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Top 10 Best Video Camera Recorders for Cars in 2019 Reviews

Video camera recorders, commonly known as dash cams, are gaining popularity. Because of this, today you can find an immense variety, each with their unique features and price brackets. They are a great tool to use in case you have a car accident as the footage is admissible in court in most States. You could also use them to record a memorable family road trip, or your adrenaline-releasing rally racing experience. To help you choose, we have found the best digital video camera recorders for cars.

10. Elephone Explorer Pro

We start the list with a wide angle action camera from Elephone. It has a 14-megapixel resolution lens at the front and a useful 2-inch screen at the back. The digital video camera connects to Wifiat a maximum distance of 45 meters. You can, therefore, use your mobile phone in your room to control the camera in the garage. No matter the terrain you are driving on, the Explorer Pro captures a steady image. This is thanks to its inbuilt gyro meter and its anti-shake design.


9. KEHAN K300 Full HD

One of the best features of the K300 is its dual lens system. It can record outside your front windshield as well as from the back, giving you maximum protection. It has an impressive 4 inch TFT display, the biggest currently available for dash cams. The K300 is truly one of best digital video camera recorders for cars due to its many other features. It has night vision ability, a shockproof g-sensor, a programmable SOS button and motion detection sensors. The list goes on and on.


8. Cobra Electronics CDR 840 Drive

The CDR840 Drive is a GPS activated device which is constantly aware of where it is and what time it is. This feature makes it an important tool in car accidents. The camera has a lower viewing angle than other cameras on this list, but its automatic zoom capabilities are able to record licence plates from quite a distance away.

The dash cam provides crisp 1080P full HP recording quality. It has a rear 1.5-inch monitor to be able to preview photos and videos. It mounts directly on the windshield so you do not have any viewing obstructions.


7. Dome D201-1

The Dome D201-1 is one of the best digital video camera recorders for cars thanks to its capacity to support storage of up to 512GB. This means that you can record, uninterruptedly for about 50 hours. This impressive feature is backed by its seamless recording mechanism which ensures that there are no leaked seconds. This digital recorder has a 2.7 inch, high-resolution LCD display. You can use this to view previous footage whilst the camera is recording a new video. It also has the all-important, g-sensor for stability.


6. Original Sjcam SJ5000X Elite

This is the ideal camera if you are an adventure junky on and off the road. You can choose different recording formats to be able to prioritise between video duration or quality. It can even record in slow motion, for that epic stunt you wish to pull.

If your car has no roof that’s not a problem. The SJ5000X Elite comes complete with a waterproof case and can be mounted on top of your dashboard. Its anti-shake stabilisation sensor will ensure a smooth recording throughout.


5. JooVuu X (2016 Edition!)

The value for money of the JooVuu X makes it one of the best digital video camera recorders for cars. Its main features include Wifi connectivity and a GPS enabled car charger wire. It supports the three main smartphone operating systems and can record in a variety of video formats and resolutions. Whilst it doesn’t have a monitor it does have an impressive image quality. It is small and lightweight and can mount in a variety of positions. Be aware, however, that you do need a screwdriver to replace the battery.



The Easyown D404 offers good value for money to users. It had a wide viewing angle of 170 degrees and includes a g-sensor and motion detection support. The D404 comes complete with a rear 2-inch screen.

There are many cameras which advertise a 1080P resolution, but that doesn’t always mean the quality is good. With the D404 you can be sure of getting superb picture quality. Its compact design means you can turn it on and forget about for the journey.


3. Conbrov Dc6000 Real Night Vision

Conbrov wanted to be the leaders of night vision dash cams and it seems as though they have succeeded. The DC6000 is a great camera with the ability to record at any time of day or night.

It has amazing video recording quality, at 1080P full HD. Its 2.7 inch rear mounted LCD screen allows you to immediately playback any footage. This dash cam is designed not to miss a second of filming and has a sturdy build that can survive a fall, undamaged.



This camera is very small and is designed not to block any part of your windshield. It fits perfectly in front of your rear view mirror. The Mini FHD offers 1080P video recording capability and can connect directly to your PC or DVD player. What’s really amazing about this digital recorder is its great price. For less than $50 it packs quite a punch, with a rear LCD monitor and night vision capabilities. It has a 120-degree angle lens and includes a g-sensor.



The DX2 tops the list of the best digital video camera recorders for cars. It has a two lens system, front and rear, which can record non-stop hands-free. Six-Glass lenses designed its superb night vision capabilities. This recording device has a wide dynamic range system which compares it to HDR technology in professional cameras.

This camera is not just for fun. Its software is designed to automatically save and lock footage in case of an accident. This is done also thanks to its inbuilt g-sensor. It is a truly impressive offering. With today’s technology, there are some truly outstanding models to choose from. When selecting the best digital video camera recorders for cars you need to first understand what you shall be using it for. This will really help you make the right choice.


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