Top 10 Female DJ Sexiest in Asian

10. Arra Pascual.


Arra Pascual is a famous DJ from the Philipines. Her excellent skills on the decks made her the official brand ambassador for Pioneer DJ in the roster of Monster Energy Drink. Her style of music is much appealing that it has earned her a reputation even in the neighboring countries. Her efforts and broad fan base made her a DJ residency at one of the world’s Best Sky Bar Awardee, Chill Sky Bar.

In 2014, Big Fish International Production signed Arra as their first female resident DJ. The production is popularly known for signing world’s best DJs such as Tiesto and Paul Van Dyk. Such a sign-up, therefore, meant a breakthrough in her career. Before venturing into DJ industry, Arra was a singer and a songwriter. Her strong love for music has therefore ensured that she shares quality music that will appeal any crowd in attendance. Her music is versatile, meaning she is flexible playing majority of the music genres, and this has always enabled her performances to remain memorable to any audience.

9. Tenashar.


Debbie Valerie Long popularly known as Tenashar is a famous Singaporean electro house DJ. She has over time won the gorgeous DJ’ title. At the age of six, Tenashar was a drummer of her band. Sounds crazy? It’s her crazy passion for music that therefore landed her on the decks. Records show that her amazing mash-ups and mixes have attracted over one million views on YouTube, which is a super achievement for any artist out there. As if that isn’t enough, her mixes have also been awarded the number one most downloaded on iTunes.

In 2013, she was crowned number 87 at DJ Mag Top 100 DJs. Her energy and passion for Djing have both enabled her to win a broader fan base. She has managed to win over 1.6 million fans on Facebook which you can all agree with me isn’t that easy. She is young, and I can attest that she will continue banging the industry with super music.

8. Dj Soda.


Dj Soda is from Korea. She is new in the Djing industry. Over time, she has managed to retain Asia’s hottest Dj’ title. She is so antisocial and little is known about her. Reliable sources say she is a 90s kid meaning she is too young and energetic and got a bright future in her career. She walked to fame a few years back when her cute dance video went viral. She has from then been known for stage showmanship and the DJ behind sexy dance moves while behind the decks.

Her dance video has earned her popularity not forgetting the backspin accident while Crispi Crunch was performing, which up to date her many fans try to figure out what happened.

7. Dj Leng Yein.


Dj Leng Yein has been known to be the most monumental celebrity ever to emerge from Malaysia. She is well known as the sexiest car model in Asia. It’s her passion for music that landed her into Djing where she has continued to show that she deserves the winner award. Due to her energy and perfection in her career, she has managed to win over millions of fans. A few years ago she was awarded the most popular Chinese social media artist in Malaysia. She has more than 2.4 million followers on her Facebook page, which can confirm that she is perfect in what she does. Being on social media platforms, you can agree with me that attaining such a following is quite difficult. She ensures perfection on the decks, and this has always earned her shows frequently.

6. Dj Alexis G.


Dj Alexis G is a famous DJ born in Malaysia. Though young, she is much promising when it comes to the entertainment industry. Growing up as both a gymnast and a hip hop dancer motivated her passion for Djing. Venturing into modeling while growing up boosted her courage as a public figure.

Since her first public appearance in 2012, Alexis has continued to rock the entertainment industry with electro-house music. Apart from her good mixes, she is famously known for her enthusiastic interaction with her fans while behind the decks. Recently she was labeled as the sixth sexiest female DJ in Asia. Her excellent performances have earned her gigs to Cambodia, China and also Hong Kong.

5. King Lady.


This Vietnamese lady has managed to win an award as the fifth hottest Asian Dj. She loved music since childhood, and it is her great love that landed her into Djing so that she could continue learning music. By getting to interact with her close friend Dj Hoang Anh, she got motivated to venture into Djing industry. After 1.5 years of coaching from her manager, the King Lady was ready to hit the industry with a bang.

4. Dj Vida.


Dj Vida has had a passion for music since she was young. Till date, she has been labeled the best House music, R&B, and Hip Hop DJ. In 2014 she was crowned the Asian’s sexiest DJ which meant a lot when it comes to her career. You all understand what such titles bring along. During interviews, she always claims to be two DJ’s in one which I can second. If you are her fan, you understand how she perfectly showcases her passion for electronica. The second side of her should be how she wows any crowd from Hip-Hop to Indie. If you know music, you can agree with me that it isn’t that easy, she must be a professional. Her perfection has seen her open for prominent artists such as Drake and also perform in mega events.

3. Dj Fury Zhu.


Dj Fury Zhu started her professional Djing back in 2011. Up to date, she has managed to fill the music industry with amazing mixes of all time. She makes sure that her mixes remain super-perfect, and this has earned her gigs in the leading clubs, weddings and also private parties. She is popularly known for her amazing electro-house and house music mixes. Being a mobile DJ has enabled her to acquire a large fan base since she ensures that she wows very crowd she performs to

2. Tamara Sky.


Tamara Sky has managed to deliver incredible performance at every event she mixes. Fans are always left demanding for more. She is popularly known for offering quality music in the field of electro-house and house music. Her sexy body has always attracted more fans to her events. Through her perfect boosting up of music, she manages to amaze every fan in attendance.

1. Dj Bombshell.


This Dj has managed to be listed among the sexiest DJs in Asia. Also known as Amy Kao, she has managed to win Taiwan clubbing scenes. Her amazing mixes, she has managed to cross across South East Asia to quench her fan’s thirst.

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