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Top 10 Best Toilets in 2019 Reviews

A clean, workable toilet sets the tone for the day. It also makes a tremendous difference to how you feel about your home. It will stress you up if it does not function and can be a health hazard as well.

Modern toilets come with deodorizers, LED lighting, automated seats and other convenient features. They will make your “throne room” a place where you will want to spend your time. These features may be luxuries but are well worth the expense.

With a wide variety of options available, choosing the right toilet can be a mammoth task. This comprehensive Top 10 Best Toilets reviews list will ease it.

10. The Bio Bidet 1B83 Fully Integrated Toilet System

This toilet is an inclusive, all-in-one system, with an elegant design that promises luxury. Compact and lightweight, it fits in every bathroom. There are no issues with installation.

A dual nozzle provides posterior washes for men and women, making it one of the most sanitary toilets to date. Another notable feature of this bidet is its energy-saving feature. It conserves water, hence ranking it among one of the most environmentally friendly bidets on the market. Users will also be able to cut down on their use of toilet paper and reduce their costs. This product not only cleans but also massages. It features wide-clean, oscillating technology with infused bubbles that promote hygiene and relaxation.

The elongated seat, being longer improves comfort and cleanliness. A heating feature makes it ideal to use in winter. It is a high-end toilet that retails at over $1000, but in all, it is an investment that users will not regret making.


  • Has an easy-to-understand manual
  • Easy to install
  • Comfortable seat with heating
  • An elongated seat
  • Good value for money


  • Limited instructions
  • Cannot use a detergent to clean
  • Lid may not stay up


9. Toto CST744SF.10No.01 Drake Two-Piece Toilet, 1.6-GPF Cotton

This extraordinary toilet features a modern, high-end design, and is perfect for every modern bathroom. Users will love its attractive, glossy finish. They will find it easy to make this stylish bowl a part of their bathrooms. They will love its white, chic look.

It has an ultra smooth, SanaGloss feature that cleans every time you flush. The Fast-Flush system consists of larger than usual 3-inch flush valves that offer a commercial grade, dynamic performance. It guarantees a quick, efficient flow of waste. There is no need for a plunger because it cleans without clogging. To ease the process further, it comes with a refill. It has a motorized, slow-closing seat that users do not have to touch. This seat has a 2 1/8 inch wide, computer designed, fully glazed trap-way that stops waste from sticking to the surface. Cleaning it is a breeze. In all, this extraordinary bidet promises sanitation.

It is elongated and guarantees comfort. A notable feature is that it conserves water with its energy-saving feature. That means significant cost savings.


  • Well-engineered flushing and cleaning systems
  • Flushes quietly
  • Elongated and comfortable bowl
  • Does not clog
  • Sleek, white design
  • Includes a slow closing seat.


  • Installation is difficult
  • Makes hissing noises
  • Flashes after flushing.


8. Eago TB340 Ultra Low Single Flush Eco-Friendly Ceramic Toilet

The Eago TB340 features an eco-friendly, ultra low flush that helps users to conserve water and costs. A new, tower-based Siphonic Flush System ensures that your toilet does not clog. It gets rid of waste at one go and is eco-friendly. Another outstanding feature is balanced water distribution, which allows it to siphon waste with greater efficiency.

This fully glazed bidet prevents debris from sticking to the bowl. The EAGO’s trap ways are glossy, just like its outer surface. It cleans with a single flush. It also has a lid which opens and closes without difficulty, so users will not have to lift it themselves. That means sanitation.

This toilet features balanced water distribution, enabling an optimal balance between its full diameter and flushing speed. The glazed trap is large, ensuring a better flow of waste to its exit. In all, it guarantees thorough purging of waste. Besides being a great toilet, it has a chic European look that users will enjoy.


  •  Efficient trap ways and outer surface
  •  Waste flows well to its exit
  •  Has a comfortable, elongated seat
  •  Balanced water distribution
  •  User-friendly
  •  Fashionable European design


  •  Rather bulky
  •  More expensive than other bidets


7. The Toto MS604114CEF#01 Ultramax II Double Cyclone 1-piece toilet with SanaGloss, Cotton White

This high-performing toilet has Water-Sense Certification, making it eligible for many WaterSense rebates and guaranteeing its quality. Owners can save on cost. This eco-friendly bidet uses water efficiently.

Double Cyclone Technology ensures that waste flows well after each flush, promoting hygiene. For the same reason, it also includes SanaGloss ion barrier glazing, which prevents debris from sticking to the surface. A large glazed trap, which ensures waste flow to the exit, eases the process further. Another outstanding feature is a 3-flush valve that gets rid of debris at once.

An elongated seat guarantees comfort. This toilet also features a powerful, quiet flush, so there will be no disturbance at night. Further, it has a soft, self-closing mechanism. Its universal height makes it ideal for everyone to use. This stylish toilet features three eye-catching colors. Users will love its sleek, streamlined appearance. The installation process is not complicated. At only 99 pounds, it is easy to carry.


  • A dynamic 3-flush valve and glazed trap
  • WaterSense certification
  • Quiet, soft-closing mechanism
  • Double Cyclone Flush system cleans the bowl well
  • Elongated, comfortable bowl
  • Easy to install


  • Flapper may not close
  • Difficulty finding replacement parts
  • Ring may form around the toilet


6. Ultramax Elongated One Piece Toilet with SanaGloss Cotton White

This toilet is probably one of the most efficient bidets on the market. It features a fast-flush system. The 3-inch flush valve is about 125% larger than a conventional 2-inch flush valve. Powerful flushing guarantees a clean toilet. The low-flush feature makes it both sanitary and eco-friendly. It is also quiet, and will not wake family members at night.

This product also has a large, computer-designed, glazed trap way to prevent unsanitary debris from sticking to the surface. The water surface is of a good size, allowing it to collect more waste. Further, it also features a SanaGloss system for easy cleaning. It only needs a quick brush on a daily basis.

This toilet should have a place in every modern bathroom. It has a stylish, off-white design, and a chrome finish. The elongated seat guarantees comfort and cleanliness. This budget-friendly toilet is worth its cost of just over $400.


  • Flush system is silent
  • SanaGloss System prevents waste from sticking to the surface
  • Low-flush and eco-friendly
  • Elongated and comfortable seat
  • Cost-friendly
  • Has a stylish, cotton-white design


  • Does not get rid of waste easily
  • Flapper valve may leak
  • Not lightweight


5. Jabsco 37010-0090 Electric Toilet Compact Size Head, Macerates

This all-sized bidet features an attractive, white china bowl. The durable enamel seat comes in small and household sizes, making it able to fit most spaces. A small pedestal allows taller users to increase its height. Users can choose the smaller bidets for their boats. This product is an incredibly chic marine toilet which is easy to install. A noteworthy feature is an eye-catching wood seat that can integrate with most bathroom designs.

A flexible impeller 3-pump flush ensures the efficient flushing of waste. This electric bidet’s scavenger pump and stainless steel shaft and aid the process. The flushing system is quiet and will not disturb loved ones who are asleep. This toilet comes with a workable, built-in backflow preventer, ensuring that waste travels to its exit. For greater efficiency, it has a permanent, enclosed motor with a stainless steel finish.

At slightly over $900, it is a high-end bidet but is great value for its price.


  • Design-friendly wood seat
  • Flushing system is efficient
  • Has a dynamic, 3-pump flush valve
  • Has pedestal to raise height
  • Catered for small and large bathrooms
  • Suitable for those on a budget


  • Possible leakage
  • Needs careful installation.


4. Smart Bidet SB110 Electric Bidet Seat, White

The Smart Bidet SB110 has a stainless steel nozzle with a replaceable nozzle cap, making it easy to flush. This toilet is slim and is in a stylish white design. Users will enjoy modern, updated look.

Manufacturers designed the SB110 with the whole family in mind. It comes with a child wash feature and is suitable for older children. It features turbo, feminine and oscillating washes, so it guarantees the whole family’s hygiene. For the same purpose, it has a large diameter of about 17 inches that allows it to collect more waste. The drain button enables the easy clearing of debris.

This bidet has a quick-release seat for easy removal and sanitation. It also has a heating system and a warm air dryer that will keep users comfortable in cold weather. For the whole family’s safety, it includes LED lights that allow anyone to find it at night. It is perfect for the disabled or elderly to use.


  • Removable nozzle tip
  • Slim, white design
  • Different washes for hygiene
  • Efficient heating system
  • LED lights for safety
  • Quick release seat for cleanliness


  • Water may not stay warm
  • LED do not sync with other functions


3. Volna Elongated One Piece Toilet

The Volna Elongated One Piece Toilet stands out with its elegant, sophisticated design. It is both comfortable and sleek. It features a fully glazed, hidden trap way that guarantees the better flow of waste, and a stain-resistant polish for easy cleaning. It is not an electric toilet, but it cleans easily. Another prominent feature is the Gravity Symphonic System, a dynamic flushing feature which clears debris at one go.

This bidet is also eco-friendly. A notable feature is that it is a low-flush toilet. It does not consume much water, which means significant cost savings. It is also environmentally-friendly.

Included with this toilet has a drain and trap, which make cleaning a breeze. The elongated bowl allows easy seating. This bidet’s contemporary, curved design makes it an ideal addition to a newly renovated bathroom. This product is UPC approved for quality and is a breeze to install.


  • Curved, updated design
  • Gravity Siphonic System clears with one flush
  • Has a fully glazed trap way
  • Eco-friendly low-flush system
  • Relatively budget friendly
  • UPC Approved


  • Not ADA compliant
  • Outdated lever system


2. The Toto MS980CMG#01 Neorest 550 Dual Flush One Piece Toilet Cotton White

This toilet blends form and functionality. It comes with a programmable nightlight for the elderly and has an automatic open and close lid for better sanitation. It has a sleek, cotton white design.

This toilet stands out because of its dynamic cleaning systems. It comes with an efficient washlet cleansing system with three modes and self-flushing feature. It includes a standard, dual-flushing feature as well. The bowl, made out of vitreous China, is chic. It has an energy-saving timer and a night-light that makes it easy for seniors to find.

This product is WaterSense Certified, so it has guaranteed workability. It also qualifies for WaterSense Rebates, which saves costs for owners. A built-in, air-purifying system removes odors and keeps users comfortable. It has a ceramic glaze finish that promotes sanitation. As a testament to its quality, it complies fully with ADA standards.


  • Efficient Cyclone and automated flushing systems
  • Night light for seniors
  • Air-purifying system makes it odor free
  • Safe and comfortable elongated seat
  • Complies with ADA standards
  • Ceramic bowl prevents debris from collecting.


  • Sediment screen requires clogging
  • Has complex plumbing requirements


1. The Ove Alfred Eco Smart Toilet

Our top choice is the Ove Alfred, which brings together comfort and style. This toilet features an automatic hands-free open and close cover. This bidet, in pure white, is stylish. Notably, it has a square design that makes it the focal point of any bathroom.

The Automatic Water Pressure keeps water levels and flushing balanced at an optimal level. The Ove Alfred has an adjustable dryer temperature, which increases comfort. It also includes washing and drying features for cleanliness. Other notable functions are heated seating and warm flowing water. They make the seat a boon when temperatures are colder.

This bidet is eco-friendly because it saves water. Adjustable jet intensities allow you to use only the amount of water that you need. It flushes with as much strength as you want it to.

This smart product comes with an efficient. LED night light as well. This light conserves energy and guarantees safety too. Family members will not need to grope around for it in the dark.


  • Comfortable, heated seating
  • Automated flushing and hands-free feature
  • Eco-friendly, low-flush toilet
  • Night-light for safety
  • Clean, Bidet style washing


  • Bulky at 123 pounds
  • Expensive, big budget toilet


A toilet should be comfortable, functional and stylish. Any of these choices would fit these requirements, but the Ove Alfred, with its chic look and highly automated features, does the job best.

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