Top 10 Best Auditions Britain’s Got-Talent in the world

Ashleigh and Pudsey

Got talent is the worlds most successful reality TV format. This is the opinion of Guinness world records. The talent show’s franchise is owned by Simon Cowell’s SYCOtv company. It started off in the UK and then soon spread through out the world. Now there are over 58 countries with shows that follow the got talent format. Got talent has managed to bring out some of the most talented people through out the world. These people have earned fame and respect with the help of got talent. With so many contenders all around the world, it is hard to be completely accurate about who the most talented person on this list should be. It really depends from person to person. The list has been constructed considering the popularity and of course the level of skill. Let’s to find out The Top 10 Best Auditions Britain’s Got-Talent in the world.

10. Ashleigh and Pudsey

Ashleigh and Pudsey

We start our countdown with the act of Ashleigh and Pudsey. They appeared in the 6th series of Britain’s got talent and went home with the main prize. This was the first time a dog won the first prize. That is right! Pudsey is a Border Collie, Bichon Frise and Chinese Crested powerpuff cross. And Ashleigh is the trainer. Their combined effort showed fantastic team work and skill that is rare to find in the world. On the 12th of may 2012 the pair became the first ever participants to win the competition because of a dog trick. The world fell in love with Pudsey.

9. Hungarian shadow

Hungarian shadow

The 9th entry in the list goes to Attraction. The group was founded in 2004. This is a Hungarian shadow theatre group that originates in Budapest Hungary. Attraction became famous during the 2012 Olympics where they had performed. In the next year they managed to win the 7th season of Britain’s Got Talent. During the last phases their main competition was Jack Carrol. The performance of Attraction was stunning and creative. The Audience fell voted for the shadow theatre group in huge numbers instantly.

8. Jovit Baldivino

Jovit Baldivino

Coming in at number 8 is the young singer Jovit Baldivino. He is the winner of the first season of Pilipinas Got Talent. He was born in 1993, on the 16th of October. Jovit is both a singer and actor. The performance that he gave to ensure his victory in the show was captivating and heart warming. He was able to win over the entire crowd differentiating him self as the best among all others. Jovit comes from a poor family. He wishes to complete his studies so that he can improve the living standard of his family. Winning the Got talent prize will surely help him and his family in the way he had dreamed of. He currently studies Criminology at Batangas State University and hopes to be a lawyer some day.

7. Marcelito “lito” Pomoy

Marcelito “lito” Pomoy

In the 7th spot in the list of greatest performances world wide in the Got-talent franchise comes Marcelito “lito” Pomoy. He is a Filipino singer who was born on the 22nd of September, 1984. Lito had discovered his extraordinary talent while working. He surprised him self by singing in both a male tenor voice and a strikingly convincing female soprano voice. He is a tremendous talent and that fact is evident as Lito won the 2nd season of Pilpinas Got talent. After winning the PGT prize, Lito was able to make his dream come true by reuniting with his family.

6. Paul Rober

Paul Rober

Paul Robert is the 6th entry in the countdown to the greatest talent in the world. He was born on the 13th of October in the year 1970. Paul was able to win first place in Britain’s got talent by performing “Nessun Dorma” which is a difficult piece of Opera. Potts recorded an album called one chance. This album topped the sales charts in 9 countries. When he was young, Potts sang with choirs at several Bristol churches. He mentioned being bullied a lot at school and that his voice was an escape from the harsh world that he was facing.

5. Mohan Reddy

Mohan Reddy

The 5th spot goes to the dance group called Prince that is based in Berhampur, India. The group is led by Mohan Reddy. Prince won the India’s got talent show under his supervision. The group members came from remote parts of the country. 2 of the members In the Dance group are physically challenged. The performance that they pulled of won the hearts of people from all around the world. Their fans include chief minister Naveed Patnaik. Prince was given a cash prize of 5 million rupees and a new car. When they returned the Orissa Government gave them 20 million rupees and 4 acres of land so that they could build a dance academy.

4. Britain’s got talent show

Britain's got talent show

The 4th entry on the countdown brings us to Collabro. They are an English boy band who participated and won the 2014 Britain’s got talent show. The group specializes in musical theatre and consists of 5 members. One out of the 5 has left now. Their performance was praised by all. They seemed very professional and it seemed like they knew what they were doing. Collabro has a huge fan base after winning Britain’s got talent. Some of their celebrity fans include Jade Thirlwall from the little mix. Collabro’s debut album went to the no1 spot in the country right away.

3. Flavio Rizello

Flavio Rizello

The 3rd place on the countdown belongs to Flavio Rizello. He was born in 2004, April 2nd and lives in Thalwil which is in Zurich. This young child singer won the 2015 season of Switzerland’s got talent. He sang songs like Black Heart and Rise Like a Phoenix. The performances were extremely popular. So much so that they went viral on Youtube. Flavio started singing around the same time he started talking. By the age of 10 he was already famous on the internet. The child prodigy released his debut album called “my favorites”. The album is doing quite well.

2. Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle

Before the top place is mentioned, we must talk about Diversity which gets the 2nd spot on the top ten countdown. This is a British street dance troupe that was formed in 2007. They won the 3rd series of Britain’s got talent. They were able to beat the great singer Susan Boyle in the final round with their magnificent performance that showcased sheer talent and outstanding Choreography. The troupe is made up of friends including 2 sets of brothers. The group members were all students when the had one the first prize.

Diversity has a great future ahead of them.

1. Liu’s arms

Liu's arms

Finally the no1 spot goes to a musician who has lost both of his arms in a childhood accident. Liu’s arms were amputated after an electrical shock while playing hide-and-seek. This happened when he was 10. At age 18, he decided to pursue a career in music, using his feet to play the piano. He is able to use his feet to navigate on the computer, eat, dress and brush his teeth.. He plays the piano with his toes and won the first place prize in China’s version of Got-talent. The performance that sealed the deal was his own version of James Blunt’s love song “You are beautiful”. All the judges showed their appreciation and respect towards the 23 year old musician for his exceptional talent.

He always dreamed of being a musician. Liu’s first teacher quite given the circumstances. This did not demotivate Liu. He studied music theory and practiced for several hours a day. He admits to the difficulty that he faces using his feet but aspires to be better than 2 handed musicians.

You could be the next one!

the Got talent franchise has given us amazing talents that we all love. We are extremely proud of the extraordinary people who have conjured up our emotions and feelings. These amazing talents have supersized their chance of achieving legendary status. There are many more talents other then the ones on this list that are worth mentioning. If you are well endowed in talent you should try out for the got talent show that is in your country. Make sure that your talent does not go to waste. The most common characteristic that all the candidates in this list share is their dedication and practice. If you practice the way these amazing people do then you might be on the next top ten countdown. Keep watching the Got-talent franchise to spot your favorite acts. New stars are born every day.

Top 10 got-talent in the world

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