Top 10 Best Winter Cable Knit Hats for Women in 2020 Reviews

Winter is upon us and with it comes the need to keep and stay warm, all the way from the head to your feet. Fashion in winter is basically for keeping us warm, but you can still look good even as you keep the cold away. 

Hats are also stylish and can add a great deal to your fashion sense, especially when you match them with the other articles of clothing that you are wearing, like your jacket and your shoes. Below we sample 10 best winter cable knit hats for women.

10. Trendy Chunky Stretch Slouchy Beanie


This trendy warm cable knit beanie is made from soft wool and covers the head and ears perfectly. It is great for outdoor activities and fits snuggly on the head during activities like skiing, snowboarding etc. If you want to just keep your head warm during cool fall mornings or evenings, then this is the hat to buy. It can also make a great gift during the upcoming festive season. It can be worn as a skull cap or pulled back to get that slouchy look. It is perfect for this time of the year.


9. Trendy Chunky Stretch Slouchy Beanie


This slouchy beanie is made from 100% soft acrylic ensuring softness but still thick enough to keep your head warm. The hat comes in 19 colors so you have a wide variety to choose from. The slouch is just perfect and fits the head well, even when you think you have a big head. Should you want to buy it as a gift, it also comes into a two pack, ideal for him and her. The hat has a leather tag at the front with the initials C.C. For anyone allergic to wool, this is the perfect hat to own this winter.


8. Thick Slouchy Knit Oversized Beanie


This hat is made from acrylic and comes in 10 different colors. It may not really be considered a slouchy hat as it does not overly stretch, but it is still a good fit and covers your head and ears well. The hat as a quality feel to it, is thick and very comfortable to wear. It is light but feels warm and does not stretch and lose its fit even after washing. The hat is also offered as a gift set and has a leather tag with the initials C.C. at the front.


7. Winter White Slouch Oversized Beanie


This is made from acrylic and fits snuggly on any size of head. It slouches just enough to give it that oversized look. This slouchy is unisex and has a perfect fit for skiing or snowboarding. There is no time to worry that it will fall off your head while you are enjoying yourself. This hat is ribbed and comes in 11 colors, with the initials C.C. sewn to its front. These can be easily removed with a seam ripper if not required. The hat holds up really well even with frequent use and once cleaned keeps its shape.


6. Basico Unisex Chunky Stretch Blue


This is a 100% soft, chunky acrylic soft stretch cable knit. The hat has a perfect fit and comes in many pretty colors to brighten your gloomy winter. It is warm and slouches well enough to ensure the ears are covered. It has a fashionable ribbed design and it stretches well, perfect for any size of head. It also has a leather patch with the initial B but this can be easily removed if not desired. This is a must have for anyone wanting to keep warm in the winter. Overall a beanie that is good for the purpose it was made.


5. Women Winter Warm Visor


This has is a fashionable piece that fits nicely and is made from high quality material. It may look plain but it is very stylish. It has an extra layer of fleece on the inside for warmth. It has a wide brim that will definitely keep the sun out of your eyes on a sunny wintery morning and is slouchy too, ensuring that your ears are protected from the cold, though for someone with a slightly big head it may not go up to the ears. The hat comes in eight colors and can be bought for young girls too.


4. Women Winter Visor Black


This is a fashionable 100% wool snow skip cap with a visor. It is suitable for both women and girls and comes in 8 colors. It is lined with synthetic fleece on the inside to give a warmer feel, though if it is not snowing or really cold, your head may become too warm because of this. Some reviews have pointed out that it does not stretch adequately, so it may not cover the ears for someone with a big head but is a perfect fit for someone with a smaller head or does not have too much hair. Therefore, this is a very stylish hat.


3. NYFashion101 Exclusive Unisex Slouch Beanie


This chunky beanie cap covers the ears well and has a thick and soft feel to it. It is great to wear for outdoor activities like skiing or taking walks in the winter. It is a very fast moving item and only 2 currently remain in stock. The hat has a comfortable fit and is slouchy enough. It comes in three and two tone colors, perfect for someone that wants to match it with their winter coats.It may not be as slouchy, but it is still a perfect hat for winter and has a quality feel to it.


2. Dahlia Womens Flower Laciness Beanie


This hat made from soft angora wool comes in 7 solid colors. It has an elastic stretch to it and is soft, warm and has a silky feel to it. It hugs the head perfectly. One downside for this hat is that the angora may shed, so it is important to give it extra care while washing it. It has a velour lining on the inside to keep your head and ears warm. The hat also comes with a beautiful flower detail on the side. Because of its solid color, this hat can be a great fashion accessory when matched with a coat and winter boots.


1. Womens Cable Hat Flower Accent


This hat is 100% acrylic with a beautiful flower sequin decorated flower on the side. Another design of the same hat is beautifully sequined just above the brow. It has a brim that keeps the sun off during sunny winter mornings but still provides enough warmth for the head and ears and still giving a feminine look. The hat comes in 39 different shades and has different designs on it, so one can easily buy two hats and they will look and feel different. It does not have a fleece lining, therefore giving a good feel on the head and the head does not get hot on days that are not so cold.


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