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Top 10 Best Tech Toys in 2019 Reviews

Toys have always had a way of making the world a better place especially for kids. They bring back good memories and makes bonds. Toys play a big part in the growth of a child. That is why you should have the best toy for your kid. Know the kind of toy that your kid would really enjoy having. However there are a couple of toys that are simply irresistible to any kid. These are mainly tech toys for kids. Tech toys are toys that have embraced the technological age and are far much improved than the rest of the toys.

10.  Fright factory.

Have you ever wanted a real goose bumps experience then this is the kind of game that your kid shall really enjoy. As the name suggest this is the kind of game that will cause a couple of shivers as you play. This is the game you should think of when you think about tech toys. This is the kind off ideal game which will increase your kid’s imagination and creativity as they become creators and create all types of creatures from the game pack. This is a very safe game as there is no heat or sharp objects used. The developers have brought the gel technology where you can mold creatures from gel and they dry up within no time to give you and your child a good play day.

9. Marky Sparky faux bow

Kids have a certain kind of obsession with becoming their favorite superheroes on TV. That is why the Marky Sparky game developers have gifted them with this high tech and absolutely safe toy. Their dream of becoming the next Oliver Quinn on the block can now be a reality to them as game developers have created Marky sparky bow and arrow game. This is a bow and arrow game that gives a good �hunting’ experience for your kid. The arrows are fitted with foam tips which is ensures the safety of your kid as they go playing. It also has a number of arrows and this helps keep the game alive.

8. Hi tech wireless remote robot

Your kid has probably watched �transformers’ and that gave him the fantasy of having a robot to play with. This is probably the best tech toy offer as this is a cordless robot that uses a remote control system to operate. This kind of robot has a motion sensor and can react towards the motion of the hand. This is actually a smart robot. The robot has been installed with a good memory system and can recall up to 70 actions and regenerate them when required to. This is a rechargeable robot and takes only two hours to be fully recharged. The Hi tech robot also has a couple of modes which one can explore over time.

7. Hi tech remote control puppy

The gaming world has taken into consideration man’s best friend and has created a smart puppy. This is a robotic puppy which your child can take care of and play with just like the real dogs, however this is better as it has no fleas and no trips to the vet. This is unlike any other dog as it can sing, fart, crawl and sit patiently as it waits for the next orders, this is fun-right!. It is not only a toy for playtime alone as it also has a study mode where it shows different alphabets on its eyes and your child will have fun while learning. So the next time you are looking for a tech toy for your kids this should be one to consider.

6. Tech gear multi voice changer

Tech is fun and that is why the Toysmith Corporation has gifted you with this high tech kids toy. This is one of the most developed kinds
of toys as it will create a whole new world in the gaming arcade. Give your child the chance to speak like their favorite TV star of movie figure. This kind of toy is made on the basis of altering with sound frequencies and patterns to create thousands of new voices. This is a fun tool when playing.it is a rechargeable toy with a 9 colt battery which can last long when playing.

5. Kids delight two in one tablet.

This is one of a kind kid’s laptop computers that will give your child the right familiarity with laptops. It is a bilingual gadget which specializes in both English and Spanish. This is one of the cool tech toys as the kid will now feel as though they are being incorporated to the real world. It has a lot of bot fun and educative programs on it and the parent can keep track of what the kid is doing on the computer.

4. epochair control remote car.

This is one of the irresistible toys for both boys and girls. This kind of remote control car will leave you wanting to have one of your own as it brings the reality of driving right to your living room. IT is a high quality and really advanced car even for the real world. It has two modes; the floor and the wall mode. This may sound impossible but they have made it a reality. By the use of the air vacuum technology the vehicle is able to walk on any surface. It has also the 360 degree stunt that will leave you shocked. It is rechargeable via a USB cable to ensure maximum fun. This is a must get tech toy for your kid.

3. Propel star wars quad copter

Star wars has definitely lest a mark in the movie world and this has now been extended to the gaming world. For the love of flying and adventure, they have now given us the propel star wars quad copter. With speed s of 35 mph the quad copter can fly on three modes speed which is in consideration for beginners. This is probably the same speed with some drones, this is definitely very high tech.

2. Sain smart genuine voice command car.

This is probably the most advanced toy I have come across which uses voice command to run it. This mind blowing creation is taking over the tech toy market.This will definitely be your child’s favorite toy as it is not strenuous to use and is very fun.it has a five button control mode and uses a smart watch to input commands into it. The car has a speed of up to 8mph and can perform some really amazing tricks like drifting.

1. Lego boost creative toolbox

Lego has for some time now produced very interactive toys and they have now gifted the world with the creative toolbox which is a really amazing toy kit for your kid. With over 850 lego pieces, they have a Lego move hub which is controlled via Bluetooth. This is also the only toy with color, distance and motion sensors in it. This provides the ideal toy for the growth and development of your kid not only on the playground but also intellectually. This lego toolbox is also compatible with mobile devices which mean it can be controlled remotely.