accessories and 3 microfibre pads. This steam mop ensures non-toxic, sanitized and deodorized environment and kills any bacteria or germs ensuring good health for you and your family.


  • Optimized steam controls for each type of floor from soft carpets to wooden surfaces.
  • Swivel triangular mop head for 180-degree cleaning
  • Versatile, convenient, lightweight and a safe product to use.
  • 6-in-1 accessories are a big plus


  • The steamer can leave surfaces to feel too wet and damp at times.
  • The mop head is comparatively small.

9. Shark Professional Corded Pocket Mop

This superheated steam mop also fights against 99.9% bacteria and germs to keep your floors sanitized at all times. Its two-sided steam pocket gives you the freedom for a quick flip of the steam head and lets you clean other areas intelligently.


  • Washable microfibre locks and lifts dirt that other mops leave behind.
  • Each pad lasts 20 times, which is really good.
  • Comes with a rectangular mop head, triangular mop head, a filling flask and washable scrub pockets which lets you take better control of your cleaning procedures.
  • Good for light dirt, heavy dirt and stuck-on-dirt.


  • Sometimes seems to stick to hardwood floors.
  • Doesn’t last as long as one would expect.
  • The plastic head can break easily if not handled with care.

8. Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop System (S5003D)

This mop with next-generation advances features touch-free technology, steam blaster technology, and dirt grip pads. Steam blaster technology gives you extra-targeted steam power.


  • Never touch a dirty mop again with this genius steam mop
  • Excellent direct channeling system to fight hard stains and ensure deep cleaning.
  • Dedicated pad release button, when it gets dirty
  • Dual-sided grip pads are washable and absorb any liquid on the floors.


  • Water tank is not removable
  • Cannot stand up by itself
  • Leaves streaks on the floor

7. Bissell Symphony Steam Mop, 1132A

Effortlessly clean with an All-in-one vacuum and steam mop. One of the only cleaners that can vacuum and steam at the same time. No need to use harsh chemicals ever again, distilled water would be quite a good choice.


  • Vacuum and steam at the same time
  • Easy touch digital controls to help you switch between settings
  • 5- way adjustable handles and a quick release mop pad
  • Features a large water tank
  • Very lightweight and easy to use


  • Rubber wheels streak the floors
  • Doesn’t have a strong suction pull after regular use

6. Bissell 1806 Power Fresh Deluxe Steam Mop

This steam mop comes at number 6 on the list of top 10 steam mop. The power fresh deluxe mop uses the natural power of steam to sanitize floors eliminating bacteria and germs. It works well through the sticky messes and leaves your room smelling as it uses a spring breeze scent disc. Feel the breeze of clean air with spring scent.


  • Features an onboard spot boost brush for sticky messes and tough stains.
  • Leaves a refreshing and rejuvenating spring breeze as you clean
  • Easy to fill water tank as it comes with a measuring cup
  • A number of settings included to let you take control of your cleaning


  • A bit pricey compared to other alternatives
  • Stops working after prolonged use
  • Does not swivel and leaves streaks behind

5. Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop and Vacuum Cleaner, 1543A

This symphony pet all-in-one vacuum and steam mop is a great multi-tasker with a unique design that allows you to clean debris without compromise. With easy digital touch controls, switch between low/medium/high steam settings. Use washable or disposable mops for a better experience as you can dispose of the mops after every cleaning without having to touch it.


  • Strong Power suction
  • Long power cord
  • Heats up within seconds
  • Disposable mop pads lets you clean your pet mess in an instant


  • Gets rusted in long run
  • Doesn’t lets you vacuum the edges
  • The water tank leaks at times

4. Light ‘N’ East Steam Mop

This steam mop gets your job done quickly and effectively, i.e. You need not spend more time cleaning now with this steam mop. The scrubbing pads let you clean any type of floor surface, no matter how hard and tough it is. From tiles to wood, keep your floors sanitized always. One of the best cleaners from light work to heavy jobs.


  • Triple layer, steam-activated microfibre pads
  • Loose, lift a.d lock dirt technology on all surfaces including hardwood
  • Very effective, quick and loaded with a range of features.
  • Good built and design
  • Has a large power cord and a water tank, big enough
  • Offers free replacement and a warranty of 1 year


  • Some pressure is needed to clean the floors
  • Takes a lot of motion to clean extreme stains and debris

3. 5-in-1 Light ‘N’ Easy Steam Mop

A handy, lightweight, sturdy and easy to store cleaner that functions as 5 different cleaning equipment. Now own the kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, curtains or any other surface like a boss!


  • Completely chemical free
  • 3 steam levels
  • Lightweight, well built and compact design
  • Functions as 5 different cleaning appliances
  • 30- seconds heat up time


  • Water tank is small, needs to refilled over and again
  • The cleaning pad sometimes bend underneath

2. Shark Steam Pocket Mop (S3501)

This Professional Steam Pocket Hard surface cleaner uses two-sides microfibre pads and superheated tap water.


  • Lightweight and easy-to-use appliance
  • Heats up within seconds and automatically releases steam.
  • Ensures superior cleaning and faster dry times
  • Large water tank capacity


  • Leaves the floor streaky at times
  • Cleaning pads are a task to fit most of the times

1. Bissell 1940 Power Fresh Steam Mop

This steam mop from Bissell leads the list as it has a plethora of interesting features to offer to its users. It is a smart steam mop and does its assigned tasks with ease, leaving a lingering breeze of scent as you clean. The removable water tank, low profile mops also lets you clean the minutest edges with ease.


  • Clean sticky messes 2X times faster than other mops.
  • Built-in, flip scrubber microfibre pad
  • Features spring breeze fragrance discs for a joyful cleaning
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Smart Control switches based on cleaning needs


  • Not recommended for wooden floor use.
  • Leaves streaks after prolonged use.

Hope this compilation will help you make an informed decision to buy the best steam mop for your personal use

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