For great music performing or recording experience, you need the best USB microphones. There are different manufacturers out there. They make the devices to reach different levels of perfection. It is upon you to carry out thorough research so that you can locate the best microphones. The microphones come with details about their performance. You need to check on the packs before you buy. You can as well check on reliable online reviews like the one we are going to give to you so that you can make an informed decision when buying the USB Microphones. 

10. Fifine USB Microphone

It is a plug and play microphone you can access in the market. For great home studio experience, you will be on the right track after you buy the  microphone. It has differentfeatures such as USB condenser, Skype capability, and recording for YouTube, Google voice compatibility among other voice supporting platforms. Plug and pay feature eliminates cases where you will have to undergo several set up processes
before you can start using the microphone. Noise cancellation and isolating feature makes the microphone stand out from the rest. Smooth flat response allows it to work on many electrical connections. You can record directly to your computer and analyze the sound later.

9. Blue Snowball iCE Microphone

It is a condenser microphone you can buy for different uses. It offers crystal clear audio quality for different applications such as Skype and other voice uses such as Google voice search. It can record vocals, add narration and even create podcasts. Your home movie narration is made very easy thanks to the features in the microphone. Crystal clear recording can be easily added to YouTube among other voice platforms. Easy plug and play design allows users of different levels to easily apply it in their daily life. You can use it on both Mac as and PCs. You will only plug it in via USB. There are no drivers required before the Mic can start working on your machine.

8. NEWHAODI USB Microphone,

It is a perfect computer microphone with plug and play feature. It is made to easily transform sound experience in your home studio. You can apply the USB condenser microphone in your desktop, laptop, PC, notebook among other USB supporting sound recording devices. Highly portable hence you can carry it to different locations where you would like to record sound. Flexible mute button allows for easy control of the microphone. Omnidirectional design allows for easy noise cancellation among other modern features in most advanced microphones.

7. TONOR PC Microphone

The USB condenser Mic has several features which make it stand out. For instance, it comes with a plug and play feature which makes it easy to apply it. It is compatible with Skype chatting, Facetime, YouTube among other platforms. You can apply it on both Mac and PCs. Easily portable hence allows recording from different places. Comes with all the necessary accessories you need to start your singing experience. It is an economy pack microphone you can access.

6. eBerry Home Studio Adjustable USB Microphone

The USB Microphones are both compatible with Mac and PC systems. It can support different chatting platforms such as MSN, Skype, Yahoo, and YouTube among others. Sound quality produced is excellent with just a plug and play feature. It filters background noise hence allows you to record crystal clear sound. Neck adjustments allow you to fit it well before you start recording. With your USB connection
you can apply the microphone in different sound recording devices.

5. Neewer USB Microphone

The microphone can be applied for windows among other devices. Even if you have a Mac system, the microphone can work on it. Shock mount avoids cases where it can be damaged during mounting. Adjustable suspension allows you to mount it on any surface for perfect sound production. You do not require driver installation before you can start applying the microphone. It is an easy to use plug and play system. Neewer comes with necessary accessories you need to mount it and start recording.

4. Shure MV88 iOS Digital Stereo Condenser Microphone

The plug and play USB Microphones can be applied on both PC computers and Mac operating systems. Metal stand allows for easy adjustment during Skype conversations. It is YouTube ready and Google voice search compatible. Easy to use and highly portable features make the system stand out. The sound produced is brilliant and crystal clear. You can easily record directly to your computers in the microphone. Elegant design makes your home studio stand out. When making YouTube videos, the sound quality is enhanced due to use of the microphone. It is made while adhering to the latest needs when it comes to sound recording.

3. CAD GXL2400 USB Microphone

It is the perfect microphone for recording podcast. Gamers can as well apply it in gaming adventure. The shock month secures it firmly as you make different recorded presentations. Studio quality shock mount eliminates vibrations as you make different sound recordings. Windows and mac users can easily apply it in the recordings. You can achieve the perfect recording of different sessions such as podcast, Skype and gaming sounds. It is the best gaming microphone you can have.

2. Audio-Technica USB Cardioid Dynamic Microphone

It is a handheld dynamic microphone which comes with a USB digital output. You can as well select an analog output and enjoy quality productions. Smooth extended frequency allows you to achieve the best recording in your home studio.  Built in headphone allows easy monitoring for the microphone. There is no audible delay in the process. The cardioid polar pattern reduces the pickup of unwanted sound from sides and the rear.

1. Samson Go Mic

It is a Portable USB Condenser Microphone which has several features to make your recording stand out. With plug and play feature, it is easily compatible with different devices. There is no driver installation required in the process. Compact design allows you to apply it in different locations. You can record music, podcasts among other voice recordings on your computer. It works on voice recognition software
such as VoIP, web casting and iChat. The above are among the best USB Microphones, you will enjoy great performance upon buying
one of them.