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Top 10 Best Tablet Brands in 2019 Reviews

Tablets are by far one of the best technological inventions in the communication and cellular industry. These devices allow you to connect with your colleagues and transact business from different locations as well as send an email or browse the internet with much ease. Perhaps it is this very seamless combination of elegance and functionality that makes it hard for people to decide on what brand to have but fret not, for we present yo a rundown of the top 10 best tablets.

10. Microsoft Surface Pro 4


One of the most powerful tablet options is definitely the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. This gadget could easily substitute your laptop as it includes an incredible memory space of 4 GB along with 128 GB drive capacity. It provides a brightness with real light, contrast and flash effects. The tablet also includes strong display with 2736 x 1824 resolution. This gadget will surely be your solution for a surface pen for easier work on completion of your projects. It is available on amazon.com and goes for about $ 777,77 with free shipping included.


9. Samsung Galaxy Tab A


The next tablet on our list is from Samsung. The tablet comes complete with 2GB of RAM space as well as additional 16 GB internal memory. This tablet is one of the most affordable with price of about $ 279 on amazon.com. If you prefer prompt Internet access together with Bluetooth options, this gadget is the right choice. It also comprises both rear and front camera, with 8 MP and 2 MP respectively, making it a favorite for photograph fanatics.


8. Fire Tablet


The enxt recommendation on our list is the Fire tablet, available for just about $ 49,99 on the amazon store, with incredible possibilities included. The most amazing feature is cloud voice device Alexa, which will help you with various functions such as playing music, games or reading books. This tablet has 8GB space, with 16 GB internal storage. It is available in four colour options, including two cameras and display with 1024 x 600 resolution.


7. Kindle Paperwhite E-reader


The Kindle Paperwhite is another tablet that will come in handy with most of your daily tech-tasks. You can choose between the black and white options and be prepared to read favorite content at any time of day or night. The battery is super powerful as it could last for weeks, which makes it possible to keep a bunch of books on it. You can buy this gadget on amazon store for about $ 119,99 and enjoy it on regular basis.


6. All-New Kindle E-reader


Another tablet choice for readers is the All-New Kindle E-reader, available in black or white designs. You can spend hours on this one without having to strain your eyes or needing to charge the battery too often. This type of Kindle supports various titles and you can even access more books with negligible payment. To test Kinde titles, you have a 30-days option of free read of your favourite books. With a price of about $79,99, the tablt is simply a must-have.


5. Kindle Oasis E-reader


If you prefer convenient and light devices for exploring different content, then Kindle Oasis is your perfect choic. The kindle is available in three specific colours with overwhelming and attractive designs. With its sophisticated look, you will naturally get the feeling of reading from a real paper; the 300 pixel per inch display has never been more comfortable. This gadget includes Wi-Fi option and its battery is among the most durable. Purchase it on amazon.com for $289,99 and enjoy its beauty and performance.


4. 2016 RCA Cambio Blue


The 2016 RCA Cambio Blue is yet another unique option that is a package of elegance and performance. To ease your experience, the tablet comes along with an updated Windows 10. You can use it with or without keyboards, webcam and many more options. As it comprises 2GB memory space with 32 GB internal storage, you can easily work on versatile projects with this device. The tablet supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth option any you can buy the blue version for $149,99 on amazon.com.


3. 2016 RCA Cambio Purple


This tablet is similar to the previous one but with certain color variations and alterations of a fw more specs. It has purple layout with remarkable Intel Atom processor. The purple tablet has incredible display resolution of 1080 x 1920 together with large a memory space of 8 GB RAM and 128 GB drive capacity. Its battery has endurance of roughly 11 hours and the gadget supports Windows 10 OS. The tablet is super light and you can purchase it on amazon store for $134,90. You will be enthusiastic about the compilation of design and additional possibilities provided.


2.Huawei Signature Edition


The tablet which takes one of the first places on the top ten best tablets for this year comes from Huawei provider. This gadget includes Intel Core m3 processor, 4 GB RAM and 128 internal storage. This time we can experience space grey design which turns to be more sophisticated and refined. Its price is about $ 608,82 and with free shipping included and extra prime version available, what more could someone ask for in a tablet?


1.Dragon Touch X10


The Dragon touch X10 tablet offers an unrivalled experience when it comes to multitasking. The most effective part of this tablet is performance, thanks to its multitasking units aimed for performing different activities at the same time. With Dragon X10, you can play games, watch your favourite videos, stream the videos or listen to music…all in the same breath. Another good feature is the fact that it comes with super powerful display, with 1366 X 768 resolution for enjoying various content with your family or friends. As for Wi-Fi connection, Dragon Touch 10 provides prompt search of the web addresses as well as easy making of video and audio calls. Together with Bluetooth option, this tablet can be connected with many other devices. The tablet includes front and rear camera for taking high quality photos without any difficulty. Buy it now on amazon.com for only $109,99 and you will have the most valuable experience ever.


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