USB-Universal Serial Bus allows connection of devices such phones, tablets,printers, mice,memory disk to a computer for purposes of sending information between the components. Two USB connectors exist Type A and Type B. Type A is essentially used for charging while type B is for both charging and transfer of data between the two components.

Currently most of the devices we use are charged via USB charging hence a good charger is imperative. Devices being charged varies due to amperage output of the USB port.

Three types of USB chargers are wall chargers, corded hubs and organizers. For safety precautions a good charger should have certification to verify its authenticity. This certification guarantees protection to connected devices or fires in case they burst. Also it is beneficial to have chargers with unique features for example fast charging technology.

Best USB Charging Stations in 2019

Our Top 10 Best USB Charging Stations in 201\9 uncovers all the best-sellers you can find on the market. Haven’t picked out the dresser of your choice? Check out our list!

Preview Name Amazon
TESSAN Portable 2 Outlet Travel Power Strip with 3 USB Ports Charging Station 5 Ft Cord-BLACK
RAVPower 60W 12A 6-Port USB Charger Desktop Charger Charging Station with iSmart Technology
Vogek 6-Port USB Charger Desktop Charging Station with Smart Identification (Black)
USB Charger, Jelly Comb Universal 6-Port Desktop USB
Sabrent 60 Watt (12 Amp) 10-Port Family-Sized Desktop
Anker 60W 6-Port USB Wall Charger
Sabrent 4 Port Mini Portable USB 3.0 Hub
RAVPower 40W 8A 4-Port USB Charger Charging Station with iSmart Technology (Black)
Aduro 40W 8A 6-Port USB Desktop Charging Station Hub Wall

Below we find a list of ten best USB Charging Stations in 2018 reviews.

10. Wireless Bluetooth Speaker USB Charging Station

This is one of a kind USB charger that can charge wide variety of smartphones ranging from iPhone to Android phones. The charger has in-built Bluetooth speaker that allows its users to enjoy music as they charge their components. The speakers are serene and of best quality sound .This kind of charger can charge maximum of four devices simultaneously. It has free dock allowing one to watch movies as phone charges.


  • Unlike most chargers this one doesn’t overheat.
  • It can charge multiple devices at the same time hence convenient.
  • High quality speakers.
  • Dividers are reliably good.


  • It more expensive compared to alternatives.

9. Inko Times USB Charging Station.

This can charge maximum of three devices at a time. These USB has compatibility up to 100V to the 240V of power. inko chargers can be detached and reassembled by the users depending with their needs. It also charges smartphones, iPhones, tablet and iPad.


  • Gadgets can be charged simultaneously.
  • All gargets it can accommodate has its own slots for charging.
  • Dividers are reliably good.
  • Gadgets charging is relatively fast.


  • Mini charging cord not replaceable due to unavailability.

8. Ultra Fast USB Charging Station with 6 Device Slots

This kind of charger contains slots that can charge maximum of six devices at a time and at full speed. This charger is Ideal for ladies, due to its pink color. The chargers guarantees against short circuit hence gadget safety. These kind of charger are of limited edition in 2018 which has an input of 100-24N 50/60HZ.

These charger has the following merits.

  • It light in weight and charges for long hours.

7. Multiport-Port Super-Fast USB Charging Station

This charger has high power output (6.8amps and 34W) and hence charges quite fast. It also has protection against short circuitry and power surge protection. This type of charger comes with two free USB cables and has warranty for 30 days after purchase. This charger has indicator to show when a port is charging.

  • Benefits that comes with this charger.
  • Convenience since it can charge multiple devices.
  • Neat looking workstation since there is no clutter.
  • It grips firmly due to rubber grips
  • One major short coming of this charger is that the lights are too bright.

6. Simpeak 4 Port USB Charger Stand for Apple Watch 1/2/3

This charger is very durable and has a warranty of two years within which you can be refunded or have the charger replaced.Simpeak charger is very resistant, it has alloy material protection. It has anti-collision and is resistant to scratch. This charger can charge for long hours as it has excellent charging system.

Advantages of this charger

  • Fast charging.
  • Support USB C.
  • Its color is a nice image for the office.
  • Easy and convenient to carry around.
  • Major disadvantage is that it doesn’t include wall adapter.

5. Mophie Charge Force Desk Mount USB Charging Station

It has magnets to hold
the phone and once it locks the phone it starts charging. The magnet allows for
phones rotation either in landscape or portrait mode. This charger is wireless
hence very convenient even for displays.


  • It charges the phone very fast.
  • Viewing of phone while charging is possible.
  • Adjustable once mounted.


  • Impossible to support and hold heavy and larger phones.

4. CalDigit USB C-Charging Station

This charger supports large variety of functionality including lansupport, MacBook, HDMI, Audio. It also has display port. CalDigit USB supports charging system A and C. Caldigit doesn’t have a cooling fan but still cools silently.


  • It never heats like normal adapters for USB.
  • Supports headphone/Microphone.
  • Gigabit Ethernet support.
  • One can connect devices like flash disks.


  • Only three USB/A provided.

3. Lottogo USB

This charger has six slots and the exterior enclosure made of bamboo-material. Items chargeable may include iPad and USB speakers and iPhone 6/7s.

Lottogo USB has smart Integrated Circuitry that allows it to detect connected devices and charges at full speed. This charging station has eighteen months warranty period.


  • Occupies less space.
  • Wood color looks beautiful.
  • Neat as there are not clustering of chargers.
  • Division of compartments look nice.

2. HyperGear 4-Port Multiple USB Charging Station

Hyper-Gear can also detect and measure exact voltage required for faster charging and also as safety precautions. It contains two ports 1A (to charge phones) and 2.4A (to charge Tablets).One can charge maximum of four devices at a time.


  • Fast charging.
  • Easier mobility.
  • Enhances neatness on desk.


  • Mini charging chords are not provided.

1. Vogek 6-Port USB Charger Station

Vogek 6-Port charger has functionality to detect the kind of voltages requirement needed. The LED light enables one to identify if the charger is correctly connected to power supply. It has a silicon base to protect the desk against scratching. Power input is between 110V to 240V which is safe universally. Each port has an output of 2.4A.This charger can charge up to six gadgets.


  • It can charge phones quickly.
  • It has a wall plug-in.
  • Essential for long distances.
  • It has stability on the table.


  • When too many gadgets are connected the table looks messy.


For a good charging system it’sconvenient that it has smart circuitry to enable it to detect power needs of gadgets and regulate it, this will ensure safety and fast charging of gadgets. It should also have LED to indicate whether or not connected devices are charging.