A yoga-mat is not just a fabricated tool that helps you during your yoga session. It prevents you from slipping and ensures your hands and legs are not bruised with the rough terrain that you perform yoga on.

It has now become an essential part for all yoga sessions. Yoga mats comes in different dimensions, aesthetics and materials. I know it is not that easy to find the right yoga-mat. There are a lot of choices and with google filled with information makes it tough to find the right yoga-mat. So here is my review on the top 10 best yoga mats.

10. Aurorae Classic Thick-6mm Yoga-Mat with Non-Slip Rosin


Price: $35.00 – $55.00

Starting with our number 10 in the list of top 10 best yoga mats by Aurorae. This 6 mm thick yoga-mat comes with a non-slip rosin. It covers the dimension of 24 inch wide and 72 inch long, which makes it ideal size for yoga session. This mat is nontoxic and has been tested and proven safe.

This product is lightweight and durable, not to mention it is odorless and washable. All of these qualities makes it easy to carry and take care of it. It comes in awesome 12 different color options.


9. BalanceFromGoYoga All-Purpose 1/2-Inch Extra-Thick High-Density Anti Tear Exercise Yoga-Mat with Carrying Strap/


Price: $16.50 – $24.00

This is half an inch yoga mat with high density and bounciness. This makes it very comfortable for use even in rough surfaces. The double sided non slip surface provides a slip resistance advantage to this mat.

The thickness of the yoga mat is complimented by the standard 24 inch wide and 71 inch long dimension. Just as most mats of its caliber, this is also washable but comes with moisture resistance technology which makes it easy to wash and dry.

Along with it, this product is lightweight and comes with an easy strapping to make it easy to carry everywhere.


8. JUEYA 1/4 Inch (6mm) Thick Eco-friendly Exercise TPE Yoga-Mat with Carrying Strap


Price: $21.00 – $ 29.00

This mat comes in a 6 mm thickness and assures maximum comfort during the exercise. It comes in the standard 24 inch wide and 71 inch long dimension.

It is eco-friendly and boasts of bio degradable compositions. The two side textured surface provides ample grip and superior slip resistance during yoga sessions. It is durable as well as easy to take care of. It comes in 3 simple yet classic colors to choose from.


7. Sivan Health & Fitness 1/2-Inch Extra-Thick 71-Inch Long N.B.R Comfort Foam Yoga-Mat for Exercise, Yoga and Pilates


Price: $20.00 – $ 25.00

This is another yoga mat with half an inch thickness. It comes in 24 inch wide and 71 inch long dimension. This product comes with two different surfaces. The bottom surface is ribbed and allows good grip.

This cushions it against any injuries that may occur due to slipping. The top surface is smooth and allows comfort for your hands and knees when doing the yoga.

This product features an integrated carry strap for easy carry facility. Along with it, it is not only durable and also easy to clean. It comes in 7 colors to choose from.


6. Yoga-Mat by Youphoria-Yoga – 1/4″ Thick Eco-Friendly Lightweight Comfortable High-Density Memory-Foam Mats – Improve Your Bikram, Ashtanga, & Hot Yoga – Bonus Carry-Strap Included6

Price: $20.00 – $55.00

With 4 colors options, this product is another great eco-friendly foam mat you should consider buying . The 6 mm thickness with the 72 inch long and 24 inch wide dimension makes it a standard yoga mat. But the memory foam makes it one of the most comfortable yoga mat ever. This product is known for its cloud like comfort.

The non-skid bottom makes it slip resistance and the dimple texture top provides stability and grip while practising yoga. The mat is light and easy to carry around. It is odor free and non-toxic.


5. Jade Harmony-Professional 3/16-Inch Yoga Mat

5Price: $75.00 – $110.00

At 4.75 mm thickness and 24 inch wide, this is one of the few yoga mats that come in two different lengths. The yoga mat by Jade Yoga is a very sable mixture of elegant quality and maximum functionality.

This product comes in 68 inch and 74 inch dimensions. This product offers terrific slip resistance even with sweat on the mat surface. It can easily be washed with soap and water. Additionally, it comes in 10 different colors to choose from. It is widely popular as an eco-friendly mat as it is made of natural rubber.


4. Aurorae Printed 5mm Thick Yoga-Mat with Non-Slip Rosin

4Price: $40.00- $65.00

Aurorae printed is a 5 mm thick yoga -at with non-slip rosin. It comes in a standard 72 inch long and 24 inch wide dimension. It is lightweight, very durable as well as easy to take care of. It is odorless and non-toxic as well as easy to wash and offers maximum portability.

It has all the features of the Aurorae Classic yoga mat. The only difference is, this mat comes with an original unique prints. There are amazing 11 different unique prints to choose from.


3. YogaAccessories 1/4″ Extra-Thick Deluxe Yoga Mat

3Price: $22.00 – $28.00

This 6mm yoga-mat comes with 24 inch wide and little longer 74 inch long dimension. The product is extremely durable and free from latex and heavy metal. It is easy to carry around easily. It is washable.

The dotted surface design in the front and back makes it slip resistant and provides the extra needed grip during the yoga session. It has a wide array of 27 colors to choose from. And it also comes with a limited lifetime warranty feature.


2. Gaiam Print Yoga Mats (3mm)

2Price:$15.00 – $ 24.00

This is the thinnest yoga mat in our list with just 3 mm in thickness. It comes in a 24 inch wide and a shorter 68 inch long dimension. The textured front and back non slip surface provides traction and slip resistance.

It is rather lightweight and durable. It comes in a beautiful and colorful design to make your session more vibrant. What’s more? It is toxic free. There are a lot to choose from with 31 different colors and design mixtures.


1. Spoga Premium Extra-Thick 71-Inch Long High-Density Exercise Yoga-Mat with Comfort Foam & Carrying Straps

1Price:$19.00 – $ 27.00

This half an inch thick yoga-mat comes in a standard 24 inch wide and 71 inch long dimension. The thickness provides you with extra cushion for your knees and hands and great comfort during the yoga session.

The moisture resistant surface makes it not only easy to clean but also provides with non-slip advantage. This product is also very durable and is a high quality yoga mat that promises to meet all your yoga needs. It comes with the straps allows it to be carried with ease. It comes in attractive 6 different colors to be chosen from.