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Top 10 Outdoor Wireless Security Cameras in 2019 Reviews

The technological improvements in home automation is startlingly impressive and provides a reliable breakthrough in securing homes, properties and business premises.  In the US alone, millions of burglaries take place everyday simply because there is no one at home. We look into the top 10 outdoor wireless security cameras in reviews that will save you from daytime burglaries when you are out on your errands.

Let us call it the Internet of Things! Wireless outdoor cameras enable you to see the happenings at your porch or entryway from anywhere around the world. Moreover, some of these devices enable a two-way intercom option through which you can talk to or even see your unexpected visitors, delivery man or whoever bumps into your home. We sample the best, and they include:

10. ONWOTE 1080P Full HD Wireless-Security Camera-System with 4 Outdoor 2.0 Megapixel-Wifi IP-Surveillance Camera

The Pre-installed ONWOTE-1080P Full H.D Wireless Security-Camera System is one of the best security systems for homes. It features a powerful 1080P full HD quality camera that takes and delivers clear and sharp images from your entryway or door. It also has a strong built-in router with a transmission range of up o 100ft which means that it is effective for small and larger homes with distant WiFi hotspot.

More interestingly, this system allows a plug and play option giving you a chance to power on the device and connect to the monitor through the Auto-Pair technology to watch live video streaming from your monitor screen. This is amazing as you have a wider screen to view the happenings at your doorstep from the comfort of your living room or upstairs.

Another important feature of the ONWOTE-1080P Full H.D wireless security-camera system is its motion sensing strength. It can therefore detect and immediately send app or email notifications when triggered.


  • Free smartphone app with live stream or playback option using both cellular and WiFi networks
  • Customizable motion detection sensitivity
  • Can record and capture important moments using a button on the app
  • Has a weatherproof housing
  • Hard disc included for recording and playback options
  • Setting up is easy.


· WiFi range reduces with presence of obstacles such as walls

· At about $500 it is considerably high priced but the features are great


9. ZOSI 1280x720P H.D Wireless 1M.P Outdoor Security Network Camera

The 4 channel ZOSI wireless security network camera makes it to our list of top 10 best outdoor wireless security camera reviews. It prides itself in a 4-channel 960P surveillance-camera for a wider view and clear images.

Unlike most smart wireless cameras that only use WiFi, 3G and 4G networks, this device also uses 2G network. It therefore allows remote viewing as well playback on your smartphone from anywhere. At a price of about $160 and a warranty of two years, ZOSI gives everyone an affordable and reliable surveillance system for homes and businesses.

Smart security cameras depend on strong WiFi routers to relay alerts and images. The ZOSI 1280x720P H.D Wireless 1MP Outdoor Security-Network Camera with 4-Channel 960P Wifi N.V.R CCTV Surveillance Systems Support Smartphone Remote view scores high on this. It has a built-in router with two WiFi antennas hence a better WiFi range than most outdoor cameras.


  • Auto-pair option gives you a chance to enjoy playback and live viewing from your monitor.
  • WiFi range of upto 1000 ft and 350 ft without and with obstacles respectively
  • Automatic connection between N.V.R and IVC
  • Supports wireless and wired options


  • No hard drive hence you need to purchase and install to enjoy recording and playback options
  • The app is difficult to use


8. Amcrest ProHD Outdoor 1080P WiFi Wireless IP Security Bullet Camera

If you are working under a tight budget but still need to keep an eye on your porch then the Amcrest ProHD Outdoor 1080P WiFi Wireless is all you need. Priced at less than $120, this device is excellent and does not compromise on any of the most important features of smart security cameras.

This easy to set up device boasts of an excellent 1080P Full HD camera for a seamless video stream to your tablet, smartphone, Apple Mac or windows device. It also have a great digital zoom and wide viewing angle to cover wider areas around your entrance.

This device comes with lifetime customer support and one year warranty. Finally, the camera is UL certified and weatherproof.


  • Night vision of upto 98ft provides enough surveillance even in the wee hours of the night
  • Affordable
  • No monthly fees
  • Reliable motion detection ability
  • Up to 4 hours of free armcrest cloud storage


  • Does not have a hard drive hence need for additional devices for playback
  • Cloud storage is only limited to four hours


7. Maximus Smart Home Security Outdoor Light & Camera

Kuna’s smart security camera is not an ordinary security system. It exhibits a technological advancement that blends together an alarm/doorbell, a surveillance camera and a strong outdoor security light. This outdoor light and camera is ideal for people who do not have to schedule their activities around their homes.

Apart from the perfect combination, Maximus Smart Home Security Outdoor Light & Camera gives home owners a luxurious two-way intercom system where they can see and talk anyone at their entryway. For privacy reasons, while you are able to see your visitors on your smartphone, they can only hear and answer you through the built-in speakers and microphone of the device.

The device also boasts of reliable motion detection and night vision qualities to ensure that you are protected all round the clock. This device costs about $180, and is one of the best outdoor security cameras.


  • Provides complete home monitoring and app alerts
  • Complete control of the camera and lights from your smartphone
  • Good camera quality for videos and images
  • Comes with a mounting bracket for easy installation


  • Bulky and visible to everyone
  • Monthly subscription for an extra storage space


6. Foscam FI9900P Outdoor HD 1080P Wireless Plug and Play IP Camera

The foscam camera is credited with its spectacularly clear and real-time video streaming and images. It boasts of a splendid 1080P full HD camera, a wide angle of view and an 8x zoom. These features put this wireless camera above ordinary smart security systems.

Yet highly effective and durable, this weatherproof home automation device retails at just about $130. The device has LED motion sensors and a night vision to keep you in the know both during the day and night.

Similar to modern smart surveillance cameras, the foscam outdoor wireless camera offers plug and play and is compatible to Windows PC, iOS, iPhone and Apple Mac. As a matter of fact, this is one of the best smart doorbells in the unit.


  • Wide angle of coverage
  • Compatible with a variety of devices
  • Clearer and sharper video clarity


  • A difficult software and app to install
  • Poor and short range of night vision


5. Arsecut Wifi IP Camera CCTV Wireless Camera Home Surveillance System

The new Arsecut WiFi IP camera delivers what it promises, and many more, thanks to its amazing advanced features. The plug and play CCTV wireless camera is easy to set up, operate using the advanced app and maintain. It is therefore quintessential for people who want to own their first security camera systems.

This surveillance system has a strong app that allows you to observe the activities within your compound. Moreover, the camera has an exemplary coverage angle of 360 degrees. It therefore covers all the open spaces from your porch to your entryway leaving nothing to chance.

It goes without saying that this device has a motion detection ability to detect and send alerts to your cellphone. It not only sends you an email or even app notification but it also records the activities simultaneously up on motion detection.


  • Classic wide view angle of 360 degrees
  • No network problems
  • Durable and reliable
  • Weatherproof hence ideal for all types of weather


  • Does not have a hard disk for extra video storage
  • Has no talk and listen feature


4. Zmodo 720p HD 1.0 Megapixel Wireless-Outdoor Indoor Video-Surveillance I.P Network Security Camera

The Zmodo wireless outdoor and indoor camera is the ultimate surveillance tool for people who do not want to compromise anything about the security of their families and property. The 8 channel smart camera system ensures that all the area around your porch is fully covered.

At a cost of about $300, Zmodo offers everything you may need to have in an outdoor security camera. It features a 760P camera to capture, record and relay crisp and sharp videos and images to your phone from anywhere in the world. This is coupled with an advance and highly intelligent recording function when motion is detected. If you are too busy to watch entire clips during the day, you can always watch them at your free time in the evening or night which is a great thing for busy homeowners.

The device consists of an easy to install camera system and a simple app to help you control the security of your home remotely.


  • Easy to set up and use
  • You can either install the cameras indoors or outdoors
  • Comes with a hard drive to offer storage of recorded clips and images
  • 24 LEDS long range and clear night vision of up to 65ft
  • Advanced video options include rewind, slow play, fast forward and digital zoom.


  • A smaller view angle of 81 degrees


3. Hi-Tech 4CH 720-P Wireless Home Video Security Surveillance Camera System

The Hi-Tech Wireless Home Video Surveillance Camera system gives homeowners an unmatchable peace and security. Equipped with an advanced P2P technology, a picture-perfect wireless camera system and a WiFi NVR automatic connection, this device leaves nothing to chance.

It supports a reliable WiFi transmission of a massive 80M and 30M without and with obstacles or partitions respectively. The video quality is superb and a support monitoring opting from the mobile app aided by WiFi and all cellular internet. This advanced app is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

This device performs flawlessly both during the day and at night. A function attributed to its faultless camera and 36 LED infrared night vision features. Moreover, the device comes with a one year warranty and a dependable lifetime customer care support from the manufacturer all a cost of about $200 dollars.


  • Instant motion alerts with push notifications
  • Automatic connection hence no need to set up
  • LED lights for consistent and high quality night vision up to a range of 30m.


  • Lack of built-in hard drive


2. Arlo Security System

This security provides an unrivaled clear and shape video streaming. It gives you the pleasure and comfort from watching the activities within you compound from anywhere using you PC or smartphone devices. It offers a full HD night vision. This is an exceptional feature as most cameras that claim to offer night vision are never clear.

This device is easy to set up and use, but that is not all. Arlo security system is entirely wireless and comes with metallic metal plate which permits installation at any part of your home to allow for surveillance of your home even from the unimaginable angles.

Finally, the camera system consists of 2 powerful motion activated cameras that with app and e-mail notification alerts. With all the amazing features, the camera costs about $320.


  • Outdoor and indoor pair of cameras
  • Sleek modern design
  • Completely wireless with magnetic installation systems hence easy to install anywhere
  • Clear might vision ensures ultimate protection at night


  • Very high quality video reduces the battery life of the cameras


1. Network Video Security System

The new and modern Network Video Security System takes the top spot in our top 10 best outdoor wireless security cameras. The 4 channel weatherproof camera is perfect for both outdoor and indoor surveillance. With unmatchable cameras of 1280×720 HD, this home surveillance system offers high quality, smooth and clearer videos and images with a reliable remote view from anywhere.

The multifunction wireless camera offers plug and play which is both easy to configure and control through the view and playback. This device is compatible both Android and iOS devices as well as a PC.

It does not go without mention that the device has one of the most excellent WiFi routers in its category. This ensures steady WiFi signal and little or no interference from neighboring WiFi networks. For a video security system that costs about $300, this is the excellent choice for reliable and consistent home surveillance and security.


  • Supports variety of ports such as VGA and HDMI making it possible for monitor or TV connection to the corresponding ports
  • Splendid motion detection and alerts
  • Clear night vision
  • Easy to set up and control
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor surveillance.


  • Slightly more costly most security cameras


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